Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seven Warning Signs of a Bad Boss

Jokes about bad bosses aren't made up just because they're so funny - they're so funny because they're so relatable.? When you're analyzing your effectiveness as a manager, knowing the warning signs of a bad boss will save your company a lot of money, dignity, and employees.? It could also save your job.? In today's world of relational values, bosses that keep employees happy and feeling valued climb the corporate ladder at an exponentially faster pace than their tyrant counterparts.? While there other possible contributing factors to some of these warning signs, do not underestimate the impact of your management style.


High employee turnover

One of the most prominent red flags is high turnover.? Workers stay where they feel valued and appreciated.? A supervisor that rarely gives compliments or is difficult to come to with problems will leave employees with the proverbial bad taste in their mouths.? Long, drawn-out lectures over mistakes also lead staff members to seek a more friendly work environment.



While many would never think of using profanity, it has nevertheless become an issue.? In attempts at creating a more ?open? workplace, profanity is finding its way into the offices of America.? However, there is still a concurrence that profanity is not professional; and professional is what your employees want.? Even if it's only when there's a problem, profanity will lessen the outcome for which you're aiming.


Dropping Revenues

One of the most overlooked warning signs is company revenue.? Lower production from discouraged employees translates to lower sales volume and income for the company.? Poor management is not the only contributing factor to decreasing revenues however, so look into the other warning signs if you suspect you may need some improvement.


Losing Clients or Customers

Believe it or not, your clients and customers can feel the relationship between you and your team.? Even if they don?t see you interacting with them, your comments about those you work with tell a great deal.? People like to work with highly ethical, integrity-based companies.? If clients and customers are going elsewhere, consider what impression you?ve given them of your supervisor/employee relationship.


Lower Bonus Payouts

Bonuses can be another often-overlooked indicator.? If employees are unhappy, they won't work as hard to make bonuses.? Lower bonus payouts can be a helpful clue to the bad boss analysis.? Review your bonus requirements ? are they hard to meet?? While standards should be high, so should motivation and help for your staff members to meet them.


More Work-related Injuries

Work-related injuries can also point to a lower sense of satisfaction among the workers.? It has become common knowledge that stress adversely affects the ability to focus.? Distracted employees are frequently clumsy employees, which can be fatal in some workplaces.? Anger and frustration can also lead to injury.? If your team members don?t feel they have a voice, it can often end up exploding in a potentially harmful outburst.


More Sick Time Used

The mixed-up weather may not necessarily be to blame for all those summer colds going around.? The medical community has revealed that stress levels compromise the immune system, making it easier to get sick and harder to get well again.? Missing work from illness creates yet more stress for employees with the catch-up work to do and a relentless cycle is begun.? Observe the patterns in the call-in logs to catch this sign.

You may have noticed a pattern in these warning signs.? Most of them point to the relationship you have with your employees.? Offices of yesteryear may have tolerated and even encouraged a tyrannical, iron-fisted rule, but today?s societal mores require a more relationally-based approach to management.? Carefully consider your management style and look for these warning signs.? If you recognize more than two or three of them in yourself, seriously consider becoming a better boss.

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