Sunday, February 24, 2008

Help Fight the War on Spam

I just love checking my e-mail to discover 4 bajillion returned mail notices because some twerp decided to use whatever@ my domain as the reply e-mail for his spam tidal wave. Ugh.

A couple of days ago it was between 100 and 200, yesterday was 500. Tonight when I started to download my e-mail, it was over 1500. That's for 24 hours, folks. The fun part? Now they're not just delivery status notifications - they're delivery status notifications in German, French, and some Oriental language that I can't identify.

Tell me how I make that a filter.

So if you get some horribly vulgar spam that says it's from blahblahblah at 3Stairs, I apologize. Really, I do. I know you hate getting it. I promise it didn't really come from me, and I'd love to stop them from coming to an inbox near you. Unfortunately, I can't. You, however, may be able to help fight the War on Spam.

Here's a very brief, very simplistic tutorial on a Battle Strategy for Fighting Spam:

1. When you get that lovely spamarific e-mail, use whatever option your e-mail client has to open and view the full header of the e-mail.

2. Once you find the full header of the e-mail, read through it until you find the domain (.com, .net, etc.) that is not the one associated with your e-mail address or the supposed sender's e-mail address.

And now you have found The Birthplace of Evil.

3. If your e-mail client has the option to forward with full headers showing, forward that wonderful slice of spam with full headers showing to abuse@ The Birthplace of Evil domain name you found. If your client doesn't have that feature, simply copy all of the header from the window it's shown in, then paste it at the beginning of the forwarded e-mail.

The ISP for that domain will be able to analyze the headers, discover the culprit of said Evil, and - if Justice prevails - suspend the account.

4. Enjoy the knowledge that you ratted out one of the little Spawns of You-Know-Who to authorities.

Will this stop all of your spam?
Probably not.

Will it make a dent?

Will it give you a feeling of power and that you're doing something to fight in the War on Spam?

March on, Spam Warriors; march on.

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Michael said...

Isn't Gmail a nice alternative? ;-)

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