Monday, November 17, 2008

A Week in the Life

So life's been a little hectic lately. I thought the last post I did was this past Thursday. Nope - it was the Thursday before.

Oy. Gotta write. What to write?
Review? Nah. Reading a book on ADD & ADHD - boring stuff unless you're interested in that kind of thing...
Blog Tour? Not one available at the moment (if you're a publicist or author and would like me to host a blog tour for your book, contact me at crystal (at) 3stairs (dot) com!)...
Quote? Unh-uh - that's for Thursdays...
Update? Well, it has been a week-and-a-half... Ok, update it is.

So Thursday the 6th, you see that I posted quotes from our very own Samuel Adams. Then I disappeared, apparently. In a sense, I did - but just from my house. Here's a brief rundown:

Friday, 7 November:
Supposed to be cleaning the house and preparing for Bethy's third birthday party on Sunday. Oh yeah, and making a veteran's day banner for the music teacher at the school, which I completely forgot about. I went to Tyler with my good friend Toni instead, then came home and took a nap. I think that probably qualifies as playing hookey.

Sabbath, 8 November:
Went to church. Dixie, Joel and the boys coming around 7 o'clock to spend the night for Bethy's party. At 6 I go to a girls' night out hosted by the Women's ministry at church and play spoons and Scrabble until about 1:30am.

Sunday, 9 November:
Bethy's party at 3pm. Sensitive half-sister's feelings hurt by two people being nitwits and saying insensitive things about her first child. The guilty shall remain unnamed because I'm ashamed I'm related to them when they're that thoughtless. Cute Winnie-the-Pooh cake, but my camera is crappy, so I can't show you a picture.

Monday, 10 November:
The nutritionist from Early Childhood Intervention comes for her last visit, since tomorrow is Bethy's third birthday and they can only work with children until then. Great news - Bethy has gained 9 ounces! This is fantastic, as she's showed a loss on the previous two visits. The nutritionist is very pleased and tells us to call her if we need any help going forward.

Tuesday, 11 November:
Bethy is finally three! I don't know why, but this birthday just seemed to take so long to get here. I spend the day with Bethy until time to get the kiddos from school, at which time she's napping. Brandon, Sarah and I go to the local library's after-school library program.

Wednesday, 12 November:
Parent-Teacher-Partnership meeting at the Primary School. Principal suggests that members be kind and try to work together (yes, he actually needed to do it, sadly). Issue resurfaces when he leaves and attendees phish for names of suspects, which are not given because there aren't any - the nasty things were done anonymously and we have no way of knowing who did them. Nevertheless, a non-attending member is called afterwards and told that her name was brought up as a suspect. Oy, the high school drama. Where are the freakin' big-girl panties around here?? And, please, somebody, tell me: why would anybody lie when there were so many witnesses that can tell you that a person wasn't mentioned? Ugh. Makes me want to quit if it weren't for the fact that I'm there as an advocate for the kids. I just wish all the members realized that and were there for that instead of politics, drama and popularity.

Thursday, 13 November:
Women's and Men's ministry meeting at church. Finger-food dinner followed by hilarious sly set-up of the women for a surprise baby shower for one of the ladies while the men separated for their meeting. The shower goes well, with some rather funny games involving unlabeled jars of baby food. The praise team had to leave before the gifts were given to go to practice. At practice, I discover that the slides I prepared look horrible on the screen (the color/contrast is slightly different than my machine, so it's hard to get them right for the church projector), so stay until 11 or so to edit slides.

Friday, 14 November:
Christmas Store Inventory at the Primary School. Two other PTP members and I go through 5 boxes of trinkets, toys and gifts to inventory them for the upcoming Christmas store. We have a bazillion porcupine balls in various forms and way too many playing cards. The Christmas Card workshop that I had been planning on going to had to be rescheduled, so now I can go to the concert being given by Oklahoma Academy students at church. But not before I go to Two Senoritas with Toni. ;) Problem is, I forgot to tell Michael we were going, so when the Pastor called looking for me and Michael told him I was at church, he was confused when the Pastor told him I wasn't. Oopsie. Forgiveness can be bought with a steak dinner to go. Just sayin'... I get to church at about 6:30 at create a slideshow to loop behind the students during the concert. I am a small-time hero. The concert is fantastic. There is singing, string quartet, trumpets and a bell choir. I tell the director that I hope this a first-annual event.

Sabbath, 15 November:
Church. Praise Team. There is some sadness over the loss of a loved one in the church family and the loss of a 23-year job in another family. I host a visitor's lunch with a couple of other families and get rave reviews of the homemade chili that I can't eat because it's too spicy for my esophagus. Irony, huh? There are Sabbath School workshops in Tyler in the afternoon, but I'm exhausted and my head hurts, so I play hookey again and take a nap.

Sunday, 16 November (today):
Lounge around; take a nap with Bethy; send Michael to Taco Bell for dinner. Sit down to play with blog and write this.

And so now you know my life is busy but boring.


Kristine said...

I liked reading your update! Boy, you have been a busy bee. Glad you could "sneak" those naps in. I am a big advocate of naps. =)

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