Friday, April 30, 2010

Last April Friday Fill-in

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I've got a couple of reviews coming up, so soon you'll get to read something besides twitter updates and friday fill-ins. In the meantime, feel free to read the archives if you're bored with twitter and fill-ins.

1. I was skinny and happy once - I wish I could be now.

2. All hell broke loose and I left my book somewhere between here and Poughkeepsie.

3. Why I thought my life wouldn't be as insane and sad as it is is beyond me.

4. A nap in the swing was in my thoughts today.

5. One of my father's favorite sayings was spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full first.

6. The urge to run away and hide from everything and everyone--I know that feeling!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep, tomorrow my plans include the East Texas Men In Harmony concert and Sunday, I want to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring the Carr family here in Mineola!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rolled Canvas Print Winner

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We have a winner! Kelly will get a 16x20 rolled canvas print of a family portrait from like she wished!

Huzzah for wishes coming true!

Go me; go me; go me! Okay, okay - go UPrinting; go UPrinting; go UPrinting!


Congratulations, Kelly!

Sad that you didn't win? Don't worry, just go to and you can order your own custom print!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • @tonbum happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! #

  • getting ready to start work on the concert program; hoping to finish it today #fb #

  • when Mama wraps her hair, it's time to get to work! let's finish this program, kids! #fb #

  • On page 23 of 309 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery #

  • On page 39 of 309 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery #

  • thoroughly enjoying listening to anne of green gables while i work #fb #

  • On page 68 of 309 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery #

  • God bless my Meme and her chocolate meringue pie! #nom #mouthgasm #fb #

  • On page 148 of 309 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery #

  • Jove's Whiskers, i think i may well have finished this bless-ed thing! #fb #

  • After 25 hours, I'm proud to say the program is done and ready to be submitted for approval. #fb #

  • off to catch a bit of sleep before making corrections and tweaks to program to get it ready for printing #fb #

  • woke up hungry to the phone ringing and realizing i'd slept for four hours; time to get to work #fb #

  • Teh Awesome of Today: Just got a Facebok message from the executive producer for @kltv7 about a story #

  • @lsrtx :( well, if it's any comfort, *i'll* never unfriend you! in reply to lsrtx #

  • My favorite users are @marcand @jennybeanses @SlimPerfect ! Perhaps this is love ;) #

  • what shall i promote at this wk? 1st *family-friendly* response gets center column promo now until this friday; ...GO! #

  • @UnfriendStudy answering the study now in reply to UnfriendStudy #

  • "is playin' around at The Creative Alliance" @ #

  • daaaang, i'm tired... #fb #

  • everyone wish a very happy birthday to my beloved friend @Pocahontis today! #

  • what shall i promote at this wk? 1st response gets center column promo now until this friday; ...GO! #

  • House went dead just before I heard the transformer blow; have a feeling we'll be pioneering it for quite a while today #fb #

  • Took a sower (yeah gas h2o heater!); power just came back on #fb #

  • Umm... sHower, I mean #fb #

  • so *nobody* wants a week of free advertising? #

  • one of my children ate my yoplait greek strawberry yogurt that i got free to review; i wanna kill a kid!!! #fb #

  • @loudmouthman yeah, i suppose i could, but *i* wanted to taste it! :( *insert childish harumph here* in reply to loudmouthman #

  • @Percival you're a goon :P in reply to Percival #

  • @MoiSanom you want a link to your Etsy shop? i can use your shop banner - how's that sound? in reply to MoiSanom #

  • @MoiSanom yes, pls - send to crystalarcand at gmail dot com in reply to MoiSanom #

  • @MoiSanom and OMG - Totally Love the mad hatter hat!! in reply to MoiSanom #

  • UGH - i just got peanut butter jelly time rolled by @marcand... *facepalm* #

  • @marcand *headdesk* in reply to marcand #

  • @MoiSanom taa-daaa! in reply to MoiSanom #

  • @marcand come make 'em, buddy :P in reply to marcand #

  • @CoverYourHair just sent my e-mail with crossed fingers and toes! in reply to CoverYourHair #

  • @MoiSanom you're welcome - i'll leave it up until next tuesday afternoon. in reply to MoiSanom #

  • @Pocahontis you're welcome, dear - I love you and wish the very happiest of happy birthdays! in reply to Pocahontis #

  • nap o'clock; hoping i wake up to discover i won a tichel from @CoverYourHair #fb #

  • i DID wake up to discover i won a tichel from @CoverYourHair!! #fb #

  • @Percival - i found the *perfect* iPhone case for you!! #

  • just bought this iphone case for @marcand
    thanks to @etsy for tweeting about the shop! #

  • Teh Awesome of Today: Brandon and Sarah both brought home *Straight A* report cards today! #proudmama #fb #

  • @cksample :'( it sounds like she really likes them, but it's still heartbreaking to see her go... :'( in reply to cksample #

  • Our peach trees are making peaches for the first time!! #fb #

  • @Melzer when are you going to share what your decision is? in reply to Melzer #

  • @GermainLussier - OH MY WORD!! #

  • @Pocahontis i wish i was there to get you one :( in reply to Pocahontis #

  • i'd like to sit and #crochet all evening, but i need to do the MOPS newsletter for tomorrow's meeting #fb #

  • @Melzer you tease! in reply to Melzer #

  • Locals - come help if you can! #fb #

  • putting together gifts for MOPPETS volunteers; will post pix when done #fb #

  • MOPPETS volunteer gifts #fb #

  • The goodies: 2x2 sticky notes & 2 rolls of smarties #fb #

  • @NuttysPB putting an ad in this week's MOPS newsletter - thanks so much for donating a goody basket! #

  • just got some awesome news from a friend that i can't share yet, but let me just say this: *SQUEEEEE* #

  • @marcand i was told via dm, so there :P in reply to marcand #

  • I decorated a watering can for young gardening friend - do you think she'll like it? #fb #

  • Must. Get. Sleep. #fb #

  • @purple_iris777 feeling better this morning? in reply to purple_iris777 #

  • @purple_iris777 doing well - heading off to game day at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) in reply to purple_iris777 #

  • The thank you card from my young gardening friend (she knew she was getting a watering can) #fb #

  • @mamastephf shall i give you directions to bring some over now or tomorrow? ;) in reply to mamastephf #

  • @mamastephf LOL! now, why am i not surprised? ;) in reply to mamastephf #

  • wiped out; going to head in the general direction of the bed #fb #

  • On page 70 of 128 of Attention Deficit Disorder by H. Moghadam #

  • One of the ladies at BreHaHa brought Bethy a cookie; it's as big as her head!! #fb #

  • Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone! My username is '3stairs'. #

  • happy birthday, Shakespeare! 394 doesn't look to bad on you, lol! #

  • off to bed much later than i intended; what else is new? #fb #

  • early meeting with client, then a day in Tyler; hoping to be able to meet up with Janet while there #fb #

  • Missed out on celebrating Shakespeare's b'day by playing Scripture or Shakespeare on @895kvne to win WOF ticket :( #fb #

  • Let's hope I get to in august so I can go to WOF in Dallas and see @sheilawalsh! #fb #

  • @RedHeartYarn i celebrated earth day by green creating - i made a #crochet baby hat - no electricity required! in reply to RedHeartYarn #

  • @GermainLussier happy birthday, old man - welcome to adulthood, lol! #

  • getting ready to head to tyler #fb #

  • Going to listen to more of Anne of green gables on the drive to Tyler -on chapter 24 of 38 #fb #

  • Getting some sweet peach tea for the drive — at Sonic #

  • Lunch with Janet! — at Arbys #

  • Is it sad and geeky that i can name this font (aquiline)? #fb #

  • I'm at Barnes & Noble in Tyler, TX #

  • I'm at Michaels in Tyler, TX #

  • I'm at Burger King in Lindale, TX #

  • nice afternoon in Tyler; got nerdy anniversary gifts for @marcand that he loved - YAY! #fb #

  • @MoiSanom @writingforlife thank you for the #ff love! in reply to MoiSanom #

  • @percivalspawn tell Mummy to get a moisturizing mask and treat the tum! cc: @lauriepercival in reply to percivalspawn #

  • to quote the illustrious @jennybeanses: to the batshower! #

  • On page 224 of 309 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery #

  • I'm at Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mineola, TX #

  • Giant tree felled by storm last night #fb #

  • @korydc yep - you pegged me, lol! in reply to korydc #

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rolled Canvas Prints {Giveaway}

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My mom has a picture of my stepdad in her house that was printed on canvas. I've always been fascinated by painted portraits, but knew that there would never be one in my future since they are so expensive. Now they have Artist Canvas Prints, where they print a photograph on artist's canvas. WOW! I just may get that dream fulfilled yet! has rolled canvas prints in sizes ranging from 8x10 all the way up to 40x60 - that's over 3 feet by 4 feet, ya'll! They can even do custom sizes from 8x8 to 55x100, so you can do your picture up right. Want to know the coolest thing? These things start at only $15! I pay that much for a dinky little picture package for my kids' school pictures!

Okay, I have to admit that's the second-coolest thing. Why? Because the coolest thing is that is giving one 3Stairs reader a 16x20 rolled canvas print with free shipping! See? That is the coolest thing, isn't it? Here's the deets:
(1) 16x20 Rolled Canvas Print
Specifications: 1 Business Day Turnaround
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only. Must be 18 years old and up.

*Mandatory Entry*: Tell us what kind of picture you'd get printed if you win. Will it be a portrait, a great candid shot, or a scenic shot - or maybe even a graphic design? Share your ideas!

Extra Entries:

  • Tweet this giveaway and leave a comment with a link to the tweet. This can be done once each day. Neato trick: just click that link and it will open a new window with the status filled in for you - all you have to do is click update!
    visit @3stairs to win a 16x20 rolled canvas print from @uprinting!

  • Follow me on Twitter and leave a comment letting me know your Twitter user name.

  • Follow UPrinting on Twitter and leave a comment letting me know your Twitter user name.

  • Subscribe to 3Stairs and leave a comment letting me know if you subscribed with RSS or via e-mail.

    By RSS:


  • Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with a link to your post.

  • Add a 3Stairs button to your blog and leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can visit!


I'll let choose a winner on April 27, so get your entries in by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 26!

Disclosure: I will receive a 16x20 rolled canvas print as a thank-you for hosting this giveaway.

I did not receive any other compensation for this giveaway.

Earth Day Friday Fill-in

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Yesterday was Earth Day and next Thursday is Arbor Day. Regardless of your opinions on global warming, environmentalism, and tree hugging, taking care of the earth is important for the simple reason that it's nice to look at a tree every once in a while. If you can, plant a tree. If you can't, hug one instead!

1. Where are my shoes, keys, anything that I need?

2. If wishes were horses I'd be a rancher.

3. I'd like to see Ireland once in my lifetime.

4. When I was a teen, I thought I was crazy - turns out I was right.

5. One of my mother's favorite sayings was "It never hurts to ask - the worst they can do is say no."

6. I'd have a hard time doing without my naps.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed at a decent time, tomorrow my plans include staying dry and Sunday, I want to wish Michael a happy 12th anniversary!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Shawl Giveaway

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I'm a total fan, as you can see by the button over there in the sidebar, so I have to share their latest giveaway with you: Go to their blog and leave a comment telling about your favorite vacation spot for a chance to win a shawl!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • creating and ordering custom plaid checks :D #fb #

  • off to bed - zoo trip tomorrow #fb #

  • I've unfollowed 297 people today using ManageTwitter! (via #

  • if you're following me and i'm not following you back, @ me so i know you're real, please! i'll follow back tomorrow :D #

  • Now sarah's throwing up; got in car to go get meds and discovered blackie sprayed in car #ohjoy #fb #

  • @marcand how are you aiding the lemons? They're getting squished for your lemonade ;p in reply to marcand #

  • Trying to go to sleep after my night up, but I'm hungry; grrr #fb #

  • heartbroken by the news of Mrs Dixie Carter; we have lost a gem; my condolences go out to Mr Holbrook #

  • @Karmacrochet allow yourself to grieve; animals are just as much a part of our lives as humans and deserve our grief in reply to Karmacrochet #

  • @Squeenager btw, HUZZAH for the great report card! in reply to Squeenager #

  • @jennybeanses :( i know how you feel - i've been to sad to write my soapboxes... in reply to jennybeanses #

  • concert program to do this week, so i'm gonna spend today crocheting to rest my eyes #fb #

  • - All wrapped up #fb #

  • I'm at Mineola Elementary in Mineola, TX #

  • getting really tired of being tired all the time; think i'll look into some multi-vitamins next time i'm at the store... #fb #

  • load of clothes dried, another washed & in dryer, another washing; load of dishes washing; tea w/ mint steeping; now program work #fb #

  • @Percival a map to a car? huh? ;) in reply to Percival #

  • I'm at Burger King in Tyler, TX #

  • @marcand Stopped to eat my burger cuz it's too messy to eat and drive #

  • Getting late dinner for @marcand. And funnel cake sticks! Why has no one told me about this?! — at Burger King #

  • O.M.G. - God bless burger king and their funnel cake sticks!!! #fb #

  • K, @marcand - bk meal delivery en route ;) #

  • Teh Awesome of Today: birthday greetings on my facebook wall from @leolaporte! #fb #

  • The fabric flower i made with @stampshacklady tonight #fb #

  • The fabric flower i made with @stampshacklady tonight #fb #

  • @jennybeanses y'know why? cuz it's Scrabble Day!! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @wilw i wanted to *be* Marina Sirtis! in reply to wilw #

  • #want #

  • ok, i gotta go to bed so i can put in a full day tomorrow working on the concert program #fb #

  • @jennybeanses i know, right?! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • happy #scrabbleday ! #

  • ok, here's my twitter birthday wish: @levarburton & @wilw to follow me and tell me happy birthday *crosses fingers* #

  • @jennybeanses no - Scrabble Day IS my birthday! *squee* in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses ooh - linky? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses aww, thank you! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @Slida23 @jeanettemarsh thank you for the birthday wishes! in reply to Slida23 #

  • @johnmierau thank you! in reply to johnmierau #

  • Lunch with @marcand — at Brewhaha #

  • BrewHaHa turkey sandwich = yummo!! #fb #

  • @jsn_chrch thank you! in reply to jsn_chrch #

  • i'd like to wish a very special happy #scrabble day to @FakeErinMcKean - you rock! #

  • I'm at Mineola Primary in Mineola, TX #

  • Buses mean I get #crochet while I sit in line #fb — at Mineola Elementary #

  • Library day - my favorite geekday! — at Mineola Memorial Library #

  • Pjs on and hair wrapped; time to put on the headphones and get to work #fb #

  • starting with some bellydance music to work to... #

  • still hoping for birthday tweets from @levarburton and @wilw - 3.5 hours left for dreams to come true! #

  • still doing schematics on program; next time at an event, take a moment to appreciate the hrs of work in those books in the trash #fb #

  • @Melzer thank you! in reply to Melzer #

  • finally getting a groove on the program work; things should progress fairly quickly tomorrow #fb #

  • gotta go to bed; so tired, but my brain hasn't settled down from working yet... #fb #

  • I'm at Mineola Elementary in Mineola, TX #

  • I'm at Mineola Primary in Mineola, TX #

  • I'm at Wal-Mart in Mineola, TX #

  • starting in on program work - hoping to get a good 2 hours in before i pick bethy up from playschool #fb #

  • I'm at First Baptist Church in Mineola, TX #

  • Toddler story time with Bethy — at Mineola Memorial Library #

  • @MineolaTXLib books - yummo! in reply to MineolaTXLib #

  • so stinkin' tired; debating whether to take a nap or force work and make my eyes hurt... #fb #

  • worked a little more; now to go crash for a bit... #fb #

  • Dropping Bethy off for His Kids — at FUMC Ministries Center #

  • @gowalla how do we find out who's on the ste for our area? #

  • Made dinner for about five bucks #home #fb #

  • Finished this pink/purple lovey while watching ST:TNG on dvr w/ @marcand; now back to program work #fb #

  • listening to pandora plain white t's 1234 station while i'm working - really enjoying it #fb #

  • on a business note, if you want your business card in a program, make sure it's not crap! #

  • checking out @venmo after being invited by @mwsmedia; looks interesting #

  • taking a break because my eyes are killing me; thinking i'll go to bed and finish tomorrow; it's gonna be a loooong day #fb #

  • Win the Cricut Expression at 24/7 MOMS #247moms @provocraft #

  • going to go pass out now #fb #

  • @IT_Scooter it's still underway... in reply to IT_Scooter #

  • ...and it's back to work... #

  • @marcand has been running crazy doing my mom job for me since i'm doing client work; gotta find a way to make it up to him; ideas? #fb #

  • taking a break to eat; crap quality of ad fodder driving me crazy; pulling miracles right and left #fb #

  • an hour's catnip, pick up the kids, get back to work #fb #

  • My rose bush is blooming; isn't it gorgeous?! #fb #

  • Rose just opening #fb #

  • Rose at the peak of perfection #fb #

  • Rose full of glory #fb #

  • new @ My Book Bliss: Crystal Arcand wants you to join Venmo: We're excited to let you know that Venmo is opening u... #

  • Washcloth in @redheartyarn aspen print #fb #

  • shower and bed #fb #

  • I'm at Mineola Elementary in Mineola, TX #

  • I'm at Mineola Primary in Mineola, TX #

  • 16 @Sizzix_US pillow boxes cut out for MOPS volunteer gifts; now to figure out what to put in them... #fb #

  • #FF @Melzer @jennybeanses @squeenage - funny family with two horror writers and a teenager list: #

  • @jennybeanses oooh - whatcha listening to? i love gaelic! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses ooh, i have lady of shallot, too - it *is* awesome, isn't it? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses ooh - mummy has a new exploring to do! - thanks! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • head = ow #fb #

  • Storytime - @marcand reading Winnie the Pooh to the kids on his #iPad #fb #

  • @Melzer inn't it, though?! ;) in reply to Melzer #

  • just got all up in the wires on pc cuz kb quit; moved printer, rearranged, & fixed monitor while in it; So Freakin' Proud of myself! #fb #

  • not gonna lie - hurts that mom *and* meme forgot my birthday; time to eat a piece of make-up chocolate meringue pie #

  • going to bed so maybe i can finish the program tomorrow #fb #

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Week Friday Fill-in

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=""]



My birthday was Tuesday this week. I am 34 now. Part of me realizes I'm getting older, but I'm not really bothered by it. I regret my lack of fitness and energy more than anything, but that can be changed. I'd like to think that I'm growing more and more comfortable with myself as I get older and embracing the experience and wisdom I'm gaining.

If I'm wrong, just tell me so I can stick my tongue out at you!

1. I'd like to teach the world to sing - in perfect har-mo-ny!

2. One of my most favorite romantic memories is kissing Michael for the first time (on the cheek) after he bought me Tyler roses for the first time.

3. Last night, I had a Sonic burger and fries for dinner.

4. Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

5. Can we get rid of all this clutter in my house now?

6. One of my worst temptations is buying stuff on salea good deal is hard to resist!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a "date" with my hubby watching tv, tomorrow my plans include church and potluck and Sunday, I want to wish my dear friend Toni a happy birthday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • disgusted and can't do anything about it #fb #

  • contemplating pseudonyms #

  • y'know what? it's NOT a happy easter - it's really freakin' crappy! #fb #

  • @jennybeanses' fault >> My Twitter account is worth $327! What's yours worth? #

  • I'm at Mineola Chamber Of Commerce in Mineola, TX #

  • - Look who's feeling better! #fb #

  • @reflective sounds like my kind of homeschool! in reply to reflective #

  • - Sarah doing her reading homework with Bethy #fb #

  • wow, yard being mowed and i feel the allergy headache descending; time to take meds.. #fb #

  • @lauriepercival find some Broncolin if you can - honey-based, all-natural, and safe for @percivalspawn; works wonders for me at night in reply to lauriepercival #

  • being mean mom and making the kids help with trash and dishes; need to correct the mistake of not training; brandon's not happy #fb #

  • @marcand :P in reply to marcand #

  • heading to bed so i won't be completely zombiefied for muffins with mom at sarah's school in the morning #fb #

  • - Muffins with Mom at Sarah's school #fb #

  • home from muffins & book fair w/ sarah - almost bought fix it & forget it: 5 ing favs but opted to look for fi&fi diabetic instead #fb #

  • just bought my April box from @SamplerBoxes! *squee* #fb #

  • - I guess she wasn't quite ready to get up this morning... #fb #

  • @HooverClean I entered to win a FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus @OutnumberedMama #

  • i'm thinking if i want a nap today i ought to go lie down while bethy is sleeping now... #fb #

  • @jennybeanses *swoon* really??? do you have a camera on that phone??? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @wisekaren huzzah for you! in reply to wisekaren #

  • Played the @hunch twitter predictor game at -- it guessed right 89% #

  • @kristinsample give him some baby tylenol when you get to the dr's office - it should take effect by the time the actual shots happen in reply to kristinsample #

  • @kristinsample also, hold him while he gets the shots so that you can look into his eyes - it'll break your heart, but calm him in reply to kristinsample #

  • @wilw or: How To Get Famous On Twitter Without A Twitter Account in reply to wilw #

  • love reading @johncusack's stream - whether you agree w/ him or not, it's nice to see someone famous *thinking* & not being superfluous #

  • @CoverYourHair YAY! in reply to CoverYourHair #

  • sixlets are made of crack, y'all #fb #

  • just when i thought i was going to bed i realized i hadn't done the MOPS newsletter; glad i got that done! #mommybrainstrikesagain #fb #

  • i guess i should go to be now, huh? #fb #

  • Listening to 5th District State Rep Bryan Hughes at MOPS #fb — at First United Methodist Chirch Ministries Center #

  • - Bryan Hughes enjoying breakfast with Mineola MOPS #fb #

  • Awesome to hear a government official openly discuss God as the originator of the rights to life, liberty, & pursuit of happiness #fb #

  • Impressed with how well Rep Hughes knows his state and national history #fb #

  • home from MOPS; eating some protein to offset the carb/sugar fest this morning #fb #

  • @jennybeanses like owner, like dog? ;) in reply to jennybeanses #

  • it's mind-blowing, but in a good way: #iStock10 #

  • how awesome would it be to win a 32G iPad from @iStock for #iStock10 Very Incredibly! *crosses everything* #

  • it's the @iStock party you can really get in to - #iStock10 #

  • ugh, i feel like crap - i hate allergies #fb #

  • @iStock my birthday is 13 April - can I have a 32G iPad for my birthday from #iStock10 pretty please? in reply to iStock #

  • @iStock Before iStockphoto there were cave drawings that @marcand and i decided were really just cave kids drawing on the walls #iStock10 in reply to iStock #

  • ANY one Hair Accessoiry FREE Giveaway from @coveryourhair! #

  • @iStock makes me feel all pixely #iStock10 in reply to iStock #

  • @iStock how to stay awake for #iStock10 contest? what? it's not normal to stay awake for 24 hours at a time? hmmm... news to me! in reply to iStock #

  • @iStock me, me, me!!! please, please, please!!! (already sent in entry - just begging now) #istock10 #istock10 #istock10 in reply to iStock #

  • just created my very first custom ringtone and totally proud of myself!! #fb #

  • @marcand aww! thank you!!! in reply to marcand #

  • it's colder in my house than outside, which would be good if i actually wanted it that way; glad to have heater at my feet #fb #

  • - Warm tea for me this morning, thank you! #

  • enter to win the new cricut cake from @theDIYdish and @provocraft! #

  • @marcand not after yesterday, but they did it a few days ago and it looked horrible - not sure if what you saw was that or new "clean" in reply to marcand #

  • So Want! #yarn #

  • - @tomsshoes Naked feets for ODWS! The ground is cold! #hardwithoutshoes #

  • - @tomsshoes bootsies is supporting ODWS too! #hardwithoutshoes #

  • - Bethy & me sans shoes for ODWS #hardwithoutshoes #

  • @lalawag me and @marcand and bethy are! #ODWS #hardwithoutshoes in reply to lalawag #

  • going to work on the "read in bed" portion of the @MineolaTXLib spring reading challenge before our nap #

  • Picking Sarah up — at Mineola Primary #

  • Picking Brandon up — at Mineola Elementary #

  • @cksample how do you recommend finding free/reduced apps? is there an app or blog that you recommend? #

  • #iphone poll: what's the best free shopping list app? #

  • i just want to listen to a freakin' audiobook short story while i work - why can't this be easy?! #

  • egad, but this is tedious! #

  • a grin as i hear @neilhimself use "huzzah" in "a study in emerald" - thoroughly enjoying! #

  • 5 of 5 stars to A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman #

  • must to bed; much work to be done tomorrow, and i wanted to go to tyler #fb #

  • good god, i'm tired! #fb #

  • @IT_Scooter yeah, after the third night of 3-4 hours of sleep in reply to IT_Scooter #

  • @IT_Scooter a stubborn child and lack of common sense ;P in reply to IT_Scooter #

  • Eden's Bouquet $75 GC worldwide #giveaway @MrsCox :: :: RT Daily Ends 4/28 #

  • nap o'clock is upon us, boys and girls #fb #

  • @Karmacrochet so sorry for the loss of your beloved Jessie in reply to Karmacrochet #

  • @MineolaTXLib I took "Which Crazy Writer Are You?" and got: J.D. Salinger! in reply to MineolaTXLib #

  • @wisekaren here i come to save the night! lol in reply to wisekaren #

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Review: A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

I began today to read for my local library's (Mineola Memorial LibrarySpring Reading Challenge. Being the gadget-bound nerd I am, I began by reading children's books to my daughter from my iPhone, then continued by listening to an audio book on it. Here, my GoodReads review of the audio book I enjoyed tonight.


A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A thoroughly enjoyable short story told by "a friend" of Holmes. Gaiman perfectly captures the elite observational skills of the detective and manages to throw in several surprises despite the shortness of the story.

View all my reviews >>

As further information, I came to know of Gaiman via Twitter, when I saw someone else post about the eminent demise of his beloved cat Zoe. It is sad, I know, that I wasn't aware of him being the writer of Coraline (I haven't seen it, though Michael and the children watched part of it today, oddly enough). I had been thinking of listening to Coraline or Stardust because I had chosen him as the author whose initials are in the word spring (NG), but when I read the description of A Study in Emerald, I knew it was the book for which I was looking. After this first taste, I can assure you I will be remedying my sad lack of Gaiman reading forthwith!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April Out of the Box Sampler Winner!

[caption id="attachment_4011" align="alignleft" width="150" caption=""]



Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner from the Out of the Box Sampler review and giveaway!

Have you been waiting on pins and needles? Holding your breath? Wringing your hands? Well, wait, hold, and wring no more - we are ready to announce the winner of the April Out of the Box Sampler!

Okay, I just have to say this...
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Don't ask why. I have no idea. It was just stuck in my head and if I didn't get it out it was going to make my brain explode.


Anyway, now back to our regularly-scheduled announcement: Our handy-dandy random number generator chose comment number 37:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="125" caption=" "]



Jennifer from Giveaways and More! is the lucky winner of this giveaway! I've sent her an e-mail notifying her of her glorious victory. Ok, grandiose luck. At any rate, she has 48 hours to respond before I'm forced to choose another person with even grandioser luck. I know it's not a word. I don't care.

Bummed that you didn't win? Don't fret - the April sampler boxes go on sale tomorrow, April 6! Just click on that button right down there and it'll take you right to the ordering page.

[caption id="attachment_4090" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="April boxes go on sale Tuesday, April 6!"]



Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • i'll be enjoying some #crochet during #earthhour #fb #

  • the nick kids' choice awards are on my tv #helpme #fb #

  • @GermainLussier that's why i said it's on my tv - haven't been watching - daughter turned on 10 min ago; hearing makes my brain hurt! in reply to GermainLussier #

  • @GermainLussier can i write about how much it hurts? or the goofiness of tweens' tastes? in reply to GermainLussier #

  • shutting down for #earthhour #fb #

  • made a cuff during #earthhour look for #etsy listing coming soon - proceeds to go to @wwf #fb #

  • the #etsy listing, as promised: Earth Hour Cuff or Cozy - WWF Fundraiser cc: @wwf #

  • @lauriepercival welcome to nesting! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • shutting down and heading in the general direction of the bed #fb #

  • allergies have me feeling like crud; putting together the shopping list so i can head out and get it done #fb #

  • @korydc thanks in reply to korydc #

  • shopping done and things put away; eating from a ginormous bowl of seasonal fruit to up the vitamin intake #fb #

  • @jennybeanses i keep thinking of setting up a secondary account with a pseudonym so i can really let loose... in reply to jennybeanses #

  • Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone! My username is '3stairs'. #

  • WWF Fundraiser Earth Hour Cuff or Cozy by 3stairs on Etsy #

  • @jennybeanses i didn't like it at first, either, because i tend to be a purist, but now i really like - can't wait for season 3 in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @jennybeanses exactly in reply to jennybeanses #

  • really tired and still feel crappy; thinking i'll be going to bed soon... #fb #

  • can't stop coughing; want to spend the day in bed... #fb #

  • got my stampin' up big shot today - makin' clippies! #fb #

  • thinking it's past my bedtime... #fb #

  • @jennybeanses i think that's a prerequisite to being on the show... in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @GermainLussier i'd totally take the blind side to review! in reply to GermainLussier #

  • anxious about my writing future... #fb #

  • @marcand surprised me with strawberry shortcake; foodie love FTW!! #fb #

  • Watching history channel show about the Bible code; my takeaway: Bible = big word find book *eyeroll* #fb #

  • oh crap! is that really the time??? crap, crap, crap - i gotta go to bed! #fb #

  • pastor (Mike Sulen) was in a motorcycle accident last night; in ICU w/ bruised spleen but no broken bones; please pray for him #fb #

  • fyi: four hours is not enough sleep #fb #

  • Enjoying toddler story time — at Mineola Memorial Library #

  • Bethy loves toddler story time at @MineolaTXLib #

  • kids brought fistfuls of flowers from the yard in; my head is now killing me... #lovehurts #fb #

  • Meeting with worship committee to revamp worship service — at Seventh-day Adventist Church #

  • Get out of a church meeting and want a cigarette - gee, think something's wrong here? #

  • went for a drive; now making myself sick eating cold leftover garlic bread followed by swiss cake rolls #weirdstresshabits #fb #

  • FBC Playschool Easter egg hunt — at Mineola Nature Preserve #

  • - Vulcan bunny!! #

  • - Vulcan bunny on Bethy's egg hunt bag #fb #

  • - Heading home #fb #

  • - If i can't have the lap, i'll take the leg #

  • hot water therapy for the arthritic leg and bed... #fb #

  • Woke up with a headache, oh joy... #fb #

  • it's World Autism Day - support families living Autism and learn about it if you don't know anyone with it #fb #

  • Rolling skeins of yarn into balls while watching classic cartoons #fb #

  • bethy started throwing up just a bit ago; prayers appreciated #fb #

  • @Getalonghome thanks in reply to Getalonghome #

  • bethy's continued to throw up every few minutes and is down to bile; please pray for my poor baby; bless her heart, she's so sad... #fb #

  • bethy finally stopped vomiting & slept a bit on couch; just woke up & is sitting w/ @marcand; please pray for sleep & no more vomiting #fb #

  • @marcand yeah right - not with @cksample around, lol! in reply to marcand #

  • At church early to test praise cd — at Seventh-day Adventist Church #

  • cd worked fine; new worship order went pretty smoothly for first week; came home and doused house in lysol; now for lunch and nap #fb #

  • @cksample sorry to hear of your loss - "not unexpected" or not :( in reply to cksample #

  • crochet group at @MineolaTXLib at 2 this afternoon; man, wanna go, but feel like i shouldn't leave @marcand with bethy sick... #

  • my fav food: lean cuisine sweet and sour chicken mixed with lean cuisine chicken fried rice #yummo #fb #

  • woke up from my nap before i wanted to because i couldn't stop coughing; took meds; wondering if i can go back to sleep... #fb #

  • oh sure, go ahead - ask me anything #

  • going to watch dr who with @marcand while i ball some more yarn #fb #

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