Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • i #want chocolate chip cookie dough #fb #

  • Zentangle meets Easter - cool! #

  • I'm goin' in.... to WalMart - wish me good luck and Godspeed #sundayshoppinghorror #fb #

  • I survived WalMart - it only took me two hours... #fb #

  • Printer moved deadline up; off to bed so I can start shift-work on concert program to see if I can get it done tmrw instead of Fri #fb #

  • Check out these cutie-patootie sheep cookies for Easter! #

  • been doing overnight work on another project - my bed is calling me seductively... #

  • Lots of really famous stuff today in history - births, deaths, rides, firsts, weddings, and disasters. And Coco's birth… #

  • Old newsreels always fascinate me. This one is from another famous earthquake in history. #

  • If the newsreel didn't grab your attention, I dare you to look at these pictures from the 1906 San Fran earthquake. The… #

  • Coco is 48 - to celebrate, here's a video that combines the best of late night and the best of television - Matthew Mor… #

  • Wishing my observant friends a delicious Pesach seder tonight! This should help, eh? #

  • Are you panicking because you don't have everything made for the Seder yet? Martha Stewart to the rescue! #

  • @cksample lovin' the monkeys on the monkey! #

  • so seriously, guys: this is attractive? Barbie's proportions brought to life via @pinterest #

  • Let's play Words With Friends. My username is '3stairs'. #

  • Winnie-the-Pooh "Days of Hunny" travel system - I can haz?: #

  • Check out these egg-shaped Easter goodies! #

  • Do you love Cadbury Creme Eggs as much as I do? Now you can enjoy them all year 'round! #

  • Want some gluten- or dairy-free Easter goodies? How 'bout cupcakes? You're welcome. :D #

  • Can't get enough Peeps? How about a bunny and chick salt and pepper set? Aren't they cute?! #

  • Heartburn is Teh Suck #fb #

  • What could be more Easter than a classic bunny cake? #

  • @lauriepercival this made me think of you: #

  • Here's some carrots your kids will eat for Easter - they're made with marshmallows! :P #

  • How sweet is this Easter lily brooch?! I can picture it with Mom and child hands. *mommyswoon* #

  • Cool photo mosaic Easter egg. Crazy-complicated to make, it looks like. Definitely for those with time on their hands. #

  • Bunny cakes to go! :D #

  • Off to Bethy's HeadStart Easter party - I may come back sick from all the sugar. Don't have too much fun without me! #

  • Totally not holiday related but I found it hilarious: "If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?" Steven Wright #

  • Mr. Bill meets coffee meets Easter. Morbid or awesome? #

  • Sarah has strep - again :( #fb #

  • Tomorrow is National Jelly Bean Day - what's your favorite brand? I like Jelly Belly. #

  • Tomorrow is Girl Scout Leader's Day - here are some ideas to show your appreciation. #

  • I don't have to remind you that tomorrow is Earth Day, do I? What are you going to do to love on Mother Earth? #

  • April is Pets are Wonderful Month - here's my wonderful pet, Boots. Share pictures of your wonderful pets! #

  • Best Easter sheep treats yet! #

  • Rabbit art - look at this guy! *swoon* #

  • Awesome edible Easter eggs! #

  • Anthropologie is hosting free Earth Day events today - find your local store to see when you can love on Mother Earth! #

  • breathtakingly beautiful: #

  • *Gorgeous* Easter eggs vegetable-dyed then stenciled with herbs - scroll down and look at the picture of them all in a … #

  • Oooh - look at this plantable paper! I'd have a hard time planting it, though - it's too pretty... #

  • More pretty Easter eggs. #

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I'm inundating you with Eastery-crafty-yumminess - I can't help it! #

  • Love Rice Krispie treats and sprinkles? Click through for some Easter treat goodness! #

  • stressed. want to buy stuff. #notgood #fb #

  • Sam is apparently enjoying a gymnastics session #thumpthumpoof #fb #

  • Aaaand stretch! #mommycantbreathe #fb #

  • @lauriepercival how awesome is this?! #

  • great line: "Well, when you've seen one gruesome, you've seen them all." #DoctorWho (4th) #fb #

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Note to self: pb&j made with peach preserves should only be consumed by the half-sandwich #sugaroverload #fb #

  • i really freakin' hate being crazy #fb #

  • Check out these tiny Easter treats! #

  • See, this is why I love Foodimentary - now I know that today is National Cinnamon Roll Day! <3 #

  • And yes, I have a recipe for you. It wouldn't be National Cinnamon Roll Day if you couldn't eat any, would it? These ar… #

  • I CALL DO-OVER ON TODAY!!! #fb #

  • Note to self: next time walk back to the back of the store and get the ranch dip you know is good #fb #

  • Let's play Words With Friends. My username is '3stairs'. #

  • munchies, munchies, go away...

    no really, i mean it - go away! #fb #

  • thinking of nicknaming Baby "BB" - for Bladder Buster... #fb #

  • Been up since 5:30 because of the thunder; wish I could sleep in a hammock under a gazebo during weather like that... #

  • Today's date seems to be a good one for kings, queens, and leaders to do stuff - from being crowned to being deposed. #

  • Buchenwald was liberated in 1945. This newsreel will help you relive it, but be warned: there are some disturbing image… #

  • On a happier note, Joel Grey is 79 today. Here's a video of what is possibly his most famous performance. What's your f… #

  • @cksample sooo wish @marcand and i could come see you in Dallas while you're here! :( #

  • I am listening to James Blunt @GetGlue #JamesBlunt #

  • Who said flaky cereal is boring? Check out these little Easter chicks - aren't they cute? #

  • Jewish moms and teachers, check out these placards for Passover! #

  • And here are four more plagues for your Passover fun. ;) #

  • Today is National Cheese Fondue Day - do nachos count? If so, I know what's for dinner! #

  • Today is Barbershop Quartet Day! Ok, so it's like opera - you either love it or hate it. Which camp are you in? I'm in … #

  • Check out these awesome pictures of an Easter party! Do you like the bunny cupcake toppers or the happy polka dot glass… #

  • Have you ever seen vegetable-dyed eggs that were so vibrant in your life?! #

  • April 12 seems to be a day for baseball, space, and presidents. #

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Ga. in 1945. Check out this video on His… #

  • finally getting to see the doctor today - excited but very anxious #

  • Happy birthday, Claire Danes! Keep up with all the Claire latest at People. What's your favorite role she's done? #

  • Is it me or do these Easter egg cookies look like play dough gone horribly, disgustingly wrong? #

  • Now, *these* look yummy: Princess-inspired party food. I'll take Rapunzel's pumpkin challah bread, please! #

  • All went well at the dr - Baby kicked at Doppler, lol; sonogram tomorrow morning! #fb #

  • @geovolt makin' a baby! ;) you didn't catch the news? #

  • It's the 50th anniversary of our first foray into space! What do you think about our venturing into the great unknown? #

  • It's National Licorice Day - go enter to winwin 1 of 100 Red Vines® Movie Prize Packs, including movie tickets, water b… #

  • Just for the guys for Big Wind Day - 60 pix to make you drool - make sure you're standing upwind! #

  • Pesach begins next week - don't know what that is? Check out this little history lesson and find out! #

  • You may have heard of the Passover Seder, but did you know that the foods served are each there for a purpose? #

  • trying roasted Peeps; not bad except when you burn your tongue on roasted Peep tail... <ouch > #

  • @cksample Oh! Little Man! No! Stay baby! :( #

  • Sonogram went well - just ONE baby! #fb #

  • It's a boy! Samuel Eli is doing well. :) #

  • Sam's first picture #

  • Are these not the cutest Easter treat holders ever?!?! #

  • Want some more Peep culinary art? Here ya go! #

  • Easter treats become serious journalists in the Washington Post Peeps Contest. No, seriously! #

  • Have a green Easter - check out this recycled shoe box Easter basket. I'm thinking Mod-Podge and scrapbook paper would … #

  • oh yeah, cleaning the microwave instead of eating because my soup at hand turned into soup attack was *totally* on my agenda today... #fb #

  • @lauriepercival neato way to see my favorite shades of green: #

  • just heard nasal irrigation called "a colonic up my nose" LOL #fb #

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sam's first picture

This is Sam's face from the front.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • @cksample keeping up with Jackson - it's horrible to be at hospital with your baby :( hope you all get to go home very soon #

  • had to add a new section to my Artist Trading Card notebook tonight: cards made by my kids #creativefamily #fb #

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. It was a sad day for *all* of America - most of us just didn't realiz… #

  • Relive the final days of MLK with this photo essay. What about him stands out most to you? Was it his passive resistanc… #

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to Robert Downey Jr! What's your favorite movie of his? I love so many I can't pick a fav! #

  • One of my absolute favorite things about Robert Downey Jr is his voice. This was the first song I heard him sing - and … #

  • Ok, last Robert Downey Jr goody (I can't help it!) - one of his latest songs, "Broken." #

  • @Squeenager :( hope you get to feeling better soon! #

  • Today is National Cordon Bleu Day - do you like this fancy dish that sounds French but is really American? #

  • Want to celebrate National Cordon Bleu Day? Here's a recipe to try - will you make it for lunch or dinner? #

  • Yumyumyumyumyum. Are you following Robert Downey, Jr.? Today's his birthday, so go follow the topic on Myspace to keep … #

  • Today is Walk Around Things Day, which could just mean avoiding obstacles in your walkway, but what about hot debate to… #

  • Celebrate Pesach with littles? Check out this awesome cup for Eliyahu that you can make together! Will you do a "little… #

  • @lauriepercival we would sprinkle a "rainbow" of pacis around Brandon's head; he'd plonk out a little hand and land on one :D #

  • prayers appreciated as I share the true jewels in our lives with the ladies in my MOPS group this morning #consecratedcrafts #fb #

  • @lauriepercival oh yeah; you have several sets of 12 or more to rotate thru the dishwasher; you'll feel like a wholesaler before you're done #

  • Feeling like a doofus that totally sucks at what I keep trying to do #giveitupalready #fb #

  • still battling linky wonkiness, video glitches, and pain from the hole that used to be a wisdom tooth... #

  • just ate an inordinately large amount of beets #helloironboost #fb #

  • @cksample lovin' that flippy hair :) #

  • I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever *not* feel bad... #fb #

  • Why is it that the gov wants to stop paying service men & women, but there's been no mention of stopping / cutting their pay? #forshame #

  • Dear Munchies,
    I wouldn't mind your visits so much if you weren't so vague. Please be more communicative.
    Crystal #fb #

  • @percivalmedia dang, I just luuurvvve that ittle face!! #

  • @ambero next time skip the clothes and the flat irons and the mani/pedis and put the money towards a car! #

  • @cksample ACK! Love it! Adorably Cute Baby Alert! oh crap, i can't stop using exclamation points! #

  • ok, Crystal, stop Facebooking and playing with cards and go eat already! #fb #

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • I *need* these sheep! Quick - what holiday would you use them for? #

  • Is it ironic that Three Mile Island's anniversary falls in the midst of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan? #

  • Check out this virtual museum of the Three Mile Island incident. Do you think it was a real disaster or a media failure? #

  • oy, when am i gonna learn not to eat chocolate-frosted mini donuts for breakfast? #fb #

  • new week, new resolve to keep the holiday happy coming... #

  • Oh, now *this* is a holiday - the 25th anniversary of the premiere of "Perfect Strangers!" Don't you just love Balki?? #

  • Love to laugh? Check out my girl Laurie to keep up with all the comedy movies coming out. - I promise you'll laugh! #

  • Today is Something on a Stick Day. My favorite thing on a stick? Foster Farms Corn Dogs - The. Best. Corn. Dog. Ever. W… #

  • Woo-hoo - dessert! Today is also National Black Forest Cake Day! :P Check out this quick cheater recipe that uses a mix… #

  • It's Respect Your Cat Day. This video probably isn't the most respectful of cats, but it sure is funny! #

  • uh-oh - i think the second trimester chocolate attack has hit... #fb #

  • look at me go, getting 5g of protein, 4% of my calcium, and 2% of my iron - with peanut M&Ms... #naughtynutrition #fb #

  • head = ow; Tylenol = not working; Ibuprofen = can't take; me = want to go to bed #fb #

  • One last goody - I love this toadstool - so cute! #

  • Our involvement in Vietnam ended in '73. Is it me, or is 3 years house arrest too lenient for killing 22 people? #

  • Are you ready for Friday's fun? Here are some recipes to put in your arsenal. Which one will you use? #

  • feel tired, unmotivated, and depressed - ugh #fb #

  • Today is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day. I love fluffy cakes - do you? #

  • It's National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - tell us about your favorite Mom and Pop shop. #

  • Today is the birthday of Coca-Cola - check out this commercial from 1954. What's your favorite soft drink? #

  • getting a tooth pulled in about 15 minutes; prayers greatly appreciated #fb #

  • tooth extracted; dentist said it came out easily - let's hope that means it won't hurt much when the meds wear off #fb #

  • just had a tooth pulled, so holiday hurrahs might be a little sparse the next day or two. feel free to talk amongst yourselves, lol #

  • ow ow ow ow ow ow ow; can it stop hurting now? #fb #

  • You know a more perfect way to celebrate Easter than chocolate and Peeps? I defy you to prove it! #

  • My mouth is still very unhappy today, but I'm going to try to send out some holiday happy for you. #

  • "Vive la France!" The Eiffel Tower flew the tricolor in 1889 to commemorate its completion. Have you been there? Tell m… #

  • "Oklahoma!" opened on Broadway in 1943. This is for all my Mineola High School theatremates and fellow theatre geeks. W… #

  • My favorite version of "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" - I dare you not to grin! #

  • Happy birthday, Ewan McGregor! Here's 3 and a half minutes of Ewan kissing for the ladies - which is your favorite? #

  • Today marks the 279th anniversary of the birth of Franz Joseph Haydn. What do you think of this early sonata? The Andan… #

  • grrr - "Oklahoma!" ear worm; "out, out, out, OOOOOO-K! la - aw, crap..." #fb #

  • maybe it's the pregnancy, but it does *not* feel like 63 outside - more like 83 #hotmama #fb #

  • This is because I love you: today is National Clams on the Half Shell Day. {ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew} *shudder* #

  • For you *really* gross clam-lovers: raw clams on the half shell from Tyler Florence (with a pic of strawberry shortcake… #

  • Chemistry geeks, party on! Today is Bunsen Burner Day - the birthday of its inventor, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunse… #

  • @HeadshotHeather if you say so! i'm so generous, i'll let you have my share, lol :P #

  • @lauriepercival aww - cutie patootie! can i munch on those cheeks? #

  • @lauriepercival Neato with a side of Awesome Sauce! I love aprons. :) #

  • Hilariously cute Easter party idea! Can you stop giggling? I can't! #

  • With Easter coming up, you better make sure your eggs are boiled perfectly! Check out this video for a secret! #

  • @lauriepercival going well! olive/muted greens - think words like heathered, dusty, and rustic, or moss and thyme; does that help? #

  • mashed potatoes - yum #fb #

  • i love it when i do everything i'm supposed to do and do it right and i still get screwed... #fb #

  • Today is National Sourdough Bread Day - what's your favorite way to eat it? #

  • Amish Friendship Bread is a real treat. Which friends would you give some starter to? #

  • Today is International Tatting Day! Do you have a piece of tatting in your life? #

  • It's Edible Book Day - I devour books, but not literally. Would you rather eat a book or read it? #

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