Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me...

  • A set of my very, very early ATCs got blogged today by their recipient - totally stoked by that... #fb #

  • Bread-lettuce-tomato with copious amounts of tomato #yummo #fb #

  • The thunder sounds lovely #fb #

  • Enjoying the sound and smell of rain is one of the great joys of my life #fb #

  • @unkilted crud I can't remember! I'll have to look it up... #

  • @unkilted petrichor! #

  • @unkilted true - he has a gift for using fabulous words that have been buried by time #

  • @unkilted welcome to Yumtown ;) #

  • @unkilted I like some cucumber on my sammiches when I have it; I get lettuce tomato cukes at Subway #

  • Let's see if I can get back on the holiday linky trail; wish me luck... #

  • 1929: The Vatican thumbs its nose at separation of church and state... *sigh* #

  • I'm usually proud of being Texan, but that something like the murder of James Byrd, Jr in 1998 makes me sick. #

  • For people like my husband, who gave me a decidedly lost and blank stare when I told him that Tom Jones is 71 today. Se… #

  • Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - don't blame me for your weight gain, though. :P #

  • Want to celebrate with cake? There's a recipe for that.… #

  • Get out your coonskin cap - it's Boone Day (but not for the reason that you might expect). #

  • Today is World Ocean Day. What's your favorite ocean animal? I'm partial to whales and seahorses. #

  • It's Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday. His innovative style is inspiring to me. #

  • The vacuum cleaner was patented in 1869 - here's a cake to celebrate... bwahahahaha! #

  • It's Best Friend Day! Do you have one best-best friend or several best friends? #

  • You *could* celebrate National Name Your Poison Day by focusing on decisions. I think I'll just pick ice cream. ;) #

  • @geovolt hmmm, might have throw in some chocolate chip cookie dough myself... #

  • Which of these recipes will you make for National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day? #

  • Here's a bit of Cole Porter for you to enjoy. #

  • Dinner: bisquick waffles w homemade fruit slushy - Brandon said I was almost as epic as Chuck Norris #fb #

  • ...but I can make people *and* milk to feed them with my body so I think that beats chuck #mommypower #fb #

  • 28-week OB visit today - hope to post some holiday yums this afternoon #

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