Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Blog Day 1

Today seemed to go well until the kids and I got home this afternoon. I found myself in the usual "get away from me; don't touch me" mood that accompanies my lows. It's during these times that I feel the worst. Generally I am very sanguine, but in my slumps I retreat completely. I don't want anyone near me, and I find it virtually impossible to process information or interactions. People usually get a dazed look from me during these times and have to repeat themselves.

I realized a few days ago that I hadn't been taking my meds regularly. My lows often follow several days of skipping meds. I find that happens when I'm not eating well, since I have to take them in the middle of a meal. When I'm not enticed by the pantry stock, I tend to snack rather than dine and I feel like I'm not eating enough to keep from getting sick if I take them. As a result, I end up going through the day not taking them because by dinner when I actually eat a meal I've forgotten all about it. I need to discipline myself to eat meals, both for my mental health and for Bethany's sake.

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