Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free Phone Folly

It seems cell phones are a necessity these days.? How did we ever live without them?? Typical of our society, convenience and instant gratification are the foundations of consumerism.? Not only do we "have" to have a cell phone, but we really want free cell phones. They are out there somewhere, but high-end, gadget-loaded phones and "free" are mutually exclusive in my experience.?

Just need a phone to call and say, "I'm leaving the city and I'll be home in a bit" or "Hey, get juice, too" -?get a pre-paid service.? Many plans offer a free phone with your first activation card, or free minutes with the purchase of a phone.? We use Tracfone, and with the introduction of their Net10 program, purchasing and planning usage is easy.? There's also a great coverage area and customer service is great.

Yeah, there are free cell phones?out there, but are they worth the mail-in rebate and other hoops you have to jump through to get them??

Nah - just stick with the basics.

Disclaimer:? This is a compensated post.? All opinions are my own and are not dictated.? Compensation is for participation, not content.

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