Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Entrepreneur’s Ingenious ‘Posture Apparel’ is No Slouch

UpCouture, the world's first patented anti-slouching, posture-promoting shirt line, launches in the U.S.; Revolutionary apparel improves personal image and appeal, outside perceptions and overall presence at work and play
While poor posture is long-proven to cause a litany of adverse medical issues, one less tangible yet critical aspect is often overlooked: our personal image. Just look around any public venue and you’ll notice that nearly everyone tends to slouch, making them far less alluring and seemingly less confident than if they were simply sitting up straight. Indeed, those with good posture exude a greater air of elegance, self-assurance, poise and, in a work environment, professionalism and a stronger presence overall.  Executive stylist and fashion mogul, Monica Barnett, CEO of Blueprint for Style, notes, “Like a strong handshake and quality attire, posture impacts the overall impression others have in you and can help or hinder how you are perceived.”  With these and other benefits of maintaining good posture well in mind, Parisian clothing company UpCouture has developed the “Up T-Shirt”—a revolutionary, fashion-forward line of women’s and men’s posture stabilizing shirts that are as sophisticated as they are salutary.

As the world's first anti-slouching shirt, UpCouture’s innovative Up Shirt is a modern, chic and stylish improvement over posture-promoting garments of yore, including back braces, corsets, vests and other tops that marginally address society’s enduring droop. However, the Up Shirt takes posture apparel to a whole new level. 

Thanks to a pioneering patented active mechanism, extra-thin elastic film built in-between organic cotton layers within the Up Shirt comfortably and gently pushes and maintains the shoulders in a straight position. The effect is more aesthetically pleasing, making the wearer look more composed andeven slimmer.

The Up Shirt is a marvel of ingenious action melded with modern textile technology and leading edge fashion practices. The extra-thin configuration of elastic bands that are sewn and bonded into the garment proffer the optimal level of pressure, which makes the t-shirt less comfortable to wear when slouching than when maintaining good posture. The shirt doesn’t actually force the wearer's posture into position, which would weaken his or her back muscles, but rather uses an optimal level of pressure to redirect the wearer’s shoulders into the right position when they leave their correct alignment. In addition, Up Shirts employ a particularly resilie nt and high quality form of elastic resistance that encourages better posture without degrading over time. And, the Up Shirt gets even more comfortable as the posture improves. All of this as the rest of the ethically respectful and environment friendly t-shirt’s 92% organic cotton makeup ensures a soft and flexible fit. In fact, Up Shirts have earned a GOTS certificate ensuring ethical and organic production standards for the cotton, itself, are adhered to. As fashionable as they are functional, the Up Shirts are available in a range of styles and colors for both women and men.

The Up Shirt line is the brainchild of lawyer Neda Naef, CEO of UpCouture, who was working most of the day at the computer and longed for a more empowering posture. Naef never had any back problems or pains, but was concerned about the non-aesthetic appearance caused by her slouching. Naef was a fitness enthusiast and in great physical shape, so she felt that if she herself had trouble maintaining good posture through the day, then a great number of other people probably have the problem. In fact, Naef noticed that bad posture was rampant throughout society.

“Whether people are sitting at the computer or using their handheld devices, standing at the bus stop, or simply moving through a day's routine, most have poor posture—some to an extent that seems debilitating and most certainly does not enhance their appeal or attractiveness.” Naef notes.

In attempting to solve the problem, Naef found devices that would either uncomfortably and inefficiently compress the torso, or just have no effect at all. She began studying the physiological mechanisms that promote optimal posture and, with that knowledge, she began a lengthy R&D process to facilitate those mechanisms through an elastic resistance, activated by the natural movement of one’s arms. Once perfected, the unique double-8 mechanism of elastic resistance she created was then merged with beautiful fashions that would resonate with today’s style savvy marketplace. The result is the ground-breaking Up Shirt line that has amassed devotees around the globe. In fact, UpCouture’s proprietary mechanism has been acknowledged as being completely new, having been accepted for international patent without any restriction. Learn more about UpCouture’s manufacturing process here.

"Rather than focusing on what are valid medical and health benefits of good posture, our goal is to offer beautiful, fashion-forward garments that not only foster a feeling of wellness the entire length of time it’s worn, but also enhance the wearer’s presence, presentation and manner in a way no other piece of apparel can achieve. Back, neck and shoulder pain, or the lack thereof, aside, every adult needs to strive to maintain good posture. The Up Shirt is truly a unique fashion fix."

Learn more about UpCouture's anti-slouching Up Shirts online at www.UpCouture.com.
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