Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freecycle, or How to Be Really Happy

This past weekend we were allowed to bless a family with a Christmas tree. I hate stringing lights, so a couple of years ago I set aside some money and was able to buy a 7' pre-lit tree at the after-Christmas sale. The old tree was perfectly fine, and it needed a home. I posted about it on Freecycle several times, but never got any takers.

Then a couple of weeks ago, someone posted that they were looking for a tree. I sent the e-mail and after several back and forth, our tree now has a new home. I was able to give the tree, the lights, and a topper, since I got a new one on clearance last year.

Michael had been a bit antagonistic about digging it all out of the stuffed storage building, but when he got to take the tree to the family because they had gotten lost trying to find the house, his tune changed drastically. He talked and talked about it when he got home. Their gratitude simply overwhelmed him.

They told him they didn't have a tree last year and were thrilled that we had a topper and lights to go with it. Within just a few hours of Michael meeting them, I received yet another e-mail from the family - this time to thank us for the tree and to tell us that it was already up.

Don't knock giving away the things you no longer want or need. The statement "Another man's trash is another man's treasure" really is true. Best of all, you'll never feel so good, content, and happy as when you are allowed the supreme privilege of blessing someone else.


Renae said...

I rarely get things from Freecycle, but I do give stuff away. It is a pleasure to bless others!

Kristine said...

It is such fun to bless others, isn't it? I especially enjoy it when we have had a season of being showered in blessings & then get a turn to be the one who blesses. It's fun to be on the other side.

Jeannie said...

Hi there!What a lovely story! THAT is real Christmas spirit!!!I am the one who sent you your ornament for the ornament exchange. In my rush to get it out, I forgot to include the letter I wrote to go with it, lol! I hope you like it - it was the most "Irish" one I could find. If only we were back in Savannah......Merry Christmas!Jeannie Kupsh

crystal said...

Jeannie, I got your ornament on Friday. I *LOVE* it!

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