Monday, November 3, 2008

Mosey Monday

Hallelujah, my calendar block for today is actually empty - can you believe it?! Michael said that was just wrong and that I needed to put something in there. I did have to do redesigns on a couple of client sites, but they were easy, and, so being, are already done. Huzzah! And I got the chicken in the slow cooker to make homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken. Look at me go with my Suzy Homemaker-ness!

The kids were up at 6 this morning and Bethy is already chilling out in Grandpa's chair, so I foresee a nap for her and a nice, quiet afternoon for me. Oy, do I know I need one of those! I finished my latest Fall Into Reading 08 book, Making It Real, so I can start on the next one.

Unfortunately, I think Breathe is going to have to be preempted by the AD/HD books I checked out from the library last week. Brandon is struggling and I need to learn how to help that kid before he starts hating school. That would be a crying shame because he's well-nigh unto genius intellectually from what his teacher and principal say. He's a truly smart guy and has a plethora of potential in him, if only we can focus it. Pray for him, and us!

Blog Tour Tuesday this week will either be a new blog tour or a review of Making It Real - whichever I can get around to doing. HA!


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Kristine said...

I love those Suzy-homemaker kind of days. I haven't had one in quite awhile. Lol. How did the chicken turn out? Made my mouth water thinking about it. =)

crystal said...

It turned out so good, Michael ate the leftover chicken before I could make more rice and veggies for another meal, lol! I'll try to post the recipe soon. ;)

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