Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • Sam has been going bonkers #fb #

  • just figured out that by the time Sam finishes 2nd grade i will have had a child on the primary school campus for 14 consecutive years #fb #

  • Here's a whole slew of ideas for sweet graduation treats. #

  • Cherry lovers rejoice - it's National Cherry Cobbler Day! #

  • Oy, I've been caught. It's Pack Rat Day. *hangs head in shame* #

  • anyone want to buy some handmade cards? mama needs vacation money #fb #

  • remembering being told that hearing me read is what sparked a love of reading in a child and thinking how proud that makes me feel... #fb #

  • Rough hormones/depression last night and this morning; prayers appreciated #fb #

  • Want sandwiches for your graduation celebration? Check these out. #

  • Martha goes retro with these Father's Day printables - what do you think? #

  • At the end of my rope with Brandon - I don't know what to do any more short of taking him to a boy's home. God, please help me. #fb #

  • Dealing with some major depression, so it may be a week or so without holiday links - I'll try to post when I can. #

  • Printable Father's Day coupons from Martha. Click. Print. Please Dad. :) #

  • Attention seamstresses with grads in your lives - this is cool. Make it. #

  • Marshmallows and chocolate to celebrate graduation - sounds like a genius plan to me... #

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