Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • finally got all my crocheted baby blankets, etc into the wash after the cat incident; hopefully i'll get it all sent out next week #fb #

  • @lauriepercival my mom left our outside baby in the house overnight while i was @ hospital with @marcand & he sprayed/peed in the house :( in reply to lauriepercival #

  • gonna watch merlin with @marcand - yay! #fb #

  • @lauriepercival cool; i've used vinegar so far; if that doesn't work, i'll look into it - thanks! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • @jennybeanses why?? what's happened? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @marcand kept me up late watch three episodes of merlin; Must. Get. Sleep. #fb #

  • i hate it when i bite the side of my tongue when i sneeze... #

  • time to crochet; still more green left, so i'm making a hat for @percivalspawn to go with the blanket and washcloth i've already made #

  • gotta figure out dinner for the monsters... #fb #

  • finished the tiny green hat for @percivalspawn; *still* have green yarn left; think i'll make another washcloth for @lauriepercival #

  • trying to figure out a craft for March MOPS mtg - any ideas out there? #

  • ugh, seems i've fallen back into the stay-up-late rut; gotta remedy that... #fb #

  • is it possible to love your children beyond death, but really, really freakin' dislike them at the same time? #fb #

  • late for MOPS steering mtg #fb #

  • ladies & gentlemen, it is now nap o'clock; pls turn off lights & settle into a comfy position; thank you & good night! #fb #

  • @lsrtx just breathe - you'll be amazing! in reply to lsrtx #

  • According to @Klout, @3stairs is a Twitter connector. What kind of Twitter user are you? #

  • 4yo playing bubble wrap on the ipod; next thing i know she writing an e-mail to the speed date app... *headdesk* #

  • getting back into writing after 2-wk hiatus taking care of @marcand; soapbox should be back at this thurs #fb #

  • My mom told me the same thing: RT @jennybeanses Adventures in Single Motherhood: Dare to Dream | Twirlit #

  • @marcand describing/ranting/imitating "k-nitting" = laughing so hard it hurts and there are tears in my eyes! #fb #

  • @mwsmedia it is *never* to late to take a nap, my friend in reply to mwsmedia #

  • changed @marcand's closure and dressing w/o crying tonight and actually felt pretty proficient #proudofmyself #lookatmego #fb #

  • did you know you can use peanut butter to repair cds? 7 unusual uses for items we find in our kitchens @247moms: #

  • @mwsmedia what kind of tea do you drink? in reply to mwsmedia #

  • @mwsmedia cool; i usually end up with earl grey when drinking warm tea, but have some green tea that i enjoyed last time i drank it in reply to mwsmedia #

  • stayed up too late again, but learned how to make baby booties! will start on a green pair tomorrow; yep, *still* have green yarn left! #fb #

  • photogs, pls help - looking for recs for digicam: $150 range; 5-10mp; 5+ opt; macro cap; what's best? thx! #fb #

  • @lauriepercival clever you! i started you a scarf, then @marcand suggested booties & i happened upon an easy pattern, so it's destiny! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • whole family heading out this am; @marcand going to dr for follow up appt #fb #

  • So. Totally. Want! from @PrudentBaby: Wine rack as yarn storage #

  • how do i spell bliss? N - A - P !! =D #fb #

  • @lsrtx and you breezed through it all, didn't you? #toldyouso in reply to lsrtx #

  • dinner: grilled cheese on 100% whole wheat with smoked turkey #fb #

  • tonight's goal: write this week's soapbox and tv for you and me for #fb #

  • @jennybeanses please update with what is going on asap {{hugs!}} in reply to jennybeanses #

  • considering putting off writing until tomorrow so i can go to bed early tonight #fb #

  • @jennybeanses hang in there; where is squeenager - is she ok? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • by the by, got some awesome 3stairs plaid postcards from @uprinting today; totally love the light sage green back to match the plaid - WIN! #

  • heading to bed; let's hope the 4yo goes to sleep, too... #fb #

  • 7yo up at 5:15 telling me she's hungry; i just love it when they refuse to eat dinner #sarcasm #fb #

  • @danijanev you'll live twice as long! in reply to danijanev #

  • @heymego thanks for the camera rec - eyeballing them seriously now! in reply to heymego #

  • @lauriepercival just wait 'till you see the green booties i made yesterday morning! #toocute in reply to lauriepercival #

  • @tw3nty3ight ok, that's just Awesome Dadness in reply to tw3nty3ight #

  • i don't think my 9yo is capable of quiet; why can we muzzle dogs but not children? #

  • - World's Cutest 4-year-old! (taken with @marcand's phonecam) #

  • feeling like crap - going to bed #fb #

  • 7yo woke up at 5:30 again #thisisgettingold #fb #

  • w00t! *finally* got paid so i can give a blessing i've been impatiently waiting for! #

  • @marcand took bethy to playschool and is having rescheduled breakfast with a friend, so i'm going to go enjoy the bed All To Myself! #fb #

  • just found out the family i was hoping for got the "knock" from Ty and Extreme Home Makeover this morning - So Excited!!! #fb #

  • this morning is just full of good news - just hit 1k followers! thank you! #

  • so much for 1k followers - someone unfollowed me; nice...NOT #

  • @wilw left the phone or computer logged on to twitter, did ya? ;) in reply to wilw #

  • really disappointed that i can't volunteer at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition this week :( #fb #

  • @IT_Scooter check your dm and/or facebook! in reply to IT_Scooter #

  • should totally go to bed... #fb #

  • ok, ok, i'll go to bed! #fb #

  • thinking it's time to reevaluate bedtime; the kids keep getting up before 6am #fb #

  • @IT_Scooter just got up in reply to IT_Scooter #

  • i just became the world's coolest mom - bethy is watching mickey mouse clubhouse on the ipod thanks to the kideo app #fb #

  • frustrated with the kltv cam on the EMHE build site - fogged up and i can't see squat! #fb #

  • i want chocolate #thatisall #fb #

  • watching diddly-squat on the EMHE cam - well, ppl standing around and no house coming down... #fb #

  • heading out to see if my media credentials are ready at the EMHE site so i can interview a few volunteers for #fb #

  • Totally got shut out of EMHE because we're not "established" enough #fail #fb #

  • Have feeling media jerk thought we were trying to get close to Ty; sad he doesn't realize Ty isn't important thing in this story #fb #

  • Gee, i just love being told i'm a nobody #fb #

  • Wish i had grabbed my crochet bag #fb #

  • @lsrtx it's hollywood - i shouldn't be surprised, but it still sucks when it happens... in reply to lsrtx #

  • well hallelujah, i found a holiday for me - national sleep day on march 25! #fb #

  • march 29 is love your children day; so, what - you can hate them the rest of the year? #stupidholiday #fb #

  • shutting down and heading in the direction of my pillow #fb #

  • doing something different for special music this morning; kind of nervous about it #fb #

  • @mamastephf well, that's the difference - instead of singing, i'm reading a poem i wrote called The Reader's Prayer in reply to mamastephf #

  • Finished reading poem for church, then read 18 verses for Scripture reading; felt like i would never be done #fb #

  • @mamastephf you got it! in reply to mamastephf #

  • @jennybeanses @Melzer do you guys have any idea how totally hilarious you are?!?! in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @mamastephf had a couple people ask for a copy and another say they enjoyed it in reply to mamastephf #

  • @mamastephf hadn't thought of that, but i guess i could, huh? in reply to mamastephf #

  • nap o'clock, boys and girls! #fb #

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • @reflective bethy calls it sticky tape every time, thanks to a certain little girl on tv in reply to reflective #

  • @cksample huzzah - *so* proud of @kristinsample and #spawnofck ! in reply to cksample #

  • @cksample huzzah - *so* proud of @kristinsample and #spawnofck in reply to cksample #

  • i love the vw commercial with Stevie Wonder - cracks me up every time! #

  • @thismamaworksit welcome to writing! in reply to thismamaworksit #

  • chicken noodle soup in a cup - Nastiness; yes, with a capital N #

  • going to try to get some sleep; this chair is murder on my hips #

  • came home to cats locked in house and cat-spray smell; vinegar set out and animal-smell spray sprayed; let's hope it works fast #fb #

  • semi-warm bath taken; now interwebz while i eat lean pocket lunch and have warm tea; then bed until about 4 #fb #

  • nap o'clock - in my own bed! #fb #

  • get dressed, get gas, get kids #fb #

  • Brought the kids to surprise @marcand for Vday #fb #

  • home with the kids; they're eating a snack before they go to bed; i don't think i'll be far behind them... #fb #

  • going to collapse now... #fb #

  • actually managed to sleep about 8 hours last night, but i'm still exhausted... #fb #

  • @marcand is coming home today!!! #fb #

  • still waiting for word that @marcand is released to come home... #impatientlywaiting #fb #

  • wow - the extent of idiocy amazes me... #

  • trying to get the kids ready to go bring @marcand home from the hospital; wonder if i can trade them for him? #fb #

  • finally have @marcand home where he belongs #fb #

  • @SheilaWalsh i'd be honored and privileged to host a review and/or giveaway of your new book and/or cd - how may i apply to do so? #

  • @Melzer tell her to get me paid while she's up there! ;) #

  • @jennybeanses ooh, i'm jealous! what books did you get? in reply to jennybeanses #

  • @lauriepercival so very true! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • - the lemon-lime blanket i'm working on for @lauriepercival #

  • - @marcand took this pic w/ his camera-phone, thus the blurry #

  • @lauriepercival glad you like them! it is indeed wonderful to have him home in reply to lauriepercival #

  • crap: i was going to go to bed early; double-crap: now i'm hungry; gah #fb #

  • @lsrtx had a piece of garlic bread - yummo :P in reply to lsrtx #

  • and now i'm going to bed... #fb #

  • down at 2, up at 4, up again at 7; great sleep cycle, eh? #fb #

  • @marcand it's not nice to lie... in reply to marcand #

  • think i'm gonna go crash while bethy's at playschool... #fb #

  • second nap done; now to go crochet at library time - one of the highlights of my week #fb #

  • @wisekaren i just started a wwf game with you :) in reply to wisekaren #

  • just found out sarah is going to the ft worth opera in march #jealous #fb #

  • just discovered a gift from a cat in the corner under @marcand's desk UGH #

  • brandon is eating a) soup, b) with rice, c) and chicken without ketchup #miracle #fb #

  • bethy begging for apple oatmeal; i'm singing 'tomorrow'; she's enthralled until i stop the line then "please, please" starts again... #fb #

  • bustin' out the broadway, driving @marcand crazy #broadwaymama #

  • I just entered to win 240 precut quilt blocks on @retta719’s Stitching the Night Away Craft Blog! Leave comment to enter. #

  • gotta make a store run either now or in the morning, so i gotta get off this thing... #fb #

  • @stampshacklady is coming to MOPS this morning - can't wait! #fb in reply to stampshacklady #

  • feeling drained and fragile; want to cry and sleep #fb #

  • this makes me happy: RT @lauriepercival & @iamkhayyam: 119 Ways to Store & Organize Your Cats #

  • short nap; the kids are at a new church program until 6; feeling less fragile now #fb #

  • @lauriepercival just finished the lemon-lime blanket; bunch of green leftover - you want a hat (for you or spawn), washcloth, or hot pad? #

  • @SheilaWalsh oh, to be at that starbucks!!! in reply to SheilaWalsh #

  • @Melzer you and me, both :| in reply to Melzer #

  • @lauriepercival thank you for the hugs! had to change @marcand's dressing today and it worried/scared me in reply to lauriepercival #

  • heading to bed, with a possible bath/shower detour... #fb #

  • will there ever be a day when i'm not exhausted? #fb #

  • i'm a nappin' mammy-jammy #fb #

  • @cksample it's not - especially with the Mommy Milk diet :D in reply to cksample #

  • napping to commence.... now #fb #

  • @cksample @kristinsample @Percival @lauriepercival This is your personal invitation! in reply to cksample #

  • Teh Awesome of Today: my best friend Janet's husband got a job today after 15 months of unemployment; HALLELUJAH AND HUZZAH! #fb #

  • breastfeeding is like an inside joke - you had to be there to understand #

  • going to bed at 10pm #lookatmego #fb #

  • went to bed at 10, slept like crap, woke at 6 to skunk smell; i hate skunks #fb #

  • went to the store; came out and my car smells like skunk - barf #fb #

  • i'm a total pushover for my cat *headdesk* #

  • hungry and can't seem to get satisfied this morning #healthyeatingfail #

  • @lsrtx are you coming to the mentor dinner tonight? in reply to lsrtx #

  • can't decide if i want to dress up for the MOPS mentor dinner or not... #fb #

  • running late #whatelseisnew #fb #

  • Cracking up at catching @lsrtx tweeting at the table at the mops mentor dinner #

  • Burnin reeds! #fb #

  • @cksample first line of defense against fussy - burping and Mylicon in reply to cksample #

  • @lsrtx sshhhh! you'll make people think bad things! in reply to lsrtx #

  • well, it's not 10, but it's before midnight #lookatmego #fb #

  • ah, so nice to be clean! I hate hairspray #fb #

  • @cksample sounds like mommy ate something that isn't agreeing with his tummy; did she have veggies like broccoli or cauliflower yesterday? in reply to cksample #

  • getting ready for church #fb #

  • @cksample yogurt might do it; he might be lactose intolerant in reply to cksample #

  • was going to go to crochet/knitting circle at local library this afternoon; think i'm gonna skip and take a nap instead... #fb #

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Breastfeeding Twitter Party

[caption id="attachment_799" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Bethy's first feeding - 11 November 2005 "]



Just about anybody that knows I have kids knows I breastfed each of them. Brandon nursed for four months exclusively, then was supplemented until his 9th month. Sarah nursed for 13 months and never had formula, and Bethy nursed for 15 months with no formula. Yes, I'm a lactivist that believes in long-term nursing.

I also believe in doing what is best for your baby, you, and your family. And that might not be the same thing for every situation.

That said, breastfeeding can be extremely confusing. And while it's completely natural, it's not always easy.

Thankfully, there's a party going on in Twitterville tomorrow night that just may help in your breastfeeding quest. Moms and Dads alike will benefit from this, so make plans for a Friday night party that your baby will eat up! (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

[caption id="attachment_4015" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Join the Bravado Twitter Party!
 Friday, 19 February - 9-10 pm EST"]



Please join us this Friday as we throw a Twitter Party Sitewarming for Bravado Designs, the brand synonymous with nursing women and their success for eighteen years.

Eighteen years ago Bravado Designs was created by two nursing mothers who worked with the lactation community to take what began as the Original Nursing Bra to a full product line for breastfeeding moms. Bravado Designs combines and unparalleled knowledge of physiology with fashion forward products that meet the needs of the nursing mothers like no other brand. You've heard from all of your friends that Bravado is the nursing bra, but did you know that Bravado offers a full range of fashion products for the nursing mom taking care of the whole woman? Join us to learn more as we hold a Twitter party this Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST.

Please join us as we discuss such important topics as:

  • How long should a feeding take?

  • What's a first generation breastfeeding mom to do?

  • The roles dads play in successful breastfeeding

  • How to position yourself comfortably during breastfeeding

We'll be sharing our own experiences while learning more from the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council (BBIC) experts. No one knows as much about nursing women as Bravado.

We'll also have the opportunity to chat with Kathryn From, the current CEO of Bravado Designs. Please follow @BravadoDesigns to speak with Ms. From during the event.

To participate:

- Follow @BravadoDesigns and @ResourcefulMom

- Tweet with the #Bravado hashtag from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST this Friday the 19th.

- Let us know you'll be joining us by completing the RSVP Mr. Linky (not required).

A party isn't a party without great prizes! Bravado Designs has graciously provided the following prizes. Winners will be chosen both from party participants as well as the RSVP list below.

  • Signed copy of A Mother's Circle

  • Basq NY personal care starter packs (5 winners)

  • Breastfeeding with Bravado DVD (5 winners)

  • Essential Nursing Bra Tank (2 winners)

  • Allure

  • The Original Nursing Bra

  • Body Silk Seamless

[caption id="attachment_3966" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="This is a service announcement brought to you by
Global Influence - A Resourceful Mommy Media Network"]



Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • @wisekaren oh, huzzah! Steph looks lovely, as do the rest of you; so proud her! in reply to wisekaren #

  • home w/ the kids & miserable w/out @marcand; surgery in the am to clean the abscess; monday before a possibility of getting out #fb #

  • @ChillieFalls have you figured out how to ship me a funnel cake yet? i need one! in reply to ChillieFalls #

  • @ChillieFalls Huh-zzah!!! in reply to ChillieFalls #

  • @CoverYourHair i just bookmarked you on Delicious and left a comment! in reply to CoverYourHair #

  • updates sent out and posted everywhere; going to go put the sheets back on the bed and collapse in it #fb #

  • @jennybeanses he hasn't had it yet; update this am is surgery at 11, back in room between 2 and 3 in reply to jennybeanses #

  • update: @marcand will have surgery at 11am cst; surgery for 1 hr, recovery 1-2 hrs; back in room between 2-3pm cst; thx for praying! #fb #

  • more total awesomeness from @zwillingwear: #

  • @marcand just called - they've taken him from the room and are prepping him for surgery; *so* wish i was there... #fb #

  • time to shower and get ready to take the kids to the hospital #fb #

  • heading to the hospital to be there when @marcand comes back to the room from surgery #fb #

  • In room; @marcand expected back around 2:45pm cst #fb #

  • @marcand in room and eating ice; can't wait 'till he gets to eat real food; will be here a couple more days #fb #

  • home and trying to get the kids in bed so they can go to school tomorrow; will post update to soon #fb #

  • going through lolcatz looking for a pic to go with my blog post #fb #

  • just for @wisekaren: "Editor Kitty" - #lol #ichc #

  • off to bed so i can take brandon and sarah to school in the morning #fb #

  • i'm learning! i said no to planning sarah's class valentine party #lookatmego #fb #

  • @marcand just sent a pic of the wound from when they dressed it this morning; so scared of how i'm going to keep it clean in this house #fb #

  • @saraddictive so sorry to hear of your loss; hoping you get a little comfort from your other furry children in reply to saraddictive #

  • nap o'clock for me and bethy; missing @marcand something fierce #fb #

  • going to get brandon and sarah from school; please pray for peace and sanity! #fb #

  • just taped vlog of this month's box from @samplerboxes; kids were horrible & obnoxious "helping" - probably redo after bedtime #fb #

  • @lauriepercival yay - you ordered one! yummy, yummy smells in mine! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • @lauriepercival tripping over your power cord - that would be the Pregnancy Grace settling in ;) in reply to lauriepercival #

  • gotta go figure out dinner; want to eat chocolate #fb #

  • @marcand is being moved to a private room; earliest possible release is wednesday, but i'm doubtful #fb in reply to marcand #

  • Teh Awesome of Today: (huzzah!) RT @tw3nty3ight Just got word another one of my photos made the front page of the News Journal Star #

  • brandon refusing to do the writing that he didn't do in class because it's too open-ended: what would you do if you could do anything? #fb #

  • feedburner stats dropped from 200+ to 23; that's lovely... #

  • anybody want a 9yo incredibly smart but extremely difficult boy? #fb #

  • at the brink of tears; want all the kids to just go to bed so i can sit and crochet #fb #

  • RT @KLTV7 Breaking News: Fire Reported At East Texas Church <This is the 8th church fire this year #

  • been in the bed next to bethy for an hour; she still won't go to sleep; she's at the bedroom door as i type this; UGH #fb #

  • i left her alone thinking maybe she'd go to sleep; she's now playing on my bed - i can hear her *headdesk* #fb #

  • shutting down and going to bed; hoping all the lights out will encourage the night owl to go to sleep #fb #

  • woke up at 3:45 by the cat wanting to go out; slept from 5:30 to 6:30; now to get the youngest up and dressed #fb #

  • everyone gone - think i'm gonna go crochet or nap #fb #

  • @CarrieP try four nights, lol! i took @marcand to the hospital friday afternoon and he's been stuck there since in reply to CarrieP #

  • feeling jealous *blech* #

  • nap o'clock; library this afternoon #fb #

  • @CarrieP you and me both! he's sorely missed around here... in reply to CarrieP #

  • getting ready to wake bethy up so we can go get brother and "sisser" and go to the library #fb #

  • library time went well; dear friend met us with dinner; Mom over for some company; get to go see @marcand tomorrow #feelingbetter #fb #

  • @lauraslefthook Capital C Crochet Pattern: $2.00 <<yay - it's me!!! now to find someone to actually *make* it, lol in reply to lauraslefthook #

  • thoroughly disgusted by the amount of food my children waste #fb #

  • @lauraslefthook i crochet; i'm just trying to get caught up on baby blankets, lol! in reply to lauraslefthook #

  • actually got bethy to bed by 10.30 tonight; no i'm hitting the hay... #fb #

  • actually got bethy to bed by 10.30 tonight; now i'm hitting the hay... #fb #

  • taking the kids to school, dropping Bethy off at playschool, then going to spend the day with @marcand - yay! #fb #

  • @marcand doesn't get to come home today; another day or two trying to get paperwork in order to get VAC machine at home for him #fb #

  • exhausted, head hurts, mouth hurts, miserable #crappyday #fb #

  • @lauriepercival i'd love to, but i don't have all the kids in bed in reply to lauriepercival #

  • i *totally* cannot stand yo gabba gabba #

  • @wisekaren i wish - our girl scout cookies aren't here yet :( in reply to wisekaren #

  • @wisekaren too bad i can't be on the next plane to boston... in reply to wisekaren #

  • posted updates/running diary of the last three days with @marcand: #fb #

  • @lauriepercival totally love them both! how do you like the sampler goodies? in reply to lauriepercival #

  • @lauriepercival the smell when i open the box is one of my favorite things! in reply to lauriepercival #

  • i'm going to bed at 10pm #lookatmego #fb #

  • there's actually a little bit of snow on the ground here #fb #

  • kids playing in the snow while i get ready; they'll be late to school; i don't care #fb #

  • took some videos of the kids in the snow; won't share until @marcand gets to see bethy in her first snow #fb #

  • @lauriepercival Bootsie curled up on my tummy and slept there when i was preggers with Bethy - they're very close now in reply to lauriepercival #

  • Ask me anything #

  • catching an hour's catnap while bethy's at playschool #fb #

  • @lauriepercival did you check the ticket in your box? did you win? #

  • @SamplerBoxes just sent a message via the contact form about a review and giveway ;) in reply to SamplerBoxes #

  • nap o'clock - huddling under the covers will happen #fb #

  • the hours between 4 and 8 pm are sheer hell for me #fb #

  • Band of the Irish Guards & Royal Regiment of Scotland are going to be in Longview on 21 Feb; *so* want to go but can't afford tix :( #

  • @wisekaren remember: "lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part: in reply to wisekaren #

  • @wisekaren i haven't figured out how to tell my clients that, either :| in reply to wisekaren #

  • for those of you wondering, Crystal's Soapbox will return next week; too much going on to do it this week #fb #

  • getting paid would be fabulous about now... #

  • put bowls out earlier to catch snow to make snow cream - going to go check them now... #fb #

  • @marcand three bowls full - only need 16 cups - put about 22 in the freezer :D in reply to marcand #

  • @marcand the yard is solid white now - tried to get video, but it's too dark in reply to marcand #

  • all three bowls were just about full - consolidated into one bowl and ended up with about 22 cups of snow in the freezer! #fb #

  • - you're kidding me, right? see that green hole? that's where i'm at... :| #

  • - from stinkin' Dallas to Shreveport, I'm in the stinkin' hole!!! UGH #

  • Brandon up at 2:30 and apparently has been up for a while; still trying to sneak around the house #

  • wonder if I can go back to sleep yet... #

  • this totally sucks; there's several inches of snow on the ground and @marcand is still in the hospital missing it :( #iwantmyhubbyback #fb #

  • going to attempt to go back to bed; let's home the pain in my leg doesn't keep me up and that brandon is actually asleep... #fb #

  • @marcand electricity is on; sarah says "it's a snow wonderland out there!" in reply to marcand #

  • @wisekaren seems to be working for me, but it still says 3.07 is now avail... at the bottom even tho i upgraded... in reply to wisekaren #

  • off to finish #spawnofck #039;s blanket... #

  • @cksample it's because i just finished his blanket!! in reply to cksample #

  • RT @cksample so don't freak out or anything dramatic, but OPERATION #SPAWNOFCK COMMENCE! #

  • youngest finally got up, so we're going outside; well, i'm catching up - they're already out there #fb #

  • @mamastephf hey - i'm @marcand's wife; do you live in mineola? in reply to mamastephf #

  • going to go crochet a hat for #spawnofck to match his blanket cc: @cksample @kristinsample #

  • @mamastephf cool! there are just a couple of us weirdos on here, lol! how old are your homeschoolers? in reply to mamastephf #

  • just finished hat for #spawnofck - really cute! will send on tuesday cc: @cksample #

  • nap o'clock for the youngest and quiet time for the two elder ones before they get in massive trouble... #fb #

  • RT @cksample fully dilated now. omgomgomg #spawnofck <-- Go @kristinsample, go! #

  • @mamastephf boy 9, girl 7, girl 4 in reply to mamastephf #

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday's Wild Ride

Wake me in a week, kthxbai
I got up at 10 after 7 and rushed to get the kids off to school. They were late by a minute or two. I dropped Bethy off and headed to Tyler to see Michael. Koni, one of the MOPS co-coordinators, had graciously offered to pick Bethy up and keep her for me so I could go see Michael.

I went to Tyler, dropped off the Valentines at The Scroll, then drove around the hospital parking lot for 15 minutes looking for a place to park. I finally parked, but ended up with my back tire on the curb because the car next to me had decided to share the parking space.

Michael and I took a walk around the floor - two laps - and visited. It was nice to just be in the same room with him. The doctor came in and told us that the paperwork to get the VAC at home would delay his discharge by another 24-48 hours. We met with a woman from admin to discuss getting a VAC to use at home. The rental alone is $1700 for two weeks. That doesn't include the $300 home health nurse visit three times a week to change the dressing. Youch.

I got a call at 1:00 from Brandon's school saying he needed a change of clothes and couldn't go back to class without changing. So off I flew to Mineola from Tyler to get clothes and take them to Brandon, only to get there and discover the nurse had sent him back to the classroom anyway.

I was more than slightly perturbed.

I went to the Primary school and met Koni to get Bethy, then drove to the parking lot in front of the school to get Bethy out and go in to get Sarah. Then we went to get Brandon and went home. I called my grandmother to update her, then called Mom when she got home to update her and tell her that Bethy wanted her to "join us" for dinner. Koni and Shawna brought over Pizza Hut pizza for dinner and prayed with me, which meant a lot.

Mom came over and we ate, then watched Wheel of Fortune and the Charlie Brown valentine show. Mom went home and I turned off all the lights and went to lie down with Bethy. She was asleep inside of ten minutes. (and she just started crying...)


Sarah came out and wanted to call Michael and tell him goodnight so we did that, then I proceeded to blog.

And now I'm going to bed.

Tuesday's Trek


I dropped Brandon and Sarah off, then took Bethy to the store and put gas in the car. I called Michael's cell and left a message on his voicemail while I was waiting in line to drop Bethy off at playschool. A few minutes later the phone rang and I assumed it was Michael since it said "Private" and he has just been moved to a private room.

I was wrong. It was a perv.

I hung up on him and he called right back. I told him to "Get a life and find Jesus" and hung up on him again. He called again and I fought tears as I told him to stop calling me while the playschool director got Bethy out of her car seat. I told her what was happening with Michael and the phone and left, then called Janet and cried to her. I can't tell you how dirty I felt. How dirty I feel just remembering... *shiver*

I called Michael and told him and he talked to me for a bit, then I went and sat in Grandpa's chair and crocheted while listening to classical music on the tv with Bootsie in my lap.

I went and picked up Bethy and we took a nap.

Michael's bgl continued to go down, hovering in the 230 range. Still very high, but a big improvement over Monday. The doctor mentioned discharge on Wednesday.

Lynna's lovely bread!
The kids and I went to the library after-school program, and I got to crochet for a while and visit with the "library girls," as I call them. They were encouraging and it was so cute to watch Lynna excitedly tell about her two very first from-scratch loaves of bread that she had made. She had posted pictures on Facebook - they were gorgeous and I was very proud of her. She also went in and learned how to crochet with the kids, so she was beaming by the time she left. It did my heart good to see her. Matthew brought me a copy of the South Beach diet book, which Toni had used when she was being treated as diabetic during one of her pregnancies.  I got a learn-to-knit kit from the librarian with some sumptuously soft gray Bernat yarn that I can't wait to make a cowl from so I can have it next to my cheek.

A dear friend and former MOPS discussion group leader Jessica met us at the library with a yummy lasagna, garlic bread, corn, and fruit salad from Becky for dinner. Mom came over and stayed for a while so I wasn't so lonely.

Managed to get Bethy in bed by 10:30 and I went to bed at midnight.

Monday's Mayhem

[caption id="attachment_3309" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Kid, your parents are writers - write, already!"]



I've been too exhausted to post, so I'm going back and writing a post for each day. They'll be choppy and listish (it's a very technical term, patent-pending). Here's Monday's mayhem

Michael's bgl was between 388 and 402 before meals. At breakfast and lunch they gave him 4 and 5 units on insulin, respectively. At dinner they gave him 16 units. A nurse from the Wound Care unit came and attached the Vacuum-Assisted Closure system. Basically, they put a sponge in the wound and a vacuum sucks out all the "ick" (another technical term) to help the wound heal from the inside out. Michael sent me a picture of the wound before they began and another after they attached the VAC. I then freaked out for a good ten minutes wondering how on earth I was going to care for him and keep the wound even remotely sterile.

Michael had three visitors, which really lifted his spirits.

I got this month's Out of the Box Sampler, and even let the kids "help" with the vlog. That was a Major Fail. They were rude and obnoxious, shoving things in front of the camera, jumping up and down saying, "This one next!" or making smart-mouthed remarks. Needless to say, I decided I'd need to reshoot it, but I've been too exhausted to do so. Which sucks, because that means I can't raid the chocolate in it yet...

Brandon's school is having a "Camp Write-Along" this week, where they write from a prompt each day to  practice for the writing TAKS test. He refused to write during class, so the teacher sent the booklet home, where he also refused to write. The question was too open-ended and he couldn't make a decision. After several hours of suggestions and crying, I finally called Michael in desperation, which made me cry even more as I griped at Brandon that I shouldn't have to call his father in the hospital to ask him to talk to Brandon about doing his homework. We decided to let him suffer the consequences - he has to learn that he needs to write from the prompt, even if it is "non-fiction and boring."

Michael was moved to a private room that night.

Toni called to check on me and threatened to call the MOPS co-coordinator that offered help behind my back if I didn't accept her offer. I e-mailed her and told her it'd be wonderful to get to go see Michael on Wednesday.

Bethy wouldn't sleep until I finally gave up and shut everything down at midnight and went to bed with her.

Boots woke me up at 3:45 wanting to go out. I went back to bed, but tossed and turned because my shoulder hurt. At 4:30 I gave up and went to take a shower, then sat in Grandpa's chair with a heating pad on my shoulder working on Jackson's blanket. At 5:30 I went and got the alarm clock and reset it, then slept in the chair until 6:30 when I got up and got the kids ready for school, which began Tuesday's Trek.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi. I'm... uh... what?

[caption id="attachment_3977" align="alignleft" width="246" caption="I'm... uh... huh?"]



I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm spacey. I'm forgetting words like parking lot and hole punch. I got pulled over tonight shortly after I left the hospital because I forgot to turn the headlights from parking lights to actual headlights.

Oy. Thankfully, the officer (M. Riggle - thank you for saving us!) was going the opposite direction and just barely saw the parking lights. I can't imagine driving all the way home without my headlights. It was a great opportunity to reinforce to my kids that policemen are there to keep us safe.

Michael's surgery went well. The surgeon said he has a hole about 5 inches wide and a half-inch deep in his back now. It's about the size of my hand. He'll stay in the hospital for another "day or two" to make sure that the wound is healing and to keep up the antibiotics, as well as working on his blood sugar levels.

The last time they checked his sugar it was 285, which is the lowest it's been since he's been in the hospital. It's still way too high, though, so he's getting anywhere from 12-16 units of insulin before each meal. The doctor came in this evening and told him that he'd probably be getting shots when he went home since the metformin didn't seem to be affecting his bgl. He said at this point it'd be two shots per day.

Please pray for Michael about this. One of his biggest concerns about having diabetes was having to have shots. He was really hoping he would be able to avoid it. We are well aware of the nutritional and lifestyle cure for diabetes, so please pray for us as we prepare for and begin the changes to reverse this diagnosis.

I'm emotionally fragile right now from the stress, getting perturbed easily in an effort to keep from crying because I'm worried about my husband and I miss him. The fact that I'm exhausted probably has something to do with it, too, ya think? Anyway, I am moody, but I know why, so I try to catch myself and redirect when I get wacky. The elder two kids will be at school tomorrow and it'll just be me and Bethy for most of the day, so that will probably help.

And the swiss cake rolls.

Thank you all again for your prayers and thoughts. An old friend from high school called tonight to check on me and make sure I was okay. I can't tell you how encouraging it is to see a new tweet, facebook post or comment, or message somewhere so frequently. It helps me keep from feeling so alone and lost in all this. Don't let anyone ever tell you that social networking is just a bunch of fluff - I'd be much worse off if it weren't for all my "friends I haven't met."

A special shout-out to my Frugal Moms girls and Paul Askin. The girls in my group and Paul have been an especially constant encouragement during this time, and I want to let you guys know how much I love and appreciate you!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on Michael

[caption id="attachment_3971" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Michael will have surgery at about 10 am CST on 7 February 2010"]



Michael is having surgery around 10 or 11 am to clean the abscess completely. After that they will continue to work on getting his blood glucose levels (bgl) down. He was officially diagnosed as having Type II Diabetes. His A1C level was a 12. It's supposed to be between 6 and 7. His blood sugar level before meals is running just under 400 (it should be around 80-120). At his last meal they gave him 16 units of insulin. The doctor said the infection will throw his bgl off and make them high.

The doctor mentioned today that he might get to come home on Monday, but I have a feeling they won't let him come home until his bgl are controlled. In order to come home Monday, they have approximately 18 hours after the surgery to get everything under control. I'm not convinced at this point that will happen. Please pray about this.

He's at ETMC in Tyler in room 3536B if you'd like to call or visit. The kids and I will be waiting in the room during his surgery, so if you're local, feel free to come help me entertain them, lol!

We can't thank you all enough for your prayers and encouragement. Please keep them coming. The next few days will be especially difficult because I will be taking care of the children and Michael will be alone at the hospital. We were supremely blessed that my mom was off work and able to take care of them for us all day Friday and Saturday. Please pray that Michael will have the strength and clarity to be an advocate for himself, or that the Lord will send one to be with Michael while I'm not there.

With much gratitude and love -
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