Friday, June 29, 2007

Out, Out, D*** Block! (or, Forget Paris Hilton)

Ugh!? Why can't I write anything anymore?!? I'm trying desparately to write an article about Brandon's teacher and the mission trip she's on in Italy, but the dang thing just won't come out!? I want so badly to tell everyone about what she's doing there and draw their attention to the real news of the refugees instead of all the Paris hoopla crap out there.?

There are hundreds of people, homeless, without documentation to get jobs or homes, living in an abandoned building that will be systematically thrown onto the street on Saturday morning.? There's a baby in that building that was just 15 days old and sick as of June 17 when Julie wrote about it.? I cry thinking about that baby, and I get so dang mad that we just sit around yammering about the latest Fox reality show or stupid Paris Hilton instead of trying to save that helpless, innocent baby.? Why the heck doesn't anybody care about anybody else any more?!?

DO SOMETHING, PEOPLE!!!? Go to and read about these people - real people - that need your help.? There's a link to donate - do it.? Who cares if it's just a dollar?? Stop spoiling yourself with your mocha-, java-, frappa-, crap for five minutes and give that three bucks to a dying baby without a home, or even a country, for crying out loud.? Buy a tee shirt, put a link to the blog in your e-mail signature, on your myspace page, anywhere.?

We have to get the word out, folks.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Many Me's

1. My ROCK STAR name:? Shadow South?(first pet & current street name)

2. My GANGSTA name: Vanilla Thin Mint?(favourite ice cream & cookie)

3. My FLY GIRL name: C Arc?(first initial & first three letters of last name)

4. My DETECTIVE name: Blue Cat?(favourite colour & animal)

5. My SOAP OPERA name: Dawn Fort Worth?(middle name & city I was born in)

6. My STAR WARS name: Arccr?(first three letters of last name & first two of first name)

7. My SUPERHERO name: Sage Green Sweet Tea (second favourite colour & favourite drink)

8. My NASCAR name: Norman Thomas?(the first names of my grandfathers)

9. My STRIPPER name: Toasted Vanilla Rocher?(favourite perfume & candy)

10. My WITNESS PROTECTION name: June Dewayne?(mother & father's middle names)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hey, Wait a Minute...

This headline caught my attention: Archivist finds handwritten note by Abraham Lincoln.? My first thought was, "Cool."

?Immediately followed by, "Weren't all of his notes handwritten?"
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