Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • Brandon's party = big hit! 4-foot long green light saber cake; pictures to come later; star wars booty galore; Brandon is a happy 9yo! #

  • here's brandon's 4-foot long light saber cake - isn't is Awesome Cool?! #

  • dang, even as an 80's nerd, @wilw is still nommy *sigh* #crush #

  • the slumber siren is singing to me,
    serenading me to sleep.
    and so i slip off to bed -
    to rest, to dream, to sleep. #

  • so tired and sore today; just want to crawl into bed and stay there... #

  • chriopractor - check; brandon birthday shopping - check (spy kit, calculator ruler, and led keychain light & laser); still tired - check #

  • kids to bed, and now to write... #

  • gonna listen to bellydance music to keep me hyped up while i write about firing up some family fun for @kidglue; yeah, i'm weird =D #

  • done with post; thinking about dying my hair... #

  • off to dye my hair, then shower, then bed, then lunch with a friend tomorrow - g'night! #

  • gotta start looking around =D #

  • gonna go chill until wheel of fortune comes on, then i'm gonna crochet while i watch; then i just may go to bed... #

  • taking my hurting eyes back to bed... #

  • still have a headache and my eyes still hurt; i think i'm going to have to go get an eye exam - ugh... #

  • giveaway ends tomorrow - make sure you get all your entries in! visit @3stairs to win a vintage bonnet apron! #

  • time for Love Dare Bible study #

  • and now to write a post for tomorrow; can you guess what holiday is tomorrow that i'm writing about? #

  • giveaway ends tonight - make sure you get all your entries in to win a vintage bonnet apron! #

  • today is left hander's day! did you know about these lefties? #

  • giveaway ends tonight - make sure you get all your entries in to win a vintage bonnet apron! #

  • giveaway ends in a little over an hour - make sure you get all your entries in to win a vintage bonnet apron! #

  • time to get ready to go help at the garage sale; if you're in mineola come to 909 s pacific and help us go to a women's convention! #

  • 500th tweet 2 RT wins FREE Swimsuit fr @SlimPerfect.50% off prices thru 8/31 Promo code BLOGHER #

  • just getting to know @TimInman - congrats on Maggie Joy - she is beautiful (as is the rest of your family); and Ireland??? i'm *so* jealous! #

  • 3yo bethy just came to me and said, "I want anybody to rock me" #

  • eating lean cuisine sweet/sour chicken mixed w/ chicken fried rice w/ new chopsticks i got from @buychopsticks =D #

  • off to bed with meself, then... #

  • kids brought us a special Sabbath breakfast in bed - warm pop tarts :) #

  • RT @tweetmeme Three Different Directions: Teens, Your Zone, Walmart & a $500 Gift Card Giveaway! #

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