Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Into Reading 2008

In case you didn't know, I love to read. I love books. I surround myself with them. They are on my desk, in my nightstand, in my car, on shelves, on my sewing table, on the file cabinet... you get the idea. My dream house is a converted library.

So imagine my delight when I discover Fall Into Reading 2008 from Callapidder Days. Simply list the books you hope to read over the fall (September 22nd through December 20th). Sounds like a great idea to me. I have so many of them around me, I have trouble deciding what to read. And having just finished my current book, it came at a perfect time.

On a quest I went. It's a bit of a girly list, I admit. The fantastic thing is that I can change my list whenever I want, so there. :P Here is my list so far:

Seeing Through the Lies
Making It Real
A Woman's Walk With God
Longing for Love
Spirited Women
Free to Be Me
Keeping His Pants On...Until He Gets Home
Achievement IQ: Find Purpose In Your LIFE & Achieve Massive Success

Will I get to all of them? Probably not. Will I have a blast trying?



Katrina (Callapidder Days) said...

Looks like a good list! The only one of these that I've read is Breathe, and I got quite a bit out of it. Enjoy your fall reading!

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