Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday's Trek


I dropped Brandon and Sarah off, then took Bethy to the store and put gas in the car. I called Michael's cell and left a message on his voicemail while I was waiting in line to drop Bethy off at playschool. A few minutes later the phone rang and I assumed it was Michael since it said "Private" and he has just been moved to a private room.

I was wrong. It was a perv.

I hung up on him and he called right back. I told him to "Get a life and find Jesus" and hung up on him again. He called again and I fought tears as I told him to stop calling me while the playschool director got Bethy out of her car seat. I told her what was happening with Michael and the phone and left, then called Janet and cried to her. I can't tell you how dirty I felt. How dirty I feel just remembering... *shiver*

I called Michael and told him and he talked to me for a bit, then I went and sat in Grandpa's chair and crocheted while listening to classical music on the tv with Bootsie in my lap.

I went and picked up Bethy and we took a nap.

Michael's bgl continued to go down, hovering in the 230 range. Still very high, but a big improvement over Monday. The doctor mentioned discharge on Wednesday.

Lynna's lovely bread!
The kids and I went to the library after-school program, and I got to crochet for a while and visit with the "library girls," as I call them. They were encouraging and it was so cute to watch Lynna excitedly tell about her two very first from-scratch loaves of bread that she had made. She had posted pictures on Facebook - they were gorgeous and I was very proud of her. She also went in and learned how to crochet with the kids, so she was beaming by the time she left. It did my heart good to see her. Matthew brought me a copy of the South Beach diet book, which Toni had used when she was being treated as diabetic during one of her pregnancies.  I got a learn-to-knit kit from the librarian with some sumptuously soft gray Bernat yarn that I can't wait to make a cowl from so I can have it next to my cheek.

A dear friend and former MOPS discussion group leader Jessica met us at the library with a yummy lasagna, garlic bread, corn, and fruit salad from Becky for dinner. Mom came over and stayed for a while so I wasn't so lonely.

Managed to get Bethy in bed by 10:30 and I went to bed at midnight.

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