Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Make Some Noise!
I got to answer a question last night on a post about Krystal Meyer's newest album, Make Some Noise: "How do you make noise for God?" I think it's a good question - one we should ask ourselves on a regular basis. So to spread the conversation into the blogosphere, I'm asking you:
How do you
make noise
for God?

Here's my answer:

Besides singing and teaching a class for kids birth-5 at church, I make noise by standing up for my beliefs and not being afraid to be vocal when someone questions me about my beliefs and values. As Christians, we need to be just as comfortable discussing God and His place in our lives with non-believers as we are with believers. I never hesitate to share what God has done for me or my family, no matter who they are or what they may (or may not) believe.

I live in a Bible-belt community where halloween carnivals are "sanctified" as fall festivals, trunk-or-treats, and other "Christian" names for celebrating a pagan holiday. My family will not participate in these events because of our beliefs, and I'm never afraid to share what God has shown our family when confronted about it. Sometimes it's more eye-rolling and accusation than conversation, but by being loving, tactful and non-judging I can make some noise for God, whispering His "I love you!" to their hearts.
I also try to live compassion and teach it to my kids. Every year, we participate in Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child through our local Mothers of Preschoolers program. We send boxes to children the same ages and genders of my three kids so they learn that they can help someone just like them. My family gets to yell "God loves you!" clear across the world to needy children - how cool is that?!

They say silence is golden. Sometimes the loudest noise is made by the gentlest whisper... or no words at all.

Share your answer in the comments, and if you missed the contest, buy the CD at Amazon



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