Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Feature Announcement

Ok, so it's not completely new, just a new slant on an existing feature. As my regular readers know, I post blog tours of new books frequently. Sometimes scheduling them can be a little nightmarish, so to make it easier on me, and easier for you to have some routine in your lives (couldn't we all use a little more of that?!), I'm happy to announceBlog Tour Tuesdays

Just about every Tuesday, you'll find either a blog tour entry or an article to introduce a blog tour coming up. For the month of August, I'll have something less gender-specific than our last blog tour. We'll be visiting with and learning from Joel Comiskey, a church consultant and church planter that teaches the values of cell groups, discovering the gifts God has given us, and coaching others in leadership. Tune in next Tuesday for our first installment of Blog Tour Tuesday and read an article Joel has written to help define and explain cell churches and their importance.

See you Tuesday!

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