Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Swap-bot: Digital Photo Email Scavenger Hunt - December

Swap-bot username: 3stairs

1 - Some kind of ticket (clothing, speeding,meal, movie...)
A ticket to an Irish music and dance (Michael Londra) concert held at a local university. I had a grand time and learned my first Irish phrase. :)

2 - Something with 4 legs
Our last surviving cat, Spot. She has become much more affectionate towards me since we lost our Bootsie. I think she misses him. 

3 - Something with at least 2 compartments
My medicine box - and I've taken my meds every day this week - go me!

4 - Something with a buckle
The buckle on my youngest child's booster seat that attaches it to a chair

5 - Something decadent
My first pair of chandelier earrings - totally not my usual style!

6 - A wrapped package
My gift to my husband - it's taking a lot for me to not give it to him early!

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