Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter's Magic

Winter Fairy by *Cocodrillo at Deviant Art
Every year during the holidays, a night creeps up on me when I become pensive and sad, remembering winters past. For some reason, all my young misadventures occurred during the cold times. I was a very imaginative and moody child, being easily swept up in dreams of magic and fantasies of love, romance, and things eternal. As an adult now, I see them for the follies they were, but one night a year, I remember back to the days when my biggest dilemma was how to show that year's beau "how I loved him so." To embrace those times as the important things they were to me then, savor them, then let them go for another year...

heady days and nights

shivering in the cold but not noticing for the overwhelming infatuation

kisses and more kept us warm

i remember the most magical times were in winter

being found, being held, the candle's glow

music filling my ears, your smell in my nostrils, your whispers in my ears

your arms around me

nights spent in a world of magic

days spent in reverie

cares and reality floated by

oh, for days when winter's magic

washed o'er me

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