Monday, February 2, 2009

eMOM's Free Valentine's Flowers to Honor Our Troops


Ok, you know I love eMOM, right? Well as if them being the wonderful folks they are isn't enough, they've given us another reason to love them - 70 of them! - in the form of $70 gift certificates to But not just a gift certificate for $70, or even 5 gift certificates totaling $70. Nope. has given eMOM 5 - count 'em - FIVE gift certificates worth $70 EACH to give away!


And this ain't no "comment for one entry" piddly thing, either! There are 10 - count again - TEN ways to enter for multiple entries - like 10 entries just for registering with eMOM, or 5 entries for tweeting about the contest. Hello, names in the hat!!

Ok, enough gushing. Go enter already!

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