Friday, December 31, 2010

Cue the hallelujahs – Landon’s blanket is finished

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preemie cap

Wordless Wednesday

Pink baby hat for an order that I finished in the ER waiting room. Brandon's been complaining of stomach pain off and on for several days. I'll try to keep updates coming.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • I just planted 13 trees via #ChromeForACause Browse with @GoogleChrome to support a good cause: #

  • captures my heart every time #OverTheRainbow (via @GetGlue) #

  • America grew with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. And a lot of musicians were born. #

  • The Louisiana Purchase added 828,800 square miles to America - check out this map showing how many states it covered. #

  • Peter Criss (the original Catman from Kiss) is 65 today - check out this pictorial timeline of his costumes. #

  • Here's Peter Criss singing KISS's top-charting "Beth" on MTV Unplugged. #

  • Here's Peter Criss singing "Beth" - it's the highest-charted song from KISS. #

  • Here's Peter Criss singing "Beth" on MTV Unplugged - it's the highest-charted song from KISS. #

  • Happy National Sangria Day - here's a homegrown recipe from Spain, where it originated. #

  • Here's a peach sangria if you'd rather celebrate with an orange drink instead of a red one. ;) #

  • Got time on your hands for the holidays? Check out Memes with Adam for some laughs. #

  • It's Go Caroling Day - gather up some friends and get your Fa-la-las ready! #

  • Check out this awesome paper house borne of love and poverty: #

  • i got my toes in the holiday spirit with candy cane colors :) #

  • Finally hit the halfway point on Landon's blanket #

  • watching season 2 episode 1 - "Auditions" #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • now watching "Britney/Brittany" - happy gleek :) #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • can't stop myself; on to "Grilled Cheesus" #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • dang, started "Grilled Cheesus" laughing, ended it bawling... *sigh* #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • cloud cover getting pretty bad now, but the beginning was nice and clear; h... #December2010LunarEclipse (via @GetGlue) #

  • wishing a happy solstice to my pagan friends; wishing i could "celebrate" by sleeping the entire longest night, lol #

  • Seems this is a date for republics #

  • Check out Marie Curie's account of the discovery of radium with her husband in 1898. #

  • Samuel L. Jackson is 62 today. How many of his 132 films have you seen?

  • Here's Sam Jackson on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talking about his new movie. #

  • It's National Fried Shrimp Day. You can have mine. :P #

  • You have the fried shrimp; I'll have these. :D #

  • Keep up with all of the awards out there with Award Shows with Erin. Win one and tell me it's not a holiday. ;) #

  • Go me! #

  • Here's a video for you just for Humbug Day. #

  • The ultimate nerd ornament! #want #

  • I made one of these tonight - easy and cute! #

  • I earned the Curious George(50) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • War, coups, and cities for Christmas gifts, oh my. #

  • Here's the report of the Savannah Christmas gift. #

  • Happy 74th birthday to one of my favorite actors, Hector Elizondo. Here's a great interview on Unscripted. #

  • Check out this trailer for Hector's latest film - looks fun! #

  • since when does 12/14 qualify as xl - you're freakin' kiddin' me, right??? #fb #

  • It's National Date Nut Bread Day - yummo! #

  • Ooh, *secret ingredient* date nut bread - check it out! #

  • He's got one of the biggest movies showing during the holidays. You *are* friends with him, right?? #

  • Today is Haiku Day
    Check out this collection
    Write and win money #

  • i #want these (size 5, pls)! Converse All Star Olive Gray Plaid HI 614177F Sz11-6 NIB #

  • Love this watercolor of Santa reading to his elves. #

  • Have your cake and your goose, too! #

  • Welcome, Pappa Christmas! #

  • The original Pappa Christmas photo #

  • OH: We are the Zombies of Awesome! (from 10yo Brandon) #fb #

  • watching "Duets" #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" - hurhurhur :D #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • Littles' earflap hat (sans tassels for safety) #

  • "Never Been Kissed" and now on to "The Substitute" #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • Washcloth with drying loop #

  • Another view of the washcloth #

  • depression sucks; depression during the holidays is Teh Suck Times Infinity :( #fb #

  • first off tonight: "Furt" #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • and now on to "Special Education" almost all caught up! #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • "A Very Glee Christmas" - woo-hoo!! #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • all caught up! now what? is it february 6 yet??? #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • I just got a $5 credit for movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5 #

  • funny Christmas cake #

  • i miss my hair... #fb #

  • my kids got a Wii from Santa with some delivery help from Granma *headdesk* #heavenhelpus #fb #

  • Geek Barbie = FAIL RT @Scarlettopia I’m A Geeky Girl, In A Barbie World :: Scarlettopia #fb #

  • Kitty Christmas (tuna) #

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Kitty Christmas (tuna)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Have a tiny gift to give or a few treats? Go DIY and print this elegant snowflake box! #

  • This seems to be a date riddled with violence or dealing with it. *blech* #

  • Saddam Hussein was captured on this date in 2003. Here's a short pictorial overview of his life. #

  • Taylor Swift is 21 today - here's some eye candy. *cue fantasies of getting her drunk* #

  • "Bring us some figgy pudding!" the song goes - now you can deliver some of the boozy treat. :P #

  • Bacon for the tree. You're welcome. #

  • This is one of my favorite Christmas shows. Watch it and don't be a grinch! #

  • Making some Christmas music playlists for you: Oldies, Modern, Instrumental, and (Un)Cheer :) #

  • It's National Hot Cocoa Day - here are a few recipes with zing. ;) #

  • This is my favorite hot cocoa mix - I use French vanilla creamer and love it made with hot milk. #

  • Go visit Taylor Swift and tell her happy birthday today or wish her a Merry Christmas. :) #

  • It's Violin Day - check out David Garrett becoming the world's fastest violinist! #

  • my son has been bullied at school for several weeks now; he blew up today and got in trouble; trying to teach him to seek help first #fb #

  • This collage of Christmas images is cool - I like the angles. #

  • This collage of Christmas images is cool - I like the angles.

  • dear jerkwad w music that can be heard over our tv while you crawl your car up the street: turn it down (and the gas is on the right)! #fb #

  • Want to learn the Twelve Days of Christmas song? Here are the lyrics - and an Esperanto translation! #

  • Incredibly Awesome Mail #

  • The South Pole was reached in 1911 and Patty Duke is 64 today. #

  • I earned the Globe Trotter(10) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • I earned the Globe Trotter(10) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Explore vicariously with excerpts from the autobiography of the first man to reach the South Pole - awesome! #

  • Patty Duke is 64 today. Check out these tidbits about the youngest person ever to star in a Broadway play. #

  • today's playlist: Christmas (Un)Cheer - what are your favorite "anti-Christmas" songs? #

  • This is a new favorite unChristmas song - too bad I can't sing it to my kids, lol! #

  • I'm the Guru of I Love to Singa on @GetGlue! #

  • My first thought is, "let's obliterate classic literature, shall we?" Jack Black is... #GulliversTravels (via @GetGlue) #

  • It's National Bouillabaisse Day, which is great if you like fish. I'm so generous, I'll let you have my share. :) #

  • Here, kick your Bouillabaisse up a notch - BAM! #

  • 8yo Sarah just beat @marcand at pool on the iPad #ruhroh #fb #

  • Tomorrow is Underdog Day - here's one of the most famous underdog stories of this decade. #

  • I like the composition and light play of this photo. (I'm a photography junkie, can you tell?) #

  • This is one of my family's favorite Christmas sites. #

  • Check out some interesting Christmas traditions from around the world. My favorite: the yule log - I love fireplaces! #

  • taking suggestions for the subject of tomorrow's wordless wednesday photograph #fb #

  • gettin' re-redified in the morning #yay #

  • The Bill of Rights was ratified today, and the designer of the Eiffel Tower was born. #

  • Do you know your rights? Read the full transcript of the Bill of Rights here. #

  • Must have sweet peach tea... #SonicDriveIn (via @GetGlue) #

  • Read up on the man that designed the Eiffel Tower - he was born on this date in 1832. #

  • Nothing says Christmas like a sweater that jingles! #

  • It's National Lemon Cupcake Day - here's a version for fresh lemon juice and *real* butter. #

  • Ooh, check out these cute lemon cupcakes with mini marshmallows - you can't go wrong with mini marshmallows! #

  • Check out Shoes with Miss Meghan so you'll know what kicks to ask Santa to bring you! #

  • Tomorrow is Cat Herders Day - if you have even one cat, you can appreciate the irony. #

  • The tools age, but the words don't #

  • It's beginning to look a lot like Geekmas! #

  • Check out these awesome pictures of Christmas around the world. This one looks like a snow globe! #

  • awesome chrome extension discovered via @cksample (though I disagree that he's only the latter): #

  • The Boston Tea Party and the Battle of the Bulge marked history today, and apparently it's a day for people in politics… #

  • Here's the first published account of the Boston Tea Party by a participant - who was only 16. #

  • Steven Bochco is 67 today. How many of the shows that he's been involved in are your favorites? Mine: Doogie Howser, M.… #

  • oh Rita, I love you and the way you make me laugh! @fightingfrumpy Smells Like Irony #

  • day two of Poohish head fluff; think i may go back to bed for a bit... #fb #

  • Amazed by the accuracy of the voices - especially BooBoo. #YogiBear (via @GetGlue) #

  • One of my favorite Christmas songs - guys out there, trust me, you'll want to watch this. #

  • Day of bliss - it's National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day! Try not to drool over these ideas and pix. #

  • Here's a quick and easy chocolate fondue recipe so you can have chocolate-covered whatever you want. #

  • Did you like the video I posted earlier? Check out some more of Kylie's music here. #

  • Oh yeah, here's my new hair #

  • It's the 237th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. That event has inspired an entire grassroots campaign. #

  • Tonight's book recommendation: The Polar Express. #

  • Here's a gingerbread man for the macabre. :D #

  • It's the anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight! #

  • Check out the patent for the Wright "flying machine" here! #

  • Happy 36th birthday, Giovanni Ribisi! #

  • Awesome Christmas music and an amazing gingerbread city. #

  • Today is National Maple Syrup Day - what's your favorite way to enjoy it? #

  • Can't get your hands on the real stuff? Here's a quick and easy recipe for homemade maple syrup. #

  • The holidays are here - the perfect opportunity for wild Celeb Gossip with Heather! #

  • Check out this video of the Wright brothers taking flight! #

  • look at this adorable card that so many people I know could use (you know who you are)! #

  • You do know this is where you go to track Santa, right? Go see what the elves have been up to getting ready. #

  • Browsing the web with @GoogleChrome to support a good cause: #

  • I just donated 12 books via #ChromeForACause Browse with @GoogleChrome to support a good cause: #

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Fill-in

[caption id="attachment_1188" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=" "]



1. What in the world am I going to do with these three kids for the next two weeks?!

2. It's easy to tell I've been well fed.

3. Go fetch me some tea.

4. Santa sent Curtis to tell you that you're on the naughty list.

5. I keep putting off stuff that I shouldn't.

6. I don't care if we put up the tree or not.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bedtime, tomorrow my plans include church and Sunday, I want to make it to Sherman and back safely!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Yummy donut snowman. Warning: cuteness overload! #

  • Presidential radio broadcasting began in 1923 and Ira Gershwin was born in 1896. #

  • Everglades National Park was dedicated on this day in 1947. What's your favorite part of this World Heritage Site? #

  • Dave Brubeck turns 90 today. Check out this video of the great jazz pianist from 1966 playing "40 Days." #

  • Trying to adjust to the cold - I hate cold, but I love Christmas! #

  • @jennybeanses I can understand why - hope your cheer gets home soon! #

  • You just think you know Twilight. Or Santa. Or... wait - what? #

  • It's National Gazpacho Day. Why cold soup is celebrated in December is beyond me, though. Here's some neat info on the … #

  • Want to try some gazpacho? Start with the ones that came up with it - here are some recipes from Spain! #

  • Check out some fun Christmas songs on this Myspace profile! #

  • It's Saint Nicholas Day! Yes, there really was a St. Nicholas - learn all about him here. #

  • Some of these tidbits are new to me, Christmas geek that I am! #

  • Check out some of the lovely decorations in the White House this year! #

  • Freezing out here but the stars are gorgeous #fb #

  • Quiet time at the lake to think #

  • Ever wish the stars would spell out how to fix something? #fb #

  • @jennybeanses that is a Truly Awesome Book - read it twice myself #

  • Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941 - that pretty much overshadows everything else. :( #

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor in pictures. This one was taken from a Japanese plane during the attack. #

  • Eli Wallach is 95 today - check out this interview conducted by his nephew. #

  • Very tired & depressed today; endured obligations; going to bed; hoping to sleep until morning so maybe I can get a break from the pain #fb #

  • This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. #

  • Wordless #

  • Wow, a day full of interesting events - WWII, Lennon, NAFTA, and the birth of the cotton gin inventor. #

  • Operation Restore Hope began in 1992 - here's an informal interview of one of the men that served. (Thank you, Hero.) #

  • Sinead O'Connor is 44 today. Here's one of her most famous performances. #

  • A very happy 80th birthday to Maximilian Schell - the 1961 Oscar winner for Best Actor (for Judgement at Nuremberg). #

  • @marcand wants his cable! i do, too! two days? really? #suddenlinklosers #

  • Yummo! It's National Brownie Day! Now excuse me while I pour some milk. :P #

  • I'm not a bacon person, but I know a lot of you are, so here's a National
    Brownie Day recipe just for you. #

  • If I were brave enough #

  • Glam up for the holidays with Makeup Tips With Melissa :) #

  • NAFTA is 17 today. Check out this site for information including a separation of myth and realitly. #

  • @melissabarlow you're welcome! #

  • I know so many people that this could be describing... #

  • How cute are these snow people?! #

  • Wow - check out the list of today's birthdays - there's quite a variety! #

  • "The Charge of the Light Brigade" from Uncle Alfred (I'm descended from his brother) was published in 1854 in England. … #

  • Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) is 94 today. A very happy birthday to you, Mr. Douglas! Check out this collection of photos an… #

  • "I am Spartacus!" Check out the famous scene with Kirk Douglas! #

  • Ok, one more for Kirk Douglas (he's *94* y'all!). This is an insightful article from him about rediscovering his herita… #

  • LOL via @Phoernicia - Biology exam: name 2 things commonly found in cells. Apparently, "Scoundrels" and "Drunks" were not correct answers. #

  • It's National Pastry Day and National Apple Pie Day - so I vote for these for dinner! (okay, then - dessert) #

  • Here's a whole collection of apple pie recipes for National Apple Pie Day. I think I just felt five pounds appear on my… #

  • The holidays mean waiting in lines - check out iPhone Games with Matt to make sure you have the hottest games to play w… #

  • Huzzah - looks like my commenting is fixed! Now I can talk back - watch out, lol! #

  • Bethy's drawing of Santa #

  • Did you know it's Christmas Card Day? Check out these handmade cards - awesome! #

  • I can't help it - I have to share! This is my five-year-old daughter's drawing of Santa she did tonight. #

  • OH: "Hee, Hee - her don't know how to count right!" 3yo Jackson about Sarah Hurley counting in Spanish while reading a Christmas book. #fb #

  • Pajama storytime at the library #

  • Even Uncle Scotty wears his pjs! #

  • Jackson the counter #

  • Sarah's awesome shirt #bandgeekFTW #

  • These would be perfect treats for a classroom Christmas party! #

  • I earned the Check-in sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Several Nobel Peace Prizes have been given on this date over the years. #

  • Most recently, President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on this date last year. Here's a list of all the Nobel La… #

  • Kenneth Branagh is 50 today - and he's still hot. Check out these mag covers and dare to disagree. #

  • Just a little Christmas music for you. And Glee for a bonus. :) #

  • It's National Lager Day! Feel free to celebrate, but please do so responsibly. #

  • There are 14 different kinds of lager - here's a rundown. #

  • So how does my hubby deal with all my holiday crazy? He watches Sci-fi TV & Movies. #

  • My gift from Sarah #

  • My gift from Bethy ("cuz you like roses") #

  • Me and the girls #

  • Look what I discovered today! :D #

  • Today is Human Rights Day. #

  • "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." #

  • drinking warm tea with honey in an attempt to soothe my throat #fb #

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Friday Fill-in on Saturday Night

[caption id="attachment_1188" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=" "]



1. I wish it were easier to lose weight.

2. Dang, my throat hursts...that's what I'm thinking.

3. Please bring a fireplace - I want a fireplace.

4. The energy of children is so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes is too high to even mention.

6. Some people have been wonderful friends, incredibly patient, and very loving to me and I just wanted to say thank you.

7. And as for the weekend, Friday I spent time at a friend's house with Michael, today included a wonderful Christmas potluck at church and tomorrow, I want to hear that Michael got the van fixed!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me…

  • The pretty part of me #

  • Here's a neat way to use up all that junk mail and th… #

  • I earned the iPhoner sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • I earned the Radiohead(50) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • I earned the Movie Buff(250) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Catching the end of the movie #ThePrincessDiaries2 (via @GetGlue) #

  • This is awesome - a chance to help start a nationally recognized day! #

  • @cksample oh, love it - one of my favorites so far! #

  • = tired lady #fb #

  • I bumped into @tw3nty3ight on @GetGlue! #

  • I bumped into @marcand on @GetGlue! #

  • Don't know what to do with all those scrapbook paper scraps?… #

  • It's not Christmas without stars! Here are 9 star crafts to help add some sparkle to the holiday. #

  • Nothing like a big bowl of Raisin Bran - yum! #RaisinBran (via @GetGlue) #

  • Don't want to buy 24 matchboxes? No problem - print these on cardstock and make your own! #

  • I earned the Six Degrees sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Here's some fun holidays for you. #

  • Well, that's one way to decorate for Christmas... #

  • Gotta get to work making a couple of potholders for the MOPS Christmas meeting Wednesday morning. #Crochet #

  • Brandon's hula hoop attempt (video) #

  • That sweater may look hideous on, but it might make an awesome Christmas stocking! #

  • Sarah rockin' the hula hoop (video) #

  • Ooh, tiny treasures! This looks like a great Advent Calendar craft for Christmas! #

  • I earned the Listmaniac sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Tomorrow is National Mousse Day - yum! #

  • Tomorrow is also Stay at Home Because You are Well Day - but heed the caution! #

  • Computer Security Day is tomorrow - this is how *not* to have computer security. #

  • Now that you've laughed about Computer Security Day, get serious about it and start with your password. #

  • this is *Awesome*: MST3K Melon via @craft #

  • Hope today was a very happy St. Andrew's Day for all my friends that celebrate. #

  • Tomorrow is Eat a Red Apple Day - here's a handy chart to help you figure out the best variety to choose. #

  • There are over 7,000 varieties of apples. This is a 10-page comprehensive list with pictures, usage suggestions, and in… #

  • Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. #

  • Don't just acknowledge World AIDS Day - do something about it. #

  • Here's a friend you can make for World AIDS Day. #

  • The hashtag for World AIDS Day is #WAD2010 - join the conversation on Twitter. #

  • How many moms does it take to corral Will? #

  • What's Christmas decorating without Santa? Here are 9 you can make. #

  • Check out this awesome cupcake stand - perfect for Christmas chee… #

  • I sure wish I could find mine... #FairyGodmother (via @GetGlue) #

  • I can't tell you how many of my friends will be thrilled to know that tomorrow is National Science Fiction Day! #

  • @Melzer according to my sources, it's tomorrow in honor of Isaac Asimov's birthday #

  • @Melzer yep, it does - sorry, filing snafu O_o #

  • @Melzer sorry for the heart attack! #

  • Oops, scratch that - filing mix up - National Science Fiction Day isn't until *January* 2! #

  • I may have to go get breakfast in the morning to celebrate National Fritters Day - yum! #

  • I think my hubby would choose to celebrate National Fritters Day with these. #

  • This whole week is National Cookie Cutter Week - I might gain 20 pounds if I celebrate... #

  • The totally owlsome potholder that Kristi Tollison made just for me - luuurve it! :D #

  • @marcand uh, dood - she just turned 5; she only *looks* 3, lol :P #

  • wishing a very happy Hanukkah to @wisekaren and all my other celebrating friends! #

  • Tomorrow is Pan American Health Day. #

  • Tomorrow is Special Education Day - thank you to all the Special Education teachers I am privileged to know! #

  • Glacier Bay become a National Park on 2 December 1980. What's your favorite part of the park, or why do you want to vis… #

  • Jeannie got her wish back in 1969! #

  • A Day for Despots: Napoleon was crowned emperor of France in 1804 and McCarthy was condemned in 1954. #

  • A self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated for the first time at the University of Chicago in 1942. #

  • Lucy Liu is 42! (Sorry, I couldn't help it - I like rhymes.) #

  • This is just an awesome little Christmas Advent wreath! #

  • This Advent calendar is just hilarious - if you can appreciate twisted humor. #

  • Here's a treat for my Jewish chocolate-fiend friends. Happy Hanukkah! :) #

  • I just have to share this. I have to. Have a happy, happy Hanukkah! #

  • It's National Fritters Day - what kind of fritter will you eat to celebrate today? I want apple! #

  • Here's a whole pile of fritter recipes - from anchovy (ewww!!!) to vegetables. #

  • A lot of non-traditional holidays have to do with making an impact on our world. Check out Impact with Melissa for more… #

  • December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month - the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has some tips to help you celebrate s… #

  • Just learned that today has unofficially been declared Cartoon Day in some social networks. What's your favorite cartoo… #

  • Well here's a new Christmas low: the nutmeg high. Bah humbug! #

  • I've been pinned! (Brandon is now officially a Webelo) #

  • Pack meeting color guard and awards #

  • Brandon's new pins and badges #

  • An important visit #

  • Sarah's visit with Santa #

  • Sarah's visit with Santa )) #

  • Illinois is 192 today and the first heart transplant was performed in 1967 #

  • This speech preceded the sit-in that led to the largest arrest in American history on this date in 1964. It's long, but… #

  • Brendan Fraser is 42 today - so I get to look at - at least - 42 pix of him to celebrate, right? #

  • This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" trea… #

  • Now here's an honest Christmas song - and funny, too! (profanity warning) #

  • ladies and gentlemen, the man to whom i am married: RT @marcand: "I hate waking up with drool in my beard. :-| " </jealousy> #

  • (said as though it's important news that everyone cares about) i think i'll work on hats or an apron today... #fb #

  • December is National Eggnog Month - and good ol' George Washington really knew how to celebrate. #

  • Here's Alton Brown's eggnog recipe for those of you that aren't sloshers like George. ;) #

  • listening while i eat lunch, then more cleaning and crocheting, alternately #JamesBlunt (via @GetGlue) #

  • Some things are blurry even in the light #

  • Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. How you inspired by people with disabilities every day? #

  • Does anyone remember the Jem cartoon and dolls? I learned how to French braid by practicing on Jem's hair! #

  • Oh yeah, baby - it's an original pattern earflap/aviator hat! #

  • Oh yeah, baby - it's an original pattern earflap/aviator hat! #

  • I earned the Marathoner(7) sticker on @GetGlue! #

  • Had fun in the Christmas parade; "A Parade from the Inside" photo series coming up #fb #

  • A Parade from the Float 1 #

  • A Parade from the Float 2 #

  • A Parade from the Float 3 #

  • A Parade from the Float 4 #

  • A Parade from the Float 5 #

  • Ever wonder what a small town Christmas parade is like? Here's one from the "inside." #

  • @gapingvoid hear, hear! fantastic 'toon #

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A Parade from the Float 3


A Parade from the Float 2


A Parade from the Float 1


Oh yeah, baby – it’s an original pattern earflap/aviator hat!

Brandon's new pins and badges


Pack meeting color guard and awards


I've been pinned! (Brandon is now officially a Webelo)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Thanks for all the comments and messages - some comments are quite entertaining! I'm slowing responding - thanks for your patience! #

  • Today was a sad day in history several times over, probably the most well-known being the day President John F. Kennedy… #

  • This was the first many saw about the assassination. #

  • Totally *love* seeing this!! #OCC #

  • It's National Cranberry Relish Day - apparently a day John Lennon could have gotten into... #

  • Want to spice up your cranberry relish for National Cranberry Relish Day or Thanksgiving? How about jalapeño? #

  • Here's a whole bog of cranberry relish recipes (over 400), whether you want it plain, with apples, oranges, nuts, peach… #

  • End violence against women - now - on V-Day. #

  • Just how bad is violence against women? As of 2004, one in six American women had been the victim of an attempted or co… #

  • ~l.i.v.i.d~ about a jerkwad on myspace making inciteful, hateful comments ***GRRRRR*** #fb #

  • Tomorrow is National Cashew Day - I shall heartily and happily celebrate! #

  • You can make gluten- and dairy-free ranch dressing from cashews? Who knew?? #

  • Tomorrow is also Eat a Cranberry Day - okay, you can have two! #

  • Just got a phone call that my grandfather is being taken to the ER with suspected pneumonia; prayers for Tommy Tennison appreciated #fb #

  • OMG, it's not all about you! focus, you twit! #

  • @JohnCWhitney YES! #

  • Sarah got my klutziness - she just hit her face on the corner of her dresser - I think she's gonna have a black eye :( #fb #

  • Life magazine is 74 today, and Miley Cyrus is finally an adult (not that it will change her lifestyle or anything). #

  • Here's a compilation of all the covers of Life magazine. They tell an interesting story in and of themselves. #

  • Want to read Life? Here ya go - all of them. #

  • Keep the kids out of the kitchen with a pile of Thanksgiving games! #

  • I like word searches (can't help it - I'm a nerd). Here's a Thanksgiving word search printable for everyone from beginn… #

  • While the kids are playing, you can find the perfect cranberry sauce recipe - and Eat a Cranberry Day is perfect for it! #

  • Lara reading "365 Penguins" to everyone #

  • Sofia came hear the story, too #

  • The library gang ((Kids, Library)) #

  • Can you pass this Thanksgiving trivia quiz? #

  • Tomorrow is National Espresso Day - a lot of us are gonna need it to get ready for Thanksgiving. #

  • The other thing you need tomorrow to get ready for Thanksgiving? An apron! Share one with some… #

  • Don't have an apron for Tie One On Day? Make one! #

  • Irish ATC with watercolor and glass embossing (don't like it) #

  • Another Irish ATC attempt - still not happy #

  • Last attempt, done with the brayer #

  • Added an embellishment to the second - going with minimalism #

  • Irish ATC Series #

  • let's see if the misery will wash out in the shower... #fb #

  • Here's a cute and easy Thanksgiving craft, and it uses some of the Halloween candy stash, too! #

  • Why it's called "Fall" #

  • Life in the midst of death #

  • Texas Autumn #

  • Here's some Thanksgiving quotes for you - from celebrities, so be warned! #

  • Here, some Thanksgiving quotes that are more... well, Thanksgiving. #

  • Ok, ok - I know you want to know: what the heck are turkey cooking times per pound? Here are the USDA recommendations. #

  • It's not Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole! Here are over 1100 recipes to choose from - get cooking! #

  • The other Thanksgiving must? Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010 on NBC at 9am ET! #

  • attempting to link my posterous account to, so you're forewarned if everything goes wonky #fb #

  • Do you have the green bean casserole recipe for Thanksgiving? Here's the classic Campbell's everyone knows and loves. #

  • Whether you want a simple apple pie recipe or a sugar-free one - one of the 14 on this site devoted to apple pie recipe… #

  • Just what I need - a *no-fail* turkey gravy recipe from drippings! #

  • With Alton Brown in the kitchen, the science behind this sweet potato pie recipe is sure to make it about perfect. Pass… #

  • This gives a whole new connotation to playing with you… #

  • Misty's slouchy beanie #

  • Misty's matching phone tote #

  • This is my all-time favorite commercial. I look forward to it every year to officially start my holidays! #

  • More humiliation: my first grade school picture #

  • A tender and loving tribute to Charles Schulz, in his obituary from The New York Times. #

  • Did you know there's a Schulz Museum? I think a trip to California just made it to my bucket list... #

  • It's National Cake Day! This is my go-to cake recipe (I eat it for breakfast!). #

  • So you don't want gingerbread cake? These guys have everything from Angel to Zucchini! #

  • And it wouldn't be National Cake Day without some cake disasters, would it? #

  • This is the bakery that made cakes famous - and amazing. #

  • Bootsie's new spot #

  • @lauriepercival WAY TO GO! isn't it amazing what those kids can make us do, before they even get here??? #soproudofyou cc: @percival #

  • I'm loving these reindeer! #

  • Want glitzy ornaments in colors *you* choose? He… #

  • @PilotWifeBlog let me know how it turns out! #

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The pretty part of me

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bootsie's new spot

Michael took him to our room as always, but he started fussing. Michael followed him to the hallway thinking he wanted to go outside. Boots went straight the the girls' room and meowed at the door. Michael opened the door and he went right to the pillow where he slept with Sarah last night (but Sarah's at Granma's house tonight).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Fill-in

[caption id="attachment_1188" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=" "]



1. Three things I must have on my Thanksgiving table: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (the jellied, shaped-like-the-can stuff).

2. There's always at least one person sacked out on the couch.

3. This is one of the best meals of the year.

4. I like to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but  it hasn't happened that way in several years.

5. Oh, man, thankfully it's going to get slightly warmer this weekend.

6. I need to perfect the art of sorting through clothes and keeping the amount of clothing we have down.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a whole lotta nuthin', tomorrow my plans include church and a nap and Sunday, I want to have a safe trip to Sherman and back!

More humiliation: my first grade school picture

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In which we discover Crystal really is posting...

[caption id="attachment_4572" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="iPhone + PS Mobile = Awesome "]



So I finally got up the gumption to attempt to link my Posterous blog to this one so you, my faithful readers, can see the photos I take (mostly with my iPhone) on an almost daily basis.

Which is ridiculous, because it was ridiculously simple.

That said, you will now be regaled with more than just Wordless Wednesday and Friday Fill-in posts.


I'm not sure yet if I'll transfer everything from Posterous over here, so feel free to go browse through the photos here.

Texas Autumn


Life in the midst of death


Why it's called "Fall"


Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • drinking apple cinnamon theraflu for my sore throat and getting ready to put this very long day to bed #fb #

  • GAPBF 2 #

  • GAPBF 3 #

  • GAPBF 4 #

  • Great American Peanut Butter Festival Round 1 #

  • GAPBF 5 #

  • GAPBF 6 #

  • GAPBF 6 #

  • Too exhausted - will post the rest of the pix tomorrow #

  • GAPBF 8 #

  • GAPBF 9 #

  • GAPBF 10 #

  • GAPBF 12 #

  • GAPBF 11 #

  • GAPBF 13 #

  • GAPBF 14 #

  • GAPBF 15 #

  • Toby (Mom's cat) on the windowsill #

  • Just got in the checkout line; let's see how long this takes... #sundayafternoonwalmarthell #fb #

  • 28 minutes #sundayafternoonwalmarthell #fb #

  • Bethy's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake #

  • Baby doll from Uncle John and Aunt Kay #

  • Outfit and matching tights from Meme #

  • Monkey jammies, Dora magic towel, and My Little Pony stickers from Uncle Joel and Aunt Dixie #

  • Dolly complete with accessories from Uncle Joel and Aunt Dixie #

  • Pink clothes from Granma #

  • Princess toys from Granma #

  • Bethy blowing out the candles #

  • so very tired of the hurt and loneliness #

  • These would be really cute treats for Thanksgiving! #

  • Today is National Hermit Cookie Day - celebrate with these perfect fall cookies! #

  • oh, you naughty, naughty Santa! #

  • Give - it does your heart good. #

  • Put your sorting cap on - today is America Recycles Day. #

  • An invitation to recycle, from Sen. Tom Carper - U.S. Senator from Delaware #

  • Looking for ways to get the kids excited about America Recycles Day? Check out all these activities and ideas! #

  • Get out the gas mask, *big* trash bags, and cleanser - it's Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. #

  • Barnboard twists spiral beanie - teen/adult #

  • "Cuppa Coaster" for a swapper in Bristol, UK #

  • "Cuppa Coaster" for a swapper in Bristol, UK #

  • @IT_Scooter love it! #

  • Oklahoma has been a state for 103 years now, and Martha Plimpton hits the big 4-0 today. #

  • Oh yeah, and LSD is 72. #

  • "My LSD Trip - A non-cop, non-hippie report of the unvarnished facts" - commentary says this report takes you along for… #

  • We are all neighbors and humans - remember that. #

  • *Please* do not tell my kids about this holiday! #

  • Tomorrow is World Peace Day - help spread the grassroots effort. #

  • Tomorrow is also Homemade Bread Day - here's over 3500 recipes to choose from. :) #

  • Don't want to make bread? Okay, send an e-card for Electronic Greeting Card Day! This site was one of the first e-card … #

  • Here are some e-cards for the more sardonic greeters out there. #

  • Wordless Wednesday #

  • Calvin and Hobbes will be 25 tomorrow! #

  • A fantastic treatise on the genius of Calvin and Hobbes. #

  • Sounds kinda gross to me, but if you leeks, then tomorrow is a day to celebrate. #

  • Tomorrow is a big day for a lot of people. Encourage those you know that are participating in the Great American Smokeo… #

  • Quiz: Do You Need Help to Quit? #

  • Check out the physiological benefits to putting out the cigarettes. #

  • checkin' out holidays and interesting historical events #

  • Lil Rosebud #

  • Everyone's favorite mouse will be 82 tomorrow! #

  • Mickey has been in 182 films since 1928. #

  • Perhaps Mickey's most well-known film sequence - and certainly one of my favorites. #

  • The first American in space was born today, and time zones in the US and Canada were adopted in 1883. #

  • Aggies everywhere mourn today in remembrance of those who died and were injured in 1999. #

  • Bonfire is gone, but Student Bonfire burns on in remembrance and salute. #

  • Mickey's big sound debut 82 years ago on what Disney considers his birthday. #

  • It's William Tell Day - but don't go shooting apples off of children's head to celebrate, mmkay? #

  • Of course, the William Tell Overture is the most famous aspect of the day, but I like Anita Renfroe's version the best. #

  • Comic fans' lives were in upheaval over the death of Superman 18 years ago. Who would kill the man of steel? #

  • Alan Shepard was born on this day in 1923. Here, some pictures from his life. #

  • It's coming out misshapen, so a frogging spree it is... :( #

  • It's coming out misshapen, so a frogging spree it is... :( #

  • The first half-dozen rounds of the do-over of Landon's blanket #

  • The first half-dozen rounds of the do-over of Landon's blanket #

  • Pop Tarts popped up (couldn't resist the pun) in 1965 on November 19 - make sure you celebrate tomorrow! #

  • "Eat 'em now or eat 'em later, 'cuz you don't to keep 'em in a... refrigerator!" #

  • @ForgottenBkmrks wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know i thoroughly enjoy the blog #

  • Another six rounds added to Landon's blanket #

  • had the supreme pleasure of watching some of our playoff football players open doors at the primary this morning - pictures coming! #fb #

  • ...and now @marcand thinks i'm a perv... #

  • It sounds like a joke, but it's not - raise awareness for the 2.6 billion people who don't have access to toilets and p… #

  • Some international goings-on for World Toilet Day. #

  • So what can celebrating World Toilet Day do? Stop Cholera in its tracks. #

  • Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address was delivered 147 years ago today. I dare you to listen to the words and remember o… #

  • Here's a cornucopia of Thanksgiving word search, Thanksgiving games, and Thanksgiving worksheets from one of my favorit… #

  • Homeschoolers and teachers - your search for Thanksgiving worksheets just ended! #

  • Looking for Thanksgiving crafts? Look no further! #

  • @999kmoo YAY! #

  • Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays - National Peanut Butter Fudge Day! #

  • An entire collection of tested peanut butter fudge recipes to help you celebrate National Peanut Butter Fudge Day! #

  • So easy a 12-year-old can do it! See? #

  • @JohnCWhitney thanks for the awesome coverage of the game for those of us that couldn't be there to see our boys WIN! #

  • Made a Spirit Beanie while I waited for the 'Jackets to win tonight - let me know if you want one #

  • Made a Spirit Beanie while I waited for the 'Jackets to win tonight - let me know if you want one #

  • Brandon roasting his hot dog over the fire #

  • Sarah roasted her own hot dog over the fire #

  • @IT_Scooter she was rather proud :) #

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