Friday, September 26, 2008

13 Uses for Pillow Cases

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13 Uses for Pillow Cases

  1. As a pillow case.

  2. Make a fresh pillow by using the stuffing from an old pillow, freshly laundered. Sew it down smaller so that it will still fit into another pillow case for use.

  3. Add draw string and use as library bag.

  4. A ham bag.

  5. Shoe storage.

  6. Mohair or angora jumper storage - one in each case prevents rubbing and pilling.

  7. Add handles for use as a shopping bag.

  8. Fill with delicates, tie a knot in the top and use in the washing machine.

  9. When moving, use to wrap small picture frames - tuck inside and then wrap several times for perfect scratch-free transporting.

  10. Pajama storage bag - as with the library bag you could either use cases with pretty or 'cool' characters on them or let children loose with fabric colors to create their own masterpieces.

  11. Add a frozen bag of peas (or your equivalent) to interior for popping on bruises and bumps - fold over as many times as necessary to make the appropriate temperature.

  12. Wrapping. Why waste paper when you can pack presents in a useful wrapping?

  13. Santa sacks. An alternative to Christmas stockings.


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Pocahontis said...

I'll have to try a few of those. I especially like use #11. We always have an "injured" child around here needing to put a cold compress on a wound!

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