Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • forgot to tell sarah about pg women being sensitive to smells; woke up to nail polish fumes; ugh #fb #

  • saw an ad that said "Come to ***, where breastfeeding moms are supported." Are formula moms supported, too? #stopthemommywar #fb #

  • i'm a breastfeeding mom, but formula moms need support, too - probably more 'cuz of the judgmental nursing moms #stopthemommywar #fb #

  • @mamastephf hugs, dear Steph; lovely pic; sending happy thoughts your way #

  • brakes - $20; listening to @marcand and brandon talk while he works on the car - priceless (even if it only lasted a minute) #fb #

  • Let's play Words With Friends. My username is '3stairs'. #

  • 10yo is brushing his teeth with soap - Mama is tired of his filthy mouth #fb #

  • @jennybeanses cool - thank you! #

  • It seems that every time I lie down I get hungry *sigh* #fb #

  • oof - the yogurt i had this morning is not liking me; time to go lie down and convince my stomach not to hurl #

  • Sarah found out she reached her Girl Scout cookie sales goal #

  • @hschoolmom yeppers - i'm due in late august :) #

  • @hschoolmom thank you; awesome to hear! i bet the girls are huge by now... #

  • Sarah got a Wow Award! #

  • @cksample hope Jackson gets better soon and you and Kristin don't get it #

  • i think it's hit: that horrible time when i look like an overstuffed sausage in regular clothes but pretending in maternity *sigh* #fb #

  • Brandon's group (his is on the far right) #

  • Brandon's car (in the middle) #

  • Brandon got 1st place!!! #

  • The champ - first race, first place!! #

  • The trophy and the car #

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The champ - first race, first place!!


The trophy and the car


Brandon got 1st place!!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brandon's car (in the middle)


Brandon's group (his is on the far right)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • I finished Lil Rosebud's blanket! #

  • taking the kiddos to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox" at the library #fb #

  • oy, first speaking engagement in T-36 hours; nervous and wondering what on earth I've gotten myself into... #fb #

  • blech - i've discovered i can't drink an entire can of sprite - too much sugar #fb #

  • Escaping my terror by taking a nap so I can work on my speech in quiet after everyone's in bed #fb #

  • Thank you cards #

  • Thanks card 1 #

  • Thanks card 2 #

  • Another thank you card #

  • i survived, no one fell asleep, and no one died - that's a success, right? #fb #

  • @jennybeanses where are mine??? #

  • @jennybeanses I'd fire you, but your an irreplaceable freak :P #

  • The Door to Everything #

  • So Sarah was diagnosed with Strep this morning and now Bethy is throwing up while dad is angry - yippee #fb #

  • Oh yeah, and let's not forget about the driver's side door handle breaking today and now that window won't go down... #fb #

  • Both girls home today; thankfully bethy hasn't thrown up since last night - hope it stays that way #fb #

  • National Hug Day is number 3 on Google Trends - lets lee if we can make it number 1! Post the hashtag for every hug! #nationalhugday #fb #

  • Let's play Words With Friends. My username is '3stairs'. #

  • well, told the kids and the parents, suppose it's time to tell everyone else... #fb #

  • Turns out me and @marcand are going to have another baby - SURPRISE!!! 80 #

  • @lauriepercival thank you! hmm, a knitted gift from Aunt Laurie... I'll take it! ;) #

  • cauliflower and ranch dip = bliss #fb #

  • lovely post from Sharon at MomGenerations about something that I love, too - A Charm-ed Bracelet - #

  • My charm bracelet #

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My charm bracelet


Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fill-in

[caption id="attachment_1188" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=" "]



1. So many of us have no idea what a hard life really is - we are spoiled.

2. A baby makes just about everyone smile - even in hardship.

3. Those who are accepting of others find themselves more accepted.

4. For me, crochet is waiting quietly.

5. Light is in both the disperser of fear and the bringer of dread when it comes after a sleepless night.

6. A hug is best of all that is ordinary.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my bed, tomorrow my plans include most likely staying home from church with sick littles and Sunday, I want to sleep all day, but I doubt that will happen!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • just bought this for @Marcand; i am now the world's best wife :D Firefly - The Complete Series DVD via @amazon #

  • @lauriepercival i totally love these - absolutely adorable! #

  • it's a shirt about me! Check out this design I saw on Shirt.Woot: #fb #

  • procrastination since wednesday means i'm going to the store; that bit me in the butt... #fb #

  • Nothing like your kid being woken up by a wet bed in the middle of the night from a leak in the ceiling... *sigh* #fb #

  • Apparently this is a day for politics - which need more Common Sense. #

  • 1776 saw the publication of Common Sense. Read it and see what you think. #

  • Pat Benatar is 58 today. I had no idea she was involved in *43* soundtracks! #

  • Here's Pat's "Love is a Battlefield" video - it's first ever music video to integrate spoken dialogue into recorded mus… #

  • Wonderful, huge Girl Scout mug I got with Christmas money from Mom #

  • *now* the Christmas weather shows up... why couldn't it do this when the kids were already out of school? now i have to… #

  • why couldn't it do this when the kids were already out of school? now i have to deal with stir-crazy kids *headdesk* #

  • It's National Bittersweet Chocolate Day - here's some interesting background and trivia. #

  • Let's celebrate! Hmm, bittersweet chocolate cheesecake or ravioli? Chocolate Ravioli?!?! #

  • Friend Running with Lily to keep up with that exercise resolution you made. #

  • Brandon and Bootsie are enjoying some snow day Garfield cartoons #

  • It's Peculiar People Day. Whether you're a dancing dog or a wacky person, celebrate yourself today! #

  • Check out this pic - yummy love! #

  • Here's some interesting history on Valentine's Day - I hadn't heard this before! #

  • Happy 1-11-11! '73 was good for baseball; '10 wasn't. #

  • Earhart was the first to fly from Honolulu to the mainland on this day in 1935. Here's a slideshow of the flying beauty. #

  • Rod Taylor is 81 today. He's best known for "The Birds" but I liked him best as Pongo in "101 Dalmations." #

  • Here's the trailer for "The Birds" - Rod Taylor's best-known movie. #

  • It's National Hot Toddy Day - sounds perfect for this weather. Snow in Texas! Argh - pass the cider! #

  • Here are several more hot toddy recipes, including apple and cranberry versions. #

  • Check out Sketch Comedy with Kat while you drink your toddy - but be careful not to spew it out your nose! #

  • Today is International Thank You Day - who will you thank today? #

  • Hehe - sweet kitty! #

  • These look good enough to eat! But don't - they're clay. :P #

  • A sexist House and an earthquake with effects still felt today. Not very happy. :( #

  • It's been a year since a magnitude-7 earthquake hit Haiti. Keep up with what's still happening as a result. #

  • Happy 51st birthday, Oliver Platt! I like him best when he's playing comedic roles - he's fantastic. #

  • Check out Oliver Platt's combo for a romantic night - start with Swedish murder mystery. #

  • It's National Marzipan Day - here's a recipe from Food Network if you're feeling ambitious enough to make it yourself. #

  • Oh, and those marzipan babies you see in the e-mails? Not marzipan - clay. Here's the artist's site. #

  • Got a personal holiday coming up? Check out this awesome date stamp gift wrap idea. #

  • Tomorrow is Make Your Dream Come True Day. This post puts some interesting perspective on dreams. #

  • Here's an inspirational wallpaper to help motivate you tomorrow for Make Your Dream Come True Day. #

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up - have you heard or read the "I Have a Dream" speech? You should. #

  • If only it were so easy to find Him now... #

  • The pile of yummy yarny stuffs I just pulled out of the dryer #

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I finished Lil Rosebud’s blanket!

Yay – Rosebud’s blanket is done!

The grown-up hat I made today at church

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Alaska is 51 today and The Lord of the Rings really began when its author was born in 1892. #

  • The Battle of Princeton was fought and won in 1777. Check out this virtual tour of the battlefield state park. #

  • Mel Gibson is 55 today. You can (try to) keep up with his latest stunts with The Times. #

  • Getting ready to go to the chiropractor after way too long since my last visit. #

  • Make a resolution to lose weight? Start by celebrating Festival of Sleep Day today! #

  • @Melzer that is radically awesome of you, man; on behalf of library nerds everywhere, thank you! #

  • Here's you a lullaby from Jason Mraz to get you to sleep for the holiday. #

  • Bethy first watercolor (she got a set in her stocking) #

  • Movie night at the library with Michael and Brandon (10) #PercyJacksonAndTheLightningThief (via @GetGlue) #

  • Fun adventure movie with some funny lines sprinkled throughout. I haven't ... #PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians (via @GetGlue) #

  • Woo-hoo! Tomorrow is National Spaghetti Day - here's a funny vid to celebrate. #

  • How will you celebrate National Spaghetti Day tomorrow - bloody baked rats, pizza, or pie? #

  • You did go friend Jason Mraz after listening to the song I posted earlier, right?? #

  • Watching episode three #Sherlock (via @GetGlue) #

  • Here's a close shot of Bethy's watercolor #

  • I totally blame @percival and @mwsmedia for this... three shots; aim well - #threewordsme #

  • good stuff: #

  • I've declared today Dory Day in honor of @kathilipp's blog post #

  • ok, got my Dory on and went on a look-at-crafts-and-ooh spree; now time to get to work... #

  • Whoa, lots of cool birthdays today: Jacob Grimm, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Braille... #

  • Check out Johnson's State of the Union address from 1965 that outlined the goals of his ''Great Society." #

  • Michael Stipe is 51 today. This video is one of the reasons I think he's awesome. #

  • Tomorrow is Whipped Cream Day - here's a little background. #

  • The name is fun, but look at that - that looks so incredibly good!! (pardon my drool...) #

  • Dudes, Valentine's is coming up quicker than you think. Make sure you keep up with Men's Fashion with The Business to l… #

  • being floored looking at new year pictures on Flickr. You've been warned: photo barrage coming! #

  • Check it out: nature's fireworks! #

  • Taken on New Year's Day. At first the rabbit is amazing, but then look in the background! #

  • Cupcakes! #

  • Ok, ok, I'll stop. After this one. I can't pick a favorite part of this photo - it's just all awesome. #

  • 1925 saw the first female governer and 1949 saw the Fair Deal. #

  • Here's a little more about Truman's "Fair Deal" that he announced in his State of the Union address on January 5, 1949. #

  • oy, I'm misspelling words - I must not be awake yet; I hate that! #

  • The builder of the Taj Mahal was born in 1592. Check out these pictures of the world's largest love shrine. #

  • Check out this video giving some background behind the building of the Taj Mahal. #

  • It's Bean Day! This has some interesting background on beans and nutrition information. #

  • Hummus: the cool way to eat beans. Check out this recipe. #

  • It's National Smith Day - hug everyone you know with the last name Smith! #

  • Here, you can friend and send cyberhugs to Will Smith. :) #

  • What are you going to order on Friday? #

  • I <3 Flickr, can you tell? Here's a bunch of hearts to start getting you in the mood for Valentine's Day. #

  • Need some Valentine inspiration? Check out these famous couples. #

  • New Mexico is 99 today and figure skating turned nasty in 1994. #

  • Morse demonstrated his telegraph in 1838. The marvel would only last 168 years. Now it's a relic. #

  • A very happy 56th birthday, Rowan Atkinson! Why Her Majesty hasn't knighted you yet is beyond me. #

  • There's more to Rowan Atkinson than Mr. Bean. Listen to him talk about the seriousness of comedy. #

  • @TaderDoodles WIN 1 of 10 $25 Walmart or Target GCs fm @LittleRemedies -- #LittleRemedies PLS RT #

  • Huzzah - it's National Shortbread Day! Here's a little history for you. #

  • Oh, these look good - and you can't go wrong with Joy of Baking, right? #

  • Oh, these look good - and you can't go wrong with Joy of Baking, right? #

  • grrr, pictures aren't showing! #

  • LOL with Claire will cheer me up... #

  • Aww, it's Cuddle Up Day - who are you going to cuddle with? #

  • Infant/toddler neutral beanie for boys or girls #

  • splendid dinner made by @marcand tonight - thank you, Dear! #

  • Dang, try to avoid this arrow... #

  • Watch out - he may get you! #

  • Enjoying Kevin McHale's version of "Dream a Little Dream" and trying to wait patiently for Febr... #Glee (via @GetGlue) #

  • Sonoma Print neutral dish/wash cloth #

  • Toddler/big girl's pastels beanie #

  • Infant/toddler pastels beanie #

  • Preemie/doll pastels beanie #

  • Infant/toddler earthtone beanie/skullcap #

  • Infant/toddler bright sherbet beanie/skullcap #

  • Infant/toddler bright sherbet beanie #

  • Infant/toddler cotton candy pink beanie #

  • Toddler/big girl cream beanie #

  • Toddler/big kid earthtone beanie or adult skullcap #

  • Nautilus cloth #

  • Bright sherbet nautilus coaster/face scrubby #

  • White mini cloth #

  • Bright sherbet flower #

  • Wow - the first US presidential election was held in 1789. Long live democracy! #

  • 'Allo? Can you hear me now? #

  • Ooh, another favorite actor celebrates a birthday today - Nic Cage. Happy 47th, Nic! #

  • Nic's top 10 movies according to Mojo. #

  • Tomorrow is National English Toffee Day. I'm not a fan, but here's some interesting background on the flavors. #

  • Well, Honey, ya'll just make some o' this English Toffee - it'll knock yer socks off! (a la Paula Deen) #

  • Everything Paula Deen - see what she's cookin' up now. #

  • Huzzah - tomorrow is Bubble Bath Day! Here are a couple of quick and easy recipes to make your own. #

  • This cake has got to be perfect for some holiday, right? Epiphany? Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Saturday? :D #

  • Vote for your favorite route @unionpacific 's Great Excursion Adventure! You route the steam: #

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bright sherbet flower

Can be mounted on clippie or pinback for additional $1.50

White mini cloth

4.5" square

Bright sherbet nautilus coaster/face scrubby

3.5" diameter

Toddler/big kid earthtone beanie or adult skullcap


Nautilus cloth


Toddler/big girl cream beanie


Infant/toddler cotton candy pink beanie


Infant/toddler bright sherbet beanie


Infant/toddler bright sherbet beanie/skullcap

5" long

Infant/toddler earthtone beanie/skullcap


Preemie/doll pastels beanie

5" long

Infant/toddler pastels beanie

6.5" long

Toddler/big girl’s pastels beanie

7" long

Sonoma Print neutral dish/wash cloth

6" square

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Darwin began the voyage that would lead to his theory of evolution today in 1831. #

  • Pictures of the HMS Beagle and Darwin's assertion that its voyage was "by far the most important event of my life." #

  • Emiliie de Ravin is 29 today - guys, you can celebrate by enjoying these photos. You're welcome. ;) #

  • Check Emilie de Ravin sporting an American accent in "Remember Me." #

  • It's National Fruitcake Day. Check out this story of a fruitcake so good that started a quest for the author. #

  • Want a more American fruitcake? This one was called the best in the "entire universe" and calls for an entire bottle of… #

  • heading to the dr in a bit; hoping to get answers/solutions to this constant tired #fb #

  • Went to the doctor today - no closer to figuring out why I'm so tired all the time :( #

  • Hockey season is still in full swing; are you keeping up by checking out Hockey with Angie every day? #

  • It's Make Cut Out Snowflake Day - here's instructions in case it's been too long since you made one. :) #

  • Oooh, check out these cool cut-out snowflakes! #

  • We're in the midst of the Kwanzaa celebration (December 26 - January 1) - learn more about the holiday at the official … #

  • Birthdays are big today, from test-tubes to politicians to jazz pianists. #

  • Here's a little backstory on America's first test-tube baby. #

  • Earl "Fatha" Hines was born on this date in 1903. Check out this biography of the father of jazz piano. #

  • Check out Fatha Hines playing "Memories of You" with his jazz trio. I love this. #

  • It's National Chocolate Candy Day. Here's a quick recipe to celebrate with. #

  • Chocolate candy has been around for over 150 years - check out this timeline and see when your favorite candy bar was i… #

  • Check out Street Style with Erin to make sure you're rockin' an awesome look for New Year's! #

  • It's Card Playing Day - grab some friends and play! This site lists rules for just about every card game you can think … #

  • Check out this cool bubble photo - happy new year! :D #

  • Have you set your resolutions yet? Here are some tips to help them stick. #

  • "misery loves company" - not so; real misery wants to hide from the pain it can't escape & company just makes it hurt more #fb #

  • Texas (*my* state) became the 28th state in 1845! Anything else matters??? #

  • 1940 saw a massive attack on London from Hitler's forces. Here's the Times' report of the attack. #

  • Happy 72nd birthday to Mr. Jon Voight. My favorite of his characters? Patrick Gates. Name that movie! #

  • Check out this behind-the-scenes video that reveals why it's one of my all-time favorite movies. #

  • @Kilted_Alex eventually they were stopped, thank God #

  • cat just puked on my desk; scrubbed with chlorox wipes; OCD in hyperdrive; may work from netbook today :{ #fb #

  • It's Pepper Pot Day - Steven Hoffer shares the history of this day. #

  • Want to make your own Pepper Pot Soup? Here's an authentic recipe. I'd alter it, though - the thought of tripe makes my… #

  • Read Memes with Adam to make sure you're up to date at all the New Year's parties. #

  • It's Opposite Day - see if you can keep it straight in this story. #

  • Check out these New Year photos - I totally love the laughing bride! #

  • pray for Brandon (10yo) - headed to the hospital with him; suspected appendicitis #fb #

  • Wordless Wednesday #

  • Finally got blood drawn and iv in after much idontwanna drama; X-ray coming up; beginning to suspect bladder or ut infection #fb #

  • Preemie cap #

  • Turns out it was my first hunch from earlier in the week: severe constipation; I think we're about to get released #fb #

  • Headed home w scrips and a relieved boy #fb #

  • Woo-hoo - edible party horns for New Year's! #

  • Took Brandon (10) to the hospital last night; he's ok but I'm exhausted today #

  • Huzzah! The end of World War II and the light bulb. Boo! American death toll of 3000 in the Iraq war. #

  • I can't stand the taste of alcohol, so these mocktails are perfect for me for tonight! #

  • Edison publicly demonstrated the incandescent light bulb in 1879. Check out this gallery of bulbs - I didn't know there… #

  • Happy 67th birthday, Sir Ben! #

  • OMG - Sir Ben is hilarious on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! #

  • Check out these awesome New Year's cupcakes! #

  • Cue the hallelujahs - Landon's blanket is finished #

  • Make sure the year starts out right with all the right apps - iPhone Apps with Leah will help. #

  • It's Make Up Your Mind Day. Here are some helps if you suck at decision-making. #

  • wishing a happy new year to all; may this year be a monumental improvement over the last #fb #

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