Monday, October 3, 2005

Closer but Not Yet

My appointment went well and the doctor reiterated that as long as I can make it until October 10, the baby will be fine. Of course, we'll aim for at least November 1. The cramps are considered normal and more of the round ligament pain. The contractions are not to be worried about unless I have 6 within an hour. The swings were explained as part of the pregnancy and are expected to slow back down within a month of delivery. I just have to keep taking the meds and the B vitamins.

I can tell it's getting close - I'm exhausted. It feels like a different exhaustion than what I had a few weeks ago. It's like my body is trying to rest up for the delivery. I need to pack a bag for the hospital. Funny, with the last two, it was already packed and in the car by now.

Part of me wants to get to it, but part of me dreads when she's actually here and I'll be caring for her and Sarah full time. I'm hoping beyond hope that the church family will rally around me and help out a lot. Of course, there's still been no mention of planning the shower. I think with everything going on, it's not going to happen. Maybe that's why I'm so apprehensive. I've been counting on that for diapers. I'm not really angry or hurt about it, though. The ladies that will be planning it have had so many things going on that I can't be upset with them. I just wish I could help them somehow.

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