Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Most like myself

the last time I got to dress up as
The Cat in the Hat - March 2012
When or where do you feel most like yourself?

Ai. Um. What if I'm not sure what myself feels like?

Okay, I lie. Well, not lie, but myself is several selves, I think. I feel equally comfortable talking to my Girl Scout group or chatting with mom friends. Discussing Shakespeare is as satisfying to me as reading Dr. Seuss to children.

I feel like a nut.

I suppose you could say that I am most like myself whenever and wherever I am connecting with someone and expressing myself. I am a connector, I think. I seek that lightbulb moment when eyes light up and someone says or thinks "Yes! You get it!" To be understood - felt, validated - is so important in life. Hearing "I see you" like in Avatar. I see you. I see your heart. I see your past. I see your intentions. I see your fears. I see you.

I think expressing myself, whether through talking, writing, or acting, is a big part of connectedness for me. How can I connect with you if I don't show you some part of myself? Vulnerability is a prerequisite of connection. But it takes courage to be vulnerable. What if I'm laughed at? Scorned? Misunderstood? It's a huge risk.

But oh, the payoff when that connection happens!

And that moment, that place. That is me.

NaBloPoMo March 2014

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