Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ow! and Other News...

About a week ago, I got up from my crochet to go write a couple of posts for KidGlue that were due to be published the next day (I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute). I thought to myself, "This is wonderful, I have two posts to write and my eyes already hurt." Little did I know then that it was to become a regular occurrence.

It seems my eyes have changed, and they are cranky. I was diagnosed with a very mild astigmatism back in college and given the lowest prescription possible for glasses to use while reading. I pull them out every once in a while when my eyes start bothering me. This time, there was a noticeable difference in perception when I put my glasses on, which troubled me. Further troubling is that they're not alleviating the eye pain and headaches. Conclusion: an eye exam is in my future, and most likely glasses.

On the upswing, though, I got word this week that I won the iVillage handbag contest. To enter, you were supposed to tweet to @ivillage telling them what kind of handbag you are. The winner was chosen based on originality and creativity. This tweet won the iVillage What Kind of Handbag are You? contest. The prize: a $500 gift card to W00t! So naturally, I headed over to B's to shop around. Ouch! Talk about expensive! I thought about getting good quality coats for the kids or something equally pragmatic. I talked to Michael about it and he insists I get something for myself. Let the shopping and horrific decision-making begin...

Other tidbits:
  • I dyed my hair late Monday night. I just lightened it up a bit. It's still strawberry blonde.

  • I had lunch with my dear friend Trish on Tuesday and did some brainstorming about her business. There are exciting things coming!

  • I wrote a post about Left Hander's Day on KidGlue - check it out.

  • The women's ministry for my church is having a yard sale on Friday and Sunday to raise money for lodging at the NAD women's convention. If you're anywhere near Mineola, come see us and buy stuff! I crocheted a 4-foot-square lap blanket just for this fundraiser that will be at the yard sale - come and get a one-of-a-kind hand-made heirloom and help us out! We'll be having a bake sale at the local Wal-Mart on Sunday, too, so you can buy stuff or buy food - take your pick!

  • School starts in eleven days - huzzah! Ok, I got a little exclamation point happy there. I'm back now.

  • Bethy isn't ready yet.

  • Don't forget to enter the Apronista Apron Fest Giveaway - it closes tonight!
I'd appreciate prayers for my eyes, and for Bethy to be ready for school.


Laura said...

Wanted to read about Left Hander's Day, but did not see where it was.....

Crystal said...

It didn't publish until this morning. Here it is: Left Hander's Day - August 13. Enjoy!

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