Saturday, February 8, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Valentine Tags Free Printable (Little Brownie Bakers)

I'm a Girl Scout troop leader, so of course that means my brain is totally occupied with cookies right now! I've been thinking of ways to market my Savannah Smiles because I have a lot of them still and thought of "pucker up!" in conjunction with Valentine's Day. Then being weird OCD thorough, I decided to create tags for all of the cookie varieties.

Post a comment if you have cookies from ABC Bakers and would like me to create tags for those varieties as well. If there is enough interest, I will create a file and update this post.

In the spirit of Girl Scout Sisterhood, 
I am offering this file for free. 
Please feel free to share the link with our fellow Sisters, 
and do not sell this file.

Girl Scout Cookie Valentine Tags (Little Brownie Bakers)
Go here to print your Girl Scout Cookie Valentine tags from Google Drive!

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