Sunday, December 3, 2006

Borrow Santa's Elves

The holidays are officially upon us.? It's the second day of Christmas and your gift list is missing the "done" checks.? What to do?? With that beloved cousin of yours 500 miles away, it seems that a gift is out of the question unless you actually travel the 500 miles to give it.? With the advent of mail drop services, that's no longer the case.

What is a mail drop?? It's a shop where you can rent a mailbox, send packages - do anything you could at the post office, really.? But it doesn't stop there.? Mail drop companies can receive packages for you, which is great when you order that expensive gift that has to be signed for at delivery.? You don't have to worry about being home when you use your mail drop address.? They'll sign for you and hold it until it's convenient for you to come get it.? Even better, leave directions and they'll send it on to cousin for you when they receive it.? How convenient is that?

Don't know where a mail drop is?? Check Mail Drop Guide?- you can search for mail drops by state, and even find international mail drops.? When you do find the mail drop service listing for the company you want to use, everything you need to know is right there:? address, phone, fax, description, and even a link to its location on Google Maps.? Some even offer an e-mail form right there for you to contact them.?

So, get shopping and set those elves to work!

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