Monday, October 29, 2007

Calling All Bloggers!

Stories Needed for new book proposal(s):

Book titles:
Bloggable: Fifty of the best MOMMY chronicles found on-line
Bloggable: Fifty of the best MARRIAGE chronicles found on-line
Bloggable: Fifty of the best FRIENDSHIP chronicles found on-line
Bloggable: Fifty of the best HUMOR chronicles found on-line

Concept: The best blogs now in a book!

This is a book that will compile the best of the best inspirational blogs on the world-wide-web. Submissions should be inspiring, faith-filled, and based on true experiences - no fiction, please. Think of comment-worthy blogs readers forward to their friends.

Blogs must be previously published on the Internet and submitted by the author. If you have a favorite blog you've read, pass on these guidelines and encourage the blogger to submit!

1. Send submissions to tricia @ as an attached WORD document in 12-point Times new Roman font. (Up to three submissions per blogger.)

2. Please include the author's name, your blog address, and contact information on the first page of every submission.

3. Blog submissions should be non-fiction, ranging in length between 300-1200 words.

4. If your blog is published in this book, you will be paid $50 upon publication and two free copies of the book.

5. Please include a link to your story published on the Internet.

6. When you submit, you will be asked to sign a release form, giving me permission to use your blog. Submissions will not be considered until the release form is signed and returned.

Post a comment with your site link when you submit!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Erin McKean is My New Heroine

(as in hero, not drugs - that's heroin! You'd be surprised how many people miss that. Now on with the post...)

As we all know, I love words. We also know I like sewing, when I can manage to get to the sewing table. Several months ago I found a wonderful little blog about those gorgeous frocks from the early- to mid- twentieth century and fell in love with the photos, the Secret Lives stories, and the cleverness of the writing - so much so that I quoted it here.

Well, as if I didn't love Erin enough, she had to go and be a lexicographer! I knew she read books as part of her work, but never really delved into what she actually did for a living. As I made my daily visit to the Dress a Day blog, she mentioned her other blog.

Other blog? More intelligent, clever, funny writing? Let's go see! I click with bated breath, and what to my wondering eyes doth appear?

Dictionary Evangelist!

I read with glee as I discover words like ambigram (with an illustration!), ygology, and ossicusp. I revel in the retro line drawing for the avatar. I snicker as I read "Erin McKean really likes dictionaries." I think, "God, I love this woman - she is a fellow dictionary-reader!" I find nothing really informative on the profile link and remember seeing something about "The Official Biography," so I return to read that link.

What? No mere dictionary-reader? NO!

She writes them, God love her!

Oh, for a thousand tongues that I could verbiate the new words I'll be learning!

You! What are you doing still here?! Go; read; now!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Do You Want to See?

It appears a lot of people want to see Vanessa Hudgens nude. Me? I could live without that experience. Another experience I could live without? Skull eastereggs for Halo 3. Well, long live democracy, the people have spoken! And now, a la David Letterman are:

Today's Top 10 Pages on Mahalo

Stay tuned for my top 10 from Mahalo!
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