Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday's Wild Ride

Wake me in a week, kthxbai
I got up at 10 after 7 and rushed to get the kids off to school. They were late by a minute or two. I dropped Bethy off and headed to Tyler to see Michael. Koni, one of the MOPS co-coordinators, had graciously offered to pick Bethy up and keep her for me so I could go see Michael.

I went to Tyler, dropped off the Valentines at The Scroll, then drove around the hospital parking lot for 15 minutes looking for a place to park. I finally parked, but ended up with my back tire on the curb because the car next to me had decided to share the parking space.

Michael and I took a walk around the floor - two laps - and visited. It was nice to just be in the same room with him. The doctor came in and told us that the paperwork to get the VAC at home would delay his discharge by another 24-48 hours. We met with a woman from admin to discuss getting a VAC to use at home. The rental alone is $1700 for two weeks. That doesn't include the $300 home health nurse visit three times a week to change the dressing. Youch.

I got a call at 1:00 from Brandon's school saying he needed a change of clothes and couldn't go back to class without changing. So off I flew to Mineola from Tyler to get clothes and take them to Brandon, only to get there and discover the nurse had sent him back to the classroom anyway.

I was more than slightly perturbed.

I went to the Primary school and met Koni to get Bethy, then drove to the parking lot in front of the school to get Bethy out and go in to get Sarah. Then we went to get Brandon and went home. I called my grandmother to update her, then called Mom when she got home to update her and tell her that Bethy wanted her to "join us" for dinner. Koni and Shawna brought over Pizza Hut pizza for dinner and prayed with me, which meant a lot.

Mom came over and we ate, then watched Wheel of Fortune and the Charlie Brown valentine show. Mom went home and I turned off all the lights and went to lie down with Bethy. She was asleep inside of ten minutes. (and she just started crying...)


Sarah came out and wanted to call Michael and tell him goodnight so we did that, then I proceeded to blog.

And now I'm going to bed.

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