Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Cuteness from Create & Delegate

In which there is sewing

Shirring is making a huge splash this summer, at least in the DIY sewing niche, which I love. I just haven't gotten brave enough to try it myself yet. Well, that, and I haven't unburied my sewing machine, either. This one may just give me the impetus I need though: Nicole of Create & Delegate has a tutorial to create a little girl's shirred dress from an adult t-shirt. Cuteness! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for a little bandana dress that put the A in adorable!


Is this pride of heritage or unpatriotic?
In which there is political debate

There's some lively discussion going on over a picture I posted on Facebook. What do you think of flying the Mexican flag in Texas? There's even more discussion on it on Michael's wall where he shared it, discussing illegal immigration. And if you want some detailed, live-updating statistics on it, check out ImmigrationCounters.com, where you'll discover that there are approximately 22,876,609 illegals in the US, 583,266 of whom are not Mexican.


How to crochet a granny square
In which there is crochet

The first crochet project I learned at my grandmother's knee was the granny square (fitting, don't you think?). A crochet blog I recently subscribed to called CrochetBug is a nice near-daily diary of a crochet artist. Imagine my delight when I saw a post on her "Great Granny Square," in which the writer is creating a granny square solely from worsted-weight acrylic scraps that she has on hand. Check out the colorful reusing!


The power of a simple gift.
In which there is voting for a good cause

Anyone that knows me moderately well knows that I'm a zealot for Operation Christmas Child. A few months ago I was introduced to a company called the Sweatshirt Blanket. It's like having a blanket made out of your favorite sweatshirt. I'm blessed to have been given not one, but two of these blankets, and let me tell you: they are blissful! Well, the fantastic people at Sweatshirt Blanket have a monthly contest in which people nominate a charitable cause or organization and the cause getting the most votes is awarded with a dozen customized sweatshirt blankets that they can use for fundraising. It's called the Spread Your Warmth campaign. This month Operation Christmas Child is one of the nominees. Go to the Sweatshirt Blanket Blog and vote for a cause on the sidebar. I'd love for you to vote for Operation Christmas Child, but I encourage you to vote for the cause that touches your heart the most. You can read about each nominee on the blog.
Vote and Spread Your Warmth!


And various linkiness that I posted on Twitter

hehehe! >> Cat Purrs like Gremlin Video by Today on MySpace - MySpace Video http://mysp.ac/8YmIPt

add me to the orgy >> RT @Melzer And suddenly I do too. RT @gailcarriger Love this: Book Shelf Porn http://bit.ly/a2tbKd (SAFE for work, I promise!)

just bought this on Shirt.Woot; is anyone surprised at all? http://shirt.woot.com/shirts/shakespeare-a-z

more AwesomeSauce blogging from writer @Melzer; if there's a kid in your life, read this! http://bit.ly/9SOwhH

Awesomesauce Fununny! >> Watch: Jeff Tweedy Recites “Single Ladies” A Jeff... | TwentyFourBit http://bit.ly/dch12g

Awesomesauce! http://almostunschoolers.blogspot.com/2010/06/oreo-moon-phase-activity.html

What bunny trails did you follow on the Interwebs this week?


Rochelle said...

If you figure out shirring please send me some tips. I made 4 unsuccessful attempts this summer. swapbot-stampkrl

Crystal said...

I haven't been brave enough to even try, so you're ahead of me in that game!

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