Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on Michael

[caption id="attachment_3971" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Michael will have surgery at about 10 am CST on 7 February 2010"]



Michael is having surgery around 10 or 11 am to clean the abscess completely. After that they will continue to work on getting his blood glucose levels (bgl) down. He was officially diagnosed as having Type II Diabetes. His A1C level was a 12. It's supposed to be between 6 and 7. His blood sugar level before meals is running just under 400 (it should be around 80-120). At his last meal they gave him 16 units of insulin. The doctor said the infection will throw his bgl off and make them high.

The doctor mentioned today that he might get to come home on Monday, but I have a feeling they won't let him come home until his bgl are controlled. In order to come home Monday, they have approximately 18 hours after the surgery to get everything under control. I'm not convinced at this point that will happen. Please pray about this.

He's at ETMC in Tyler in room 3536B if you'd like to call or visit. The kids and I will be waiting in the room during his surgery, so if you're local, feel free to come help me entertain them, lol!

We can't thank you all enough for your prayers and encouragement. Please keep them coming. The next few days will be especially difficult because I will be taking care of the children and Michael will be alone at the hospital. We were supremely blessed that my mom was off work and able to take care of them for us all day Friday and Saturday. Please pray that Michael will have the strength and clarity to be an advocate for himself, or that the Lord will send one to be with Michael while I'm not there.

With much gratitude and love -

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Cindi said...

My older and only brother was a juvenile diabetic. My older sister has been diabetic for about 5 years now.She is an insulin user. I have several friends that are older and diabetic. One friend uses a diabetic pump.I will send prayers and positive thoughts your way! God bless you and your family now and forever. I don't like the disease, but it can be helped and managed. Cindi

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