Monday, August 13, 2007

Fantasy Shopping

I'm one of those nuts that will start listening to Christmas music in September or October if I could get away with it (in fact, I almost turned on the Ally McBeal Christmas album getting ready to write this). And don't get me started on the actual Christmas shopping - I start that the day after Christmas when everything goes on sale. Give me a 50% off sign and I'm a happy gal. Give me that sign and coupons and I'm delirious. Throw in being able to do it on the computer, and I'm hysterically, ridiculously ecstatic.

I've been on a daydreaming, "what if I had my druthers" kick lately, so I applied it to shopping today. I decided I'd engage in a little "Fantasy Shopping" instead of Fantasy Football. For Michael, a ginormous gift card to Best Buy, so he can have a hey-day buying up all the electronics his little heart desires. Well, for that matter, I'd send Brandon with him, too, so he can get software for the computer we gave him today for his birthday. Sarah's a no-brainer: I'd go off to Disney to buy every princess thing they have - the girl is a princess freak! Now, for Bethy...hmmm...OH! Magic Cabin, for all the Waldorf dolls and gnomes that I've dreamed of getting for her...okay, me, too. Then on to PetsMart, of course, for Boots (who wouldn't shop a place for "pet parents?") and I'm done!

Now if only Christmas shopping really were that easy...

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