Thursday, February 1, 2007

It Does a Body Good

Here's a new one for ya: grape juice may be just as good for your heart as red wine.

"Researchers at the Universite Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg were examining the effect on the heart of Concord grape juice.

"Grape juice can have a similar effect (against heart disease) as red wine but without the alcohol. That is a very important message," said Dr Valerie Schini-Kerth, lead author of the study published in the journal Cardiovascular Research." (Grape juice good for the heart: study, Patricia Reaney)

You mean to tell me that something that God made - without being spoiled and turned into something that clouds your judgement and just plain makes you stupid -?is actually good for you????

Wow, that is an important message.? Too bad the majority of the world will never hear it.? Why?? Money.? According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, college students alone spend about 5.5 billion?dollars on alcohol.? Wisconsin is famous and rich - for beer and cheese.

Alcoholic drinks and cheese are the only things on Earth that are purposely expired before we partake of them.? If anything else goes bad, we throw it out.? The effects of wine and cheese act as support of the intelligence of this decision.? Alcohol impairs just about all bodily functions and makes you vomit when too much is ingested, and cheese has been shown repeatedly to wreak absolute havoc on the digestive system.? Yet we turn to these rotten foods again and again.? Why??

They taste good.? Well, some of them.? The funny thing is, most drinkers will tell you that beer, wine, liquors, etc. are acquired tastes.? And some cheeses are like wild animals - their smell warns you that you don't want to eat it.? Somehow, though, we force ourselves to rape our tastebuds and then brainwash ourselves into liking it.

But hey,?food isn't a problem for us - just ask Eve.

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