Friday, August 10, 2007

News Alert: Interaction, Not DVDs Make Smart Babies

Want your own little Einstein?? Well, don't plop him in front of Little Einsteins before age 17 months.

"But," you gasp, "little Superman will already be so far into his linguistic development by then! ?I was going to start his third language at 18 months!? How ever will I make him into the true genius I just know he will be one day soon?"

Here's the kicker, Mother Superior: interact with your baby.? According to a study just published in the Journal of Pediatrics, present-human interaction (meaning interaction with a human that is present with the baby and not one depicted on a television screen)?will benefit baby more because of the adult adjustments of speech, eye-contact, and body language to baby's reactions.? This is something mothers and grandmothers have known since the dawn of television.? I saw it in Spanish on a bumper sticker just the other day: "I am my child's first and best teacher."

Now, this isn't to say that today's teachers are under-par.? It means that the person a child spends the majority of the most formative years (ages birth to seven) of his or her life with will impart more knowledge, social skills, and wisdom to the child than anyone else in that child's life.? It means that while modern man has invented numerous devices and appliances to make life more convenient, no invention can ever replace the innate value of human,?t?te ? t?te?interaction.

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