Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Closet Teacher Wannabe

I have a confession to make:? I'm a teacher wannabe.? I love schools.? I loved them when I was in them.? I love them more now.? Especially primary schools - the miniature tables and chairs, the posters everywhere, and the bulletin boards - oh, how I love the bulletin boards!!?

I've always wondered where schools get those cool chairs, the wonderful cubbies and closets, and those awesome book pyramids.? Now I know!? The non-credentialed, closet teachers can now deck out their homes with school furniture!? Find everything from activity tables?and entry organizers that look like they were made for homes to a leather wastebasket and a really comfy-looking bed wedge (don't ask me why it's school furniture - it just is and it's just cool!).

Look out, world!?School Furniture?isn't just for teachers anymore!

Watch Your Step

Okay, so reading my blog is like tiptoeing through some really weird booby-trapped minefield.? One post has nothing to do with the one before it, or the next one...and that was before I discovered PayPerPost.? One would think that it was a condition particular to my blog, but spend 5 minutes with me and the frightening ephiphany hits:? This woman is always like this!? It's true - you're lucky if I say three sentences in a row that are actually a continuation of one thought.

Welcome to my world...

Take a Webride

Ever want someone to check out some of your favorite websites, but didn't want to just send a random list of links in an e-mail?? How 'bout commenting on why you like the sites in your list????Take your friends, family, and complete strangers on a webride.?

Wanna take a great (albeit short) webride on?attachment parenting?? Check out Baby A-Go-Go, my?new webride a la Trail Fire.? It's a new plug-in that allows you to mark your favorite websites with comments, then send users on a guided tour of your making.? With a few simple clicks while visiting the sites you love anyway, you've created what Trail Fire?calls a trail, and what I've dubbed as a webride.?

Make one out of your favorite sites, or make a research journey.? I can see this as a great tool for education - instructors can send students on a virtual field trip.? It's got implications for students upwards of 4th or 5th grade, homeschoolers, unschoolers, and?university students.? Employers can send employees on a webride to get ideas for projects, stake out the competition, or compare supply companies.?

The possibilities are really endless, and with its ease of use and accessibility, it's no wonder it's called Trail Fire.

Prince Comfy

"I want a thousand million blankets.? I like them because they make me comfortable."

-Brandon, age 6, telling me why he wants me to make him yet another blanket.

Be a Pro Without Being a Pro

So yes, I can edit blog templates.? I am a web designer, after all.? But I remember the "good old days" when I didn't have a clue.? I knew I wanted my stuff to look cool like all the other stuff out there, but I didn't have the foggiest notion of how to make it look like that.? So I fell into the pit of coding.? Granted, I think the pit's just fine now, but I realize others may not be so inclined.? With today's blogging phenomenon, I'm sure a lot of you want a cool looking blog...but don't have the time to learn cascading style sheets. the rescue!? I had a blog set up in literally 5 minutes, including waiting for the activation e-mail.? Yes, it's a cheesy school spirit blog.? You must consider the cheesy source for that decision.? The non-cheesy folks at templates to choose from, or you can just choose a basic set-up and change colors by pointing and clicking on boxes of color.? Upload pictures, logos,?and files; make lists of links, blogrolls, categories - it's got it all.? Perfect for mommified brains like mine.

The result?? A professional-looking blog without actually being a professional.

Doncha wish it could all be that easy?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Headbanger Bunny

Bethany's trying to give "bunny kisses" (also known as Eskimo kisses) now.? I'll rub her little nose with mine and she'll light up.? Then she tries to do it: first a little shake of the head, then she rears back and attempts to headbutt me, grinning the whole time.

Talk about tough love.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


As I've mentioned, I have an eBay habit. I've gotten a travel system, two car seats, a sewing machine, a serger, and countless other treasures there. Recently, I've missed the end of several auctions. UGH!

To quote Madame Blueberry, "No more!"

My new shopping buddy, an automatic eBay bidder, is an eBayer's dream. Import auctions and messages from My eBay, and even search and bid without even opening the eBay site! The coolest thing? No spyware. It's like having my own personal assistant that does nothing but eBay for cool is that?

Oh, and check this out - auto bidding groups. Watching several auctions for the same item? This automatic eBay bidder will automatically bid for you and follow your directions to bid or not bid on following auctions in the group based on whether or not you won the first one. Ai, Mami, I think I'm in love!!! This is perfect for all those auctions I'm watching for Blue's Clues videos (Sarah's on an obsession).

There's a planner that automatically enters the auction ends for you, and you can even see how many postives the seller has! Check out the to-do list (get a life) and the calendar - auction dates are marked so you know if one's coming up at a glance.

Oh yeah, Mommy's going shopping!

Hero Worship

"It's a plane; it's a bird; it's a Super Box Top!"

Brandon, age 6


Check it out at and join the Booster club at Sign up to support Mineola Primary School in Mineola, Texas?and we'll be your best friend!

Love on the Rocks

So I watched "The Wedding Date" tonight (good movie, by the by) and got to thinking about different kinds of weddings.? I got married in my mom's backyard under the tree.? Michael and I once went to a wedding at a conservation park.? My uncle in Florida got married overlooking the beach.? I just saw pictures the other day of an underwater wedding - who knew those existed?!

Being a theme nut, I like to think of ways to incorporate the theme in clever ways.? I pictured for a beach wedding tying tiny little sand dollars?onto the ribbons of the bouquets and sprinkling them on tables like confetti with a little bit of sand along the middle of the table.? If the bride is crafty, she could make (or if not, commission) charm bracelets for the ladies of the bridal party with sand dollars?dangling from them.? Ooh - what if you froze (clean) sand dollars?in ice for the punch bowl?

Well, you see what I mean...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Level Master

So Brandon's on a game kick and runs around the house talking about playing "The Game" and what level he's on now.? Don't ask me what "The Game" is or to describe the object of it....I'm not sure he knows.? I think it might be a combination of video games and his Leapster games.

Well now we can add a new dimension of levels.? Brandon's teacher was testing the students individually this week on their reading skills.? I learned that the average first-grader is somewhere between levels 3 and 6.? Brandon breezed past those, and since she knows him (we attend the same church), she decided to experiment and see how far he could get before he got frustrated.?

Are you ready for this?

22!? She said she made him stop after the first page, even though he actually wanted to try to finish the story!

I asked her what level she was going to start him on, and she said 16 because there's another child in the class at about that level and she wants him to have a reading partner like the rest of the class.? She also said that the stories are "easier to digest," since I'm not sure that his comprehension is at the same level as his basic reading ability.??Based on what she said, though, it sounds like he could probably be at a level 20 or 21.

I knew the kid's smart, but wowza!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comfort, STAT

Scrubs?have gotten so popular for their comfort and durability that it's no longer taboo for non-medical personnel to wear them.? Hallelujah!? There's a teacher's aide at Brandon's school that wears them everyday and I'd bet she's the most comfortable person there by far.? It's about time mothers learn about the dress of those other 'round-the-clock workers and slip into some scrubs.?

You can wear solid colors (think school spirit), prints (florals, butterflies, geometric shapes, etc.), or your favorite characters.? Even the classics like Joe Cool, the Peanuts gang, and Betty Boop are available.? You can get 100% cotton, or a blend; pockets or no; long sleeves or short - heck, go for raglan!? They even have jackets and tops that don't even look like scrubs!? And prices?? How about a simple v-neck top with two patch pockets and a matching pair of cargo pants with the all-important elastic waist for less than 34 dollars - shipped!

I foresee that much as the apron was the uniform du jour of mothers in the 50's, scrubs will be the new modus vestitus for moms.

Get me some scrubs, STAT!

Rabid Reader

Brandon brought home his first reading assignment today.? He was to read pages 5-21 (the first four pages are the contents and publisher information)?of?this?phonics practice?reader that has no more than?4 words per page.

He read the entire 108-page book.? This kid reads the King James Version of the Bible.? If he can see words, he's reading them - correctly.? He read the word "registration" the other day.? The kid just turned six!

Forget The Cat in the Hat, bring on The Indian in the Cupboard!

The "Crack" is In!

For years, chiropractors have gotten a bad rap.? Often referred to as quacks, new-agers, and fake doctors, they've settled for helping hippies and those who didn't have insurance to go see a "real" doctor.? They kept hope alive that one day, we'd see the light...

The times they are a-changin'.

Now, physical therapy in New York (the "it" spot for up-and-coming medicine) includes Chiropractic as a matter of course.? Your chiropractor now holds the credibility and authority that once belonged only to MDs and dentists.? Ringing in the ears?? You could just as easily be treated by a chiropractor as an MD.? For me, I chose chiropractic and have realized a great improvement - all without inundating my body with chemicals and risking side effects (not to mention worrying about nursing the baby with that stuff in my system).? For the chemical- and needle-phobic, the crack of the chiropractor's adjustment is the hottest thing going.

I've always suffered from headaches that can stop me in my tracks for the rest of the day.? Now, they're a reminder to visit my chiropractor.? I wait for those luscious cracks as he adjusts the vertabrae in my upper neck that were damaged years ago in a car accident.? That "crack" has got it!? Within an hour, I'm good as new.? Now lest you be frightened of the aural experience, not every adjustment is accompanied by an audible crack or pop.? It just so happens that mine is so gloriously equipped.

And never fear that Chiropractic is akin to the massage of yesteryear - children and even newborns can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic just as they can massage.? Little Johnny gets earaches frequently, but you hate the idea of wait-and-see, let alone antibiotics?? Every time my children complain of earaches, we immediately go see "Dr. Johnny" (he's become a family friend that the kids adore).? Usually, no further treatment is needed beyond a little pain reliever for a day or two.? Not too shabby for a fun-filled trip to the chiropractor's office and "ride" on the reclining table.? I'll take it over the tantrum from the idea of the possibility of getting a shot at the "regular" doctor's office any day.

?Wouldn't you?


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nocturnal Comfort Mechanism

No matter how often I nurse Bethy during the day, or how much food I feed her just before bed, she awakens three times between the hours of 10pm and 5am to nurse.

Is she really hungry?? At 9 months, I doubt it.

Do I desparately want sleep?? Of course.

Why haven't I taken charge of the situation?? I'm too much of a goober over snuggling that little booger while she derives her satisfaction and comfort from the only person on Earth that can give it to her.

Sleep for ego boost?? Sounds like a fair trade to me. least until November 11.

Selling My Sole

Personally, I like PayPerPost. My husband's already made a pretty penny, and I'm selling my sole for my own money. I need something to support my eBay habit!

Take that, TechCrunch!

Consumer Generated Advertising




Monday, August 21, 2006


It's official: I'm a freak.? I stopped complete strangers in the middle of the store today and told them about the Box Tops for Education program because I saw them pick up a Box Tops product.? I encouraged them to go to and sign up to become Booster club members and told them that it would get them recipes, coupons, and money for our school.

The sad part?? They're expecting their first?child in October...

? started before today, though - here's a preview of the signature in all my e-mails:

God loves YOU - Jeremiah 31:3

Crystal Arcand

Support Mineola Primary School in Mineola, Texas at!

Revealing Tattoos

There are some that feel that only they should be paid to review consumer products and services and that bloggers are ?selling their souls? to PayPerPost.

Hey, guess what??I Get Paid to Blog.

Know what else?

Snobs should be careful what pictures and opinions they post?

Cruel Irony

The "safety feature" on my van that's supposed to keep you from getting locked out locked me out today....

Talk about the cruel irony of 10-year-old cars.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

House Ho-hums

Ever get bored looking at your house?? I do on a regular basis, but when your brain is mommified, coming up with ideas is hard.? Enter Home Improvement Ideas.??This guy's got ideas for everything from backyards and bathrooms to vacation homes and windows.?

Okay, so who has time to take care of kids and a vacation home??

But Home Improvement Ideas?does save you some time from doing all the research yourself.? With new ideas posted daily, you're bound to find something that sparks your interest within a few days.?

Sure, some of them are outrageous, but the Tree Coat Rack?gives your brain a boost of creative-juice-flow for coming up with your own ideas.? Then again, the Sports Gear Holder?looks to be a great deal, and the Lady Bug Shower Hooks are just plain adorable (there are more styles to choose from the post tells us).

For the mommified homeowner, there's a whole category of tips.? And for the wallets that can't afford bad judgement calls, check out the reviews category.? All in all, Home Improvement Ideas?is just that - ideas, resources, tips, and reviews in one handy blog.

Now, where's the babysitter so I can drool for a few hours?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A New Definition of Favorite

"All the foods that taste good to me are my favorites."

- Brandon, age 6

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New Child

I have a new child - he gets green dots at school (his teacher's words were, "model student"); stays dry all day; and gets ready in the morning without me yelling, "let's go!" every 5 minutes.? Is it the clocks I put on the bulletin board telling him what he needs to do when?? Is it that he knows his teacher from church?? Is it an overnight burst in maturity?? Is it that he's in first grade now, so it's time to be big?

I may never know the answer....but WHO CARES??!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sleep Fairy

How do my children have the ability to bounce at 6am?? I have a theory that a sleep fairy visits them overnight and imparts some mystical energy that's impervious to lack of daylight...or maybe it's strengthened by it.

Whatever it is, can I have some, too?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Debatable Dining

Brandon went to spend the night with a friend Saturday night.? While discussing the visit, we were informed that they had chocolate cake for dinner.? We asked what they had for breakfast before he came home, and was he sure he didn't have anything besides cake for dinner.? His response?

?"Just awfuls!"
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