Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

Bang head here.
No, they don't.

I wanted to add a graphic in the sidebar. I thought, "That's a lot of code for a linked graphic, and I don't recognize that tag."

Did that stop me from adding it anyway?

No, it didn't.

Did my blind eye stop all the text widgets from disappearing?

No, it didn't.

Michael uploaded yesterday's back-ups in an attempt to fix what I screwed up. Then all the tweaks I'd done disappeared. Neither of us had any idea that would happen. Did that stop me from shedding a few tears (quietly, so Michael wouldn't know and be even more upset)?

No, it didn't.

I looked around at other themes. I even tried a few out. I didn't like any of them, so I went back to the one I had before and began the arduous task of redoing all the tweaks and widgets. I even created a new, subtler, greener plaid background for the content, and finally discovered a hack to get the sidebar like I want it. So all in all, the ol' stairs benefited from the fiasco.

I have to take the kids to school, drop Michael off at the doctor, take Bethy to Playschool, pick Michael up, take Michael home, pick Bethy up, meet someone to get an ad for the MOPS newsletter, do the MOPS newsletter, and prepare the craft project supplies for the MOPS meeting on Wednesday morning. Did that stop me from staying up all night getting the site just the way I wanted it?

No, it didn't.

Welcome to OCD.

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