Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • @cksample keeping up with Jackson - it's horrible to be at hospital with your baby :( hope you all get to go home very soon #

  • had to add a new section to my Artist Trading Card notebook tonight: cards made by my kids #creativefamily #fb #

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. It was a sad day for *all* of America - most of us just didn't realiz… #

  • Relive the final days of MLK with this photo essay. What about him stands out most to you? Was it his passive resistanc… #

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to Robert Downey Jr! What's your favorite movie of his? I love so many I can't pick a fav! #

  • One of my absolute favorite things about Robert Downey Jr is his voice. This was the first song I heard him sing - and … #

  • Ok, last Robert Downey Jr goody (I can't help it!) - one of his latest songs, "Broken." #

  • @Squeenager :( hope you get to feeling better soon! #

  • Today is National Cordon Bleu Day - do you like this fancy dish that sounds French but is really American? #

  • Want to celebrate National Cordon Bleu Day? Here's a recipe to try - will you make it for lunch or dinner? #

  • Yumyumyumyumyum. Are you following Robert Downey, Jr.? Today's his birthday, so go follow the topic on Myspace to keep … #

  • Today is Walk Around Things Day, which could just mean avoiding obstacles in your walkway, but what about hot debate to… #

  • Celebrate Pesach with littles? Check out this awesome cup for Eliyahu that you can make together! Will you do a "little… #

  • @lauriepercival we would sprinkle a "rainbow" of pacis around Brandon's head; he'd plonk out a little hand and land on one :D #

  • prayers appreciated as I share the true jewels in our lives with the ladies in my MOPS group this morning #consecratedcrafts #fb #

  • @lauriepercival oh yeah; you have several sets of 12 or more to rotate thru the dishwasher; you'll feel like a wholesaler before you're done #

  • Feeling like a doofus that totally sucks at what I keep trying to do #giveitupalready #fb #

  • still battling linky wonkiness, video glitches, and pain from the hole that used to be a wisdom tooth... #

  • just ate an inordinately large amount of beets #helloironboost #fb #

  • @cksample lovin' that flippy hair :) #

  • I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever *not* feel bad... #fb #

  • Why is it that the gov wants to stop paying service men & women, but there's been no mention of stopping / cutting their pay? #forshame #

  • Dear Munchies,
    I wouldn't mind your visits so much if you weren't so vague. Please be more communicative.
    Crystal #fb #

  • @percivalmedia dang, I just luuurvvve that ittle face!! #

  • @ambero next time skip the clothes and the flat irons and the mani/pedis and put the money towards a car! #

  • @cksample ACK! Love it! Adorably Cute Baby Alert! oh crap, i can't stop using exclamation points! #

  • ok, Crystal, stop Facebooking and playing with cards and go eat already! #fb #

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