Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whispering Sweet Everythings

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To start at the beginning, I went to a women's convention three weeks ago. Our armbands said, "A Ministry for Every Woman" on them and it was mentioned to find the ministry God has for you. I determined not to take my armband off until God told me what He wants me to do or it came off by itself.

I've been a bit fanatic about Operation Christmas Child for several years and tonight as I watched the promotional videos to pick one to show at church, I felt a little whisper in my heart. I could picture myself going around speaking about it and even flying overseas to deliver boxes.

See, I've wanted to be a speaker for a while now. I just never could figure out what I was supposed to say. And as for flying - I'm terrified of it. The thought of getting on a plane paralyzes me and makes my breath and my heart catch in my throat. But tonight as I watched the videos, I thought with excitement and anticipation how much I'd love to be right there watching children open their boxes. The thought of flying didn't scare me - I was excited! That in itself seems to be a pretty big indicator to me.

As exciting and thrilling as all of it seems, though, I'm not taking my armband off yet. I'm an emotional person and I don't want to mistake my own emotions and ambitions for God's will. So, I'm going to pray and wait for confirmation.

In the stillness of quiet, in the hustle of noise, I want to hear my Bridegroom whisper His sweet everythings to my heart and know what the journey He's mapped out for us together will be.

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