Thursday, October 25, 2007

Erin McKean is My New Heroine

(as in hero, not drugs - that's heroin! You'd be surprised how many people miss that. Now on with the post...)

As we all know, I love words. We also know I like sewing, when I can manage to get to the sewing table. Several months ago I found a wonderful little blog about those gorgeous frocks from the early- to mid- twentieth century and fell in love with the photos, the Secret Lives stories, and the cleverness of the writing - so much so that I quoted it here.

Well, as if I didn't love Erin enough, she had to go and be a lexicographer! I knew she read books as part of her work, but never really delved into what she actually did for a living. As I made my daily visit to the Dress a Day blog, she mentioned her other blog.

Other blog? More intelligent, clever, funny writing? Let's go see! I click with bated breath, and what to my wondering eyes doth appear?

Dictionary Evangelist!

I read with glee as I discover words like ambigram (with an illustration!), ygology, and ossicusp. I revel in the retro line drawing for the avatar. I snicker as I read "Erin McKean really likes dictionaries." I think, "God, I love this woman - she is a fellow dictionary-reader!" I find nothing really informative on the profile link and remember seeing something about "The Official Biography," so I return to read that link.

What? No mere dictionary-reader? NO!

She writes them, God love her!

Oh, for a thousand tongues that I could verbiate the new words I'll be learning!

You! What are you doing still here?! Go; read; now!

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