Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • just bought this for @Marcand; i am now the world's best wife :D Firefly - The Complete Series DVD via @amazon #

  • @lauriepercival i totally love these - absolutely adorable! #

  • it's a shirt about me! Check out this design I saw on Shirt.Woot: #fb #

  • procrastination since wednesday means i'm going to the store; that bit me in the butt... #fb #

  • Nothing like your kid being woken up by a wet bed in the middle of the night from a leak in the ceiling... *sigh* #fb #

  • Apparently this is a day for politics - which need more Common Sense. #

  • 1776 saw the publication of Common Sense. Read it and see what you think. #

  • Pat Benatar is 58 today. I had no idea she was involved in *43* soundtracks! #

  • Here's Pat's "Love is a Battlefield" video - it's first ever music video to integrate spoken dialogue into recorded mus… #

  • Wonderful, huge Girl Scout mug I got with Christmas money from Mom #

  • *now* the Christmas weather shows up... why couldn't it do this when the kids were already out of school? now i have to… #

  • why couldn't it do this when the kids were already out of school? now i have to deal with stir-crazy kids *headdesk* #

  • It's National Bittersweet Chocolate Day - here's some interesting background and trivia. #

  • Let's celebrate! Hmm, bittersweet chocolate cheesecake or ravioli? Chocolate Ravioli?!?! #

  • Friend Running with Lily to keep up with that exercise resolution you made. #

  • Brandon and Bootsie are enjoying some snow day Garfield cartoons #

  • It's Peculiar People Day. Whether you're a dancing dog or a wacky person, celebrate yourself today! #

  • Check out this pic - yummy love! #

  • Here's some interesting history on Valentine's Day - I hadn't heard this before! #

  • Happy 1-11-11! '73 was good for baseball; '10 wasn't. #

  • Earhart was the first to fly from Honolulu to the mainland on this day in 1935. Here's a slideshow of the flying beauty. #

  • Rod Taylor is 81 today. He's best known for "The Birds" but I liked him best as Pongo in "101 Dalmations." #

  • Here's the trailer for "The Birds" - Rod Taylor's best-known movie. #

  • It's National Hot Toddy Day - sounds perfect for this weather. Snow in Texas! Argh - pass the cider! #

  • Here are several more hot toddy recipes, including apple and cranberry versions. #

  • Check out Sketch Comedy with Kat while you drink your toddy - but be careful not to spew it out your nose! #

  • Today is International Thank You Day - who will you thank today? #

  • Hehe - sweet kitty! #

  • These look good enough to eat! But don't - they're clay. :P #

  • A sexist House and an earthquake with effects still felt today. Not very happy. :( #

  • It's been a year since a magnitude-7 earthquake hit Haiti. Keep up with what's still happening as a result. #

  • Happy 51st birthday, Oliver Platt! I like him best when he's playing comedic roles - he's fantastic. #

  • Check out Oliver Platt's combo for a romantic night - start with Swedish murder mystery. #

  • It's National Marzipan Day - here's a recipe from Food Network if you're feeling ambitious enough to make it yourself. #

  • Oh, and those marzipan babies you see in the e-mails? Not marzipan - clay. Here's the artist's site. #

  • Got a personal holiday coming up? Check out this awesome date stamp gift wrap idea. #

  • Tomorrow is Make Your Dream Come True Day. This post puts some interesting perspective on dreams. #

  • Here's an inspirational wallpaper to help motivate you tomorrow for Make Your Dream Come True Day. #

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up - have you heard or read the "I Have a Dream" speech? You should. #

  • If only it were so easy to find Him now... #

  • The pile of yummy yarny stuffs I just pulled out of the dryer #

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