Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swapping Sites

I've recently discovered and become addicted to One of the recent swaps I've participated in was visiting other blogs and commenting. I enjoyed my little tour so much I thought I'd share it with you - you may just find a new (second-, next to this one, of course) favorite blog!

a.m. design - a blog of mirth and merriment

I love how she makes collages of pictures for so many of her posts! This one is by far my favorite.


Cupcakes and Cartwheels

Cari is new to blogging, but with cuties like Judah and Ora around, I'm sure the blog fodder is going to pile up quick!


Ramblings from the animal house..."

Why, yes, that is a skunk! She knits; she crochets; she's witty - huzzah!


...aka darzy...

She loves Doctor Who and ink on pages - I may have found an additional best friend!

Birth of a Notion

This blogger is a mail addict - but a she makes really cool mail, so it's all good! She lost her beloved Maia (that's her picture there) on Tuesday (July 20) - go give her some love. My kitty-momma heart breaks for her.

Meet the Browns!

Just go read the Hot Lava post - thank me later. Ok, and drool over how adorable Max!

Living in Dar

She does Muffin Tin Mondays and I can't stop laughing over this post. Pray for poor Ethan's mother...

Lily's Emporium

A Glasgow goth girl who loves Kawaii and makes awesomeness like the hat above - what's not to love?!


Another Kawaii fan and fun read!


365 days 365 Do It Yourself projects (No money spent)

Awesomeness. Pure Awesomeness. Check out the instructions on how to make that neato shell bracelet up there, and the carryall - those are my favorites.


Violet said...

Crystal, thank you very much for stopping by and visiting my Blog, the most important thing is that you found few things that you liked, and it means a lot to me! I am so grateful that in this post you've mentioned my Blog. Thank you. Also, I may need your expertise in organizing giveaways - because I want to do one but lucking any experience:(

Crystal said...

Sure thing - I love giveaways!

~TrainMama~ said...

I love the way you have included pics from all of your partners blogs! Thanks for joining my swap :) QueenQuisa (Swap-bot)

Heather said...

Thanks for the mention! :)

Dee NikonGoddess said...

I'm here through the Swap-bot swap "I'm a blogger - follow me."I love that you put the blogs of others on here to show love. You're very kind!I'm also a graphic designer. Don't you just love what you get to do?!?!I also home educated my daughter, who is now a junior in college, and just graduated with her AA. Have a great day!Dee aka NikonGoddess

glenda said...

hiya its glendas from swap bot and quiet happy to follow your lovely blog and maybe learn something new from you,.love Glenda

Ana Goncalves said...

I know how you feel! Swap Bot is an amazing tool for meeting new people and challenging oneself in creative forms. A truly beautiful site in all. Love from Ana Goncalves on Swap Bot. I have also included your blog in my latest blog post upon my craft site:

M for Short said...

Hey Crystal.Wow - I'm impressed on your ability to browse your swap partners' blogs and post with photos so quickly.I'm still plugging away at my list.I thought Tima's trials and triumphs from Dar were pretty funny too. Have you ever seen website (sorry for the curse word) ?If you like the story about what Ethan's dad shouted, you'll probably find this one equally funny. I had tears streaming down when a friend recommended it to me.Hope you continue to swap and blog!-M for Short

Crystal said...

Oh my, that's funny! I should have been taking pictures the last ten years!

M for Short said...

So glad you found the "kids ruined" site funny enough to pass along. Well, I’ve done all my swap research. You and my other 9 swappers on featured on today’s post: a nice weekend!

pauline said...

Visiting the blogs has been really fun, I have enjoyed reading about the people that i am going to swap with. I recently jsut found swap bots too.

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