Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Note to self: pb&j made with peach preserves should only be consumed by the half-sandwich #sugaroverload #fb #

  • i really freakin' hate being crazy #fb #

  • Check out these tiny Easter treats! #

  • See, this is why I love Foodimentary - now I know that today is National Cinnamon Roll Day! <3 #

  • And yes, I have a recipe for you. It wouldn't be National Cinnamon Roll Day if you couldn't eat any, would it? These ar… #

  • I CALL DO-OVER ON TODAY!!! #fb #

  • Note to self: next time walk back to the back of the store and get the ranch dip you know is good #fb #

  • Let's play Words With Friends. My username is '3stairs'. #

  • munchies, munchies, go away...

    no really, i mean it - go away! #fb #

  • thinking of nicknaming Baby "BB" - for Bladder Buster... #fb #

  • Been up since 5:30 because of the thunder; wish I could sleep in a hammock under a gazebo during weather like that... #

  • Today's date seems to be a good one for kings, queens, and leaders to do stuff - from being crowned to being deposed. #

  • Buchenwald was liberated in 1945. This newsreel will help you relive it, but be warned: there are some disturbing image… #

  • On a happier note, Joel Grey is 79 today. Here's a video of what is possibly his most famous performance. What's your f… #

  • @cksample sooo wish @marcand and i could come see you in Dallas while you're here! :( #

  • I am listening to James Blunt @GetGlue #JamesBlunt #

  • Who said flaky cereal is boring? Check out these little Easter chicks - aren't they cute? #

  • Jewish moms and teachers, check out these placards for Passover! #

  • And here are four more plagues for your Passover fun. ;) #

  • Today is National Cheese Fondue Day - do nachos count? If so, I know what's for dinner! #

  • Today is Barbershop Quartet Day! Ok, so it's like opera - you either love it or hate it. Which camp are you in? I'm in … #

  • Check out these awesome pictures of an Easter party! Do you like the bunny cupcake toppers or the happy polka dot glass… #

  • Have you ever seen vegetable-dyed eggs that were so vibrant in your life?! #

  • April 12 seems to be a day for baseball, space, and presidents. #

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Ga. in 1945. Check out this video on His… #

  • finally getting to see the doctor today - excited but very anxious #

  • Happy birthday, Claire Danes! Keep up with all the Claire latest at People. What's your favorite role she's done? #

  • Is it me or do these Easter egg cookies look like play dough gone horribly, disgustingly wrong? #

  • Now, *these* look yummy: Princess-inspired party food. I'll take Rapunzel's pumpkin challah bread, please! #

  • All went well at the dr - Baby kicked at Doppler, lol; sonogram tomorrow morning! #fb #

  • @geovolt makin' a baby! ;) you didn't catch the news? #

  • It's the 50th anniversary of our first foray into space! What do you think about our venturing into the great unknown? #

  • It's National Licorice Day - go enter to winwin 1 of 100 Red Vines® Movie Prize Packs, including movie tickets, water b… #

  • Just for the guys for Big Wind Day - 60 pix to make you drool - make sure you're standing upwind! #

  • Pesach begins next week - don't know what that is? Check out this little history lesson and find out! #

  • You may have heard of the Passover Seder, but did you know that the foods served are each there for a purpose? #

  • trying roasted Peeps; not bad except when you burn your tongue on roasted Peep tail... <ouch > #

  • @cksample Oh! Little Man! No! Stay baby! :( #

  • Sonogram went well - just ONE baby! #fb #

  • It's a boy! Samuel Eli is doing well. :) #

  • Sam's first picture #

  • Are these not the cutest Easter treat holders ever?!?! #

  • Want some more Peep culinary art? Here ya go! #

  • Easter treats become serious journalists in the Washington Post Peeps Contest. No, seriously! #

  • Have a green Easter - check out this recycled shoe box Easter basket. I'm thinking Mod-Podge and scrapbook paper would … #

  • oh yeah, cleaning the microwave instead of eating because my soup at hand turned into soup attack was *totally* on my agenda today... #fb #

  • @lauriepercival neato way to see my favorite shades of green: #

  • just heard nasal irrigation called "a colonic up my nose" LOL #fb #

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