Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Review: Achievement IQ Moments, by Stan Bronstein

I recently finished Achievement IQ Moments® by "Mr. Achievement" Stan Bronstein - for the first time. I will be reading it again...and again...and again. Described as
"50 extraordinary stories about people who transformed vision, attraction, readiness and action into massive success,"
Moments offers (you guessed it) 50 chapters of fast-reading inspiration with results that will last a lifetime.


When I first received the review copy (thanks, Stan!), I thought I knew who the majority of the stories would be about. I was wrong. I don't know that I had heard of any of the people the Bronstein interviewed. These are not the Famous Dead Guys. These are not the Famous Living Guys. These are real men and women, living real lives, making real differences in Real Life. These are also not overnight success stories. Some of them were 20 years in the making. From the artist that paints with her nose (!) to the man responsible for saving the guavas in Hawaii, there's someone in the book for everyone.

The book is called Moments for a reason. The title itself reveals a success secret hidden right under our noses, but so often missed: success most often comes in a moment - not the glaring, won-the-lottery kind of moment, but an epiphanic moment, when something clicks, and everything begins to line up. See, success is a beginning, not an end - we succeed when we begin, not when we end. If we continue to count success only after the completion of a project, we will never succeed. We must see success in the discovery of what needs to be done and then the process of getting it done. Stan Bronstein knows this - that's why he succeeded in writing a great book that should be required reading for every person that wants more from life than waking up, surviving the day, and going to bed. It's required reading for you.
The Achievement IQ Moments® release is scheduled for 1 October 2008. Watch Stan Bronstein's blog for updates and breaking news about the release.

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