Thursday, December 18, 2008

Double the Christmas Gifts

Many people are searching for ways to stretch their Christmas shopping dollars this year. When you factor in the concerns over the environment, it become rather difficult to come up with great gifts that don’t cost a fortune. Giving gifts with a charitable outlook helps you get more bang for your Christmas gift buck.

Read how to double your Christmas gifts at


Alex -S- said...

Good points!If i had the money this year, the OLPC ( program is a great way of doubling up on the gifts and doing good for the future of our little ball of dust at the same time :)Defintely on the more expensive end of gift giving, but i keep picturing the development of all those kids getting free laptops and communicating with the world like never before :)

Michael said...

Double the Christmas Gifts nicely covered the world of christmas gifts for mom

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