Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swap-bot: Digital Photo Email Scavenger Hunt - February

I enjoy a community of swappers at One of the regular swaps I join is a photo scavenger hunt. This is my swap for February. Swap-bot username: 3stairs

1 - Something messy
My desk - and this is actually relatively clean! I know know it's a disaster compared to most people's desks, though.

2 - Something that crawls
a doll at the church nursery where I work - you set her down and she crawls and turns her head back and forth and babbles

3 - Something with multiple buttons or levers
the radio/CD player at the nursery

4 - A landscape or cityscape you find interesting
the view up the hill to my house - the driveway is on the right up there where the road curves off

Bonus: the view from the other direction during our day of snow here in east Texas - a rarity!

5 - Something layered
the skirt on one of the baby dolls in the nursery

6 - A group of people
worshipers during the early, contemporary service at the church where I work in the nursery

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