Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Proud Announcement!

Not that kind, silly!

3 Stairs is proud to announce that we are now affiliates of Christian Book Distributors!

To get your shopping spree started, I thought I'd highlight the Love Comes Softly video series. I have trouble keeping the order straight, so here they are, in order!

Love Comes Softly, DVD
By Janette Oke / Word Entertainment, Inc.

Based on Janette Oke's best-selling book series, and directed by Michael Landon Jr., Love Comes Softly is inspired story-telling for the whole family. Marty and Aaron Claridge (Katherine Heigl and Oliver Macready) travel west in search of new opportunity. But when tragedy strikes and Marty is suddenly widowed, the young woman must face the rugged terrain, bleak weather, and life among strangers - alone. That is until a handsome widower named Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff) suggests a platonic "marriage of convenience" until Marty can return home. As the months pass, though, Marty and Clark discover an unexpected new love where there was once only loss. Not rated. Color. 88 minutes.

Special Features:

  • Includes Widescreen and Full Screen versions

  • Dolby Surround

  • Close-Captioned

  • Subtitles in English and Spanish

  • Love's Enduring Promise, DVD
    By Janette Oke / Fox Faith

    Get swept away by another heartwarming DVD featuring beloved characters from Janette Oke! Here, Clark and Marty continue the romance they began in Love Comes Softly. As they preside over their growing family, their prairie house begins to feel crowded---but never too full to welcome new friends and neighbors from the frontier! Directed by Michael Landon, Jr. Approx. 87 minutes. Not rated.

    Special features:

  • Dolby Surround

  • Subtitles in English and Spanish

  • Fullscreen

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Captioned

  • Love's Long Journey, DVD
    By Janette Oke / Foxfaith

    In the third installment of Janette Oke's popular Love Comes Softly series, Missie and Will LaHaye move westward and settle in Tettsford Junction. Willie rustles up misfit ranch hands to help him, while pregnant Missie befriends their Native American neighbors. Stepping out in faith, the young couple shares faraway dreams---and finds family in unlikely places. This DVD includes English and Spanish subtitles. Not rated. Closed captioned. Region 1. Approx. 85 minutes.

    Love's Abiding Joy, DVD
    By Fox Faith

    After their treacherous journey west, Missie and her husband set up their homestead and begin raising a family. Now that the railroad connects the frontier states, Clark and Marty Davis can finally visit their daughter, Missie, and meet their adorable grandsons. But the joyful reunion is interrupted by tragedy. An unforgettable family drama, directed by Michael Landon, Jr. Rated PG (Mild Thematic Elements). Approx. 87 minutes.

    DVD Features:

  • Widescreen and Fullscreen Versions

  • English and Spanish Subtitles

  • Region 1

  • Closed captioned

  • Love's Unending Legacy, DVD
    By Fox Faith

    Two years after the death of her husband, Missie knows it is time to move on. She heads home with her son home to be near her parents and return to teaching. Certain she will never find love again, Missie redirects her feelings and the "orphan train" arrives in town, she adopts Belinda, a feisty young teenager who's arrived with a secret. As Missie struggles with raising Belinda, she finds she is falling for the local sheriff who might be the only man who can help her save Belinda...and herself. Can she let go of the past and embrace the future? Not rated. Approx. 84 minutes.

    Special Features:

  • English and Spanish subtitles

  • Close captioned

  • Widescreen

  • Love's Unfolding Dream, DVD
    By Janette Oke / Word Entertainment, Inc.

    Missie's (Erin Cottrell) adopted daughter Belinda (Scout Taylor-Compton) is determined to become a doctor - but despite her dedication and ability, Doc Jackson (Robert Pine) believes women should stay at home - and so does Belinda's new suitor, Drew Simpson (Patrick Levis)! But with faith and hard work, Belinda begins winning the hearts and minds of everyone around her, including a wealthy dowager (Nancy Linehan Charles), who just might help make Belinda's dreams come true in this satisfying family drama that also stars Samantha Smith and Dale Midkiff. Not rated. Approx. 88 minutes.

    DVD Features:

  • Widescreen

  • Closed-captioned

  • Subtitles: English and Spanish

  • Books 7 and 8, Love Takes Wing and Love Finds a Home haven't been made into movies yet, but you can read them now!

    Love Takes Wing, Love Comes Softly #7 rev.
    By Janette Oke / Bethany

    Belinda Davis is restless. As her friends get married and have children of their own, she wonders what God has in store for her. Her life as a nurse seems dull and routine. She craves excitement and adventure. When she meets an elderly woman who needs nursing care. Belinda jumps at the invitation to travel to Boston, a large, vibrant city so unlike the little prairie town where she was raised. Opportunities for books, theatre and the luxuries of life provide excitement...for a time. But in spite of financial security, countless new experiences, and even some romance, Belinda finds herself restless, lonely, and empty inside.

    Love Finds a Home, Love Comes Softly #8 rev. ed.
    By Janette Oke / Bethany

    Belinda Davis' move to Boston had introduced her to a life she never could have imagined growing up in the West. But even the opportunities of wealth, literature and travel left her feeling empty. Realizing her faith had been pushed into the background, she once again invites God to have first place in her life. But now she faces new life decisions that seem even more difficult than before. Torn between two contrasting ways of life, one full of fascinating opportunities in the East and one represented by the beloved farm home in which she was raised, she clings to the principles that are her parents' legacy: faith love and family.

    Not interested in Janette Oke? That's okay - find whatever you want here:


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    Happy Shopping!

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