Friday, October 31, 2014

Swap-bot: Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt - October

1 - Something illuminated
My charm bracelet and the necklaces I wear most often hanging from my desk lamp

2 - Something tangled
The top drawer next to my chair with a tangled mess of yarn

3 - Something crooked
My daughter reaching for candy to hand out at the block party downtown

4 - Something tempting 
the chocolates in the refrigerator door

5 - Something that makes you happy 
owl folders that my mom got for me

6 - Something in triplicate or a trio
three of "my" babies handing out candy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Swap-bot: Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt - September

1 - Something that is a mixture of a few or many things;
The top of the cabinets in my kitchen with lots of tins, some glassware, and my bridal bouquet

2 - Something green;
My dish towel and tablecloth (green is my favorite color)

3 - Something dirty (in a clean, family-friendly way, of course!);
My stove after making hamburgers!

4 - Something with sharp edges;
My tomato knife from Pampered Chef - my best knife

5 - Something you climb;
The footstool in the kitchen - being only five feet tall makes this a daily necessity! (Those are my toddler's feet)

6 - Something you pack.
My crochet bag - it goes everywhere with me and I always pack my current project into it to work on whenever I am stuck waiting

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